Concentration controls productivity!

Let us make MAN in our own image..after our likeness and let THEM(You are a multiple and multiplier), let them have dominion in and over the earth. Genesis 1:26-28!

In the above, God fashioned a principle of life engagement for innovative posterity. God define a concept of creativity for dominion solution. This is why without unity nothing works.

Today, the inability to concentrate has destroyed people, businesses, organization, marriages, ideas, ministries, community etc. Lack of true unity in the church has made domination more obvious than the dominion mandate. With domination, God will scatter to spread. The church will be persecuted to scatter it so that the gospel will spread. Watch it.

Colonialism was successful by divide and rule. Marriages without agreement are physically, mentally and spiritually barren. This is why divorce is painful, it is a rough and terrible amputation. Organizations without teamwork under-performs. Businesses without cohesive understanding of their trade dies. Nations without shared values never thrive. why? No point of concentration to produce value!

The concentration in that meeting in Genesis 1:26 created the wonder called man. The creation is an inference from the resident architecture being supplied to reality. The shape of man is the image construct of function. This means if you are tall, it is tied to your function. It doesn’t make you disabled or unaccepted.

Isaac concentrated the birthcycle of the old breed of the flock on an image in his mind and a new breed of flocks according to his mental image. Innovation is a function of concentration on an image of solution.

if you can think well and concentrate on your build, you will know you were born in the right time, season and country. you are not disadvantaged, you only haven’t discovered your uniqueness that makes you relevant.

Imagination is the concentration of the mind on possibilities, the highest level of human creativity. Image is a construction of concentration. Concentration is a definition by focused thinking. If you imagine, matter how big, God does beyond your image construct. Ephesians 3:20!

It takes knowledge of God to simplify complex things but ignorance makes many things mystic and complicated. Right thinking makes you access the available. There is nothing we will look for in the future that God has not built in the beginning, the assignment is to commit to concentrate on Him to access it.

There is a synch when language is uniform and barriers are broken, security is established and commitment is evoked. Today, we are still dazed about what happened in the upper room. Why? There was a concentration that birthed the unusual by the unity of an uncommon language. This language was the result of a concerted expectation, a concentration of imagination of a promise from one who cannot lie!

Meditation and solitude are forces engaged to concentrate on possibilities. If you meditate on what is good, you can’t go bad. The steps of a good man are orders by the Lord. A good man out of the abundance of his heart bringeth forth good things. Good and perfect gifts comes from God, this means you can’t concentrate on godly value, divine principles and become useless.

Hmm. When you concentrate on the word of God, you imagine uncommon things, a revelation is happening and an invention being construction that will give a solution to a situation is being fashioned. Speaking in tongues is not an exercise but rather a download. A vertical impartation and unlock of codes that Satan can’t abort.

Concentration gets you attached to your idea!
We are birthed to build not destroy. Unity builds. Another name for concentration is unity.
without unity nothing holds together, this means canvassing for a division is a spot of ignorance. They have a challenge of focusing on the new advantage of extracting greatness from the incompatibility through ignorance. Ignorance makes distraction attractive and devalues creativity and potency of productive viability.

In all, what am I saying? Every concentration has a source! what are you concentrating on in your life. what is your concentration going to heal, produce, inspire, invent, renew, inculcate and transform.. my concentration is to add value in a manner that turns men to righteousness. It is the principle of vergreen stars! Daniel 12:3

Unity is the focus of value. Concentration is the unity of mind to create solutions to a situation! Concentration powers performance in the direction of mental image.

You don’t have a problem, change your concentration!





The Soar of the Eagle is admirable feat loved by all; amazingly that emergence takes a conscious backend preparation. Mysteriously, the Eagle would pick up stuffs beyond its personal weight. If your marriage must soar on Eagle’s wings, you must understand that reality.

Two are better than one and they have a synergy greater than their individual energy! Ecc 4:9-12!God is awesome; no wonder we are only complete in Him.

Exactly Nine years ago, we said “ I do and I will”, Thank God they have not been empty words but words of commitment. That smile when I spotted you hasn’t changed because it was natural. The design of the face doesn’t confirm an honest smile! You are not cosmetic! Thank you for remaining supernaturally natural! I appreciate the way we discuss business analytically! The Cement of the Love of God has embellished our going, to Him alone be all the glory. We are not perfect but God made us perfect. Without Reservation, I must thank you Linda, for being who you are, forgiving my faults and forbearance in the storm and sweet sails. Those words that it will be alright and don’t seat on your laurels are treasures of your commitment to those double turbo words “I will and I do”. In no mean weight we are living what we share in transparency of hearts not minding how bad we often feel when we must make good right. Thank you for the wonderful children we bear and nurture! What more can I say, God is good to us and we are mostly grateful!

Now, Marriage can only soar when couples actually couple. Wedding is not marriage, marriage is sustaining wedding! Your wedding may be intimidating; it takes emotional and spiritual bravery to sustain marriage. Intelligent people have lost their marriage because they ignored insight! Many weddings are alive in the heart of the public but are dead under the roofs and in the heart of the couples. Wedding is very cheap but marriage cost a fortune especially sustaining it. When God said Seek me first, he added that all provisions would be supplied. (Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:19).God understands the role of finance in marriage; you know we are espoused to God in redemption. Romance needs finance! Money is very important in marriage but it is not the ultimate. Money has rooted out love in many marriages. Couples must have a pool; else they will accommodate struggles and famine. A joint account doesn’t make you lesser a man or foolish a women when your love and reasoning is honest! it shows Trust, Partnership, Purpose, Oneness and Love! Some women pay bills but won’t keep quiet and some men can’t take their eyes off their wife’s salary! Look beyond the money bag! Money has made many marriages sole proprietors rather than Unlimited liability companies.

  • Marriage takes a man of purpose and a woman of wisdom. Purpose decides what wisdom manages; a home is born with both! A home needs a vision and vision needs people, vision without people suffers! Couples need each other always in marriage. We live in an immoral world where lust has become a daily trademark, advert and offer. The potency of lust convertibility is made potent with a little emotional carelessness and a carnal trial! A good marriage seconds love with mutually loving sex, be naked and not ashamed with each other. Stay in-charge sexually, talk and teach each other within biblical context, be willing to learn and innovate as inspired within godly context. God made sex but unauthorized dealers polluted it and initiated infidelity. Infidelity is a life liability! That’s a tough pill for unguarded youths of today. Unauthorized sexual is the reason for many marital failures today, statistics are heart wrecking. Satan spearheads lust to get people lost and loss marital and eternal bliss. You can’t be an eagle with unauthorized sex; you stay a vulture or worst still a vulnerable chicken.

Life is a journey of storms and glides, smiles and frowns, tough and tasteful times, there are battles and there will be victories; offences will come, it’s a harsh reality any two intending couple must be ready to walk through together. A good guy may not be the right man and a beautiful nice lady may not be God’s will for you. Good is a far cry from RIGHT but good can be made right! Paul quietly told the people of Ephesus “therefore do not be foolish but understand what the Lord’s will is”.  (Ephesians 5:17). If you don’t marry God, you can’t marry right and if you don’t submit to God you can’t make a good marriage right and sustain it. The world is not positioned to keep marriage standing, the world and its worldliness is structure to collapse the joy of marriage. Love is life and life is a school, ignorance makes a mockery of love because you will later discover you made a wrong choice due to insufficient knowledge!

Solomon carefully said, For the soul to be without knowledge, IT IS BAD! tough wisdom I must say!

The love of God is the platform for marriage to soar; no woman can completely submit and maintain respect without the love of God. I can confidently position that no man can absolutely love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her without the love of God. (Ephesians 5:22;25)Technically a divorce has taken place when forgiveness and forbearance is undervalued in marriage; it takes the love of God to practice both rightly. Marriage is a personal asset that holds value before God, if you undervalue it, you will lose value before God because it is a covenant commitment. (Mal 2:15)

  • Love is a riddle and puzzle to many and when that is the case marriage becomes a punishment or war! Marriage is a united force that couples must consciously lose their individual position into, it takes agreement for couples to soar in marriage. Two factors crucial forgiveness and forbearance, this is the omission in many divorce cases! No two couples got a divorce that denies love between them but they either could not forgive the hurts or couldn’t forbear proofing change. On the wedding day divorce was completely absent but as marriage began new realities suggested divorce and couples ignorantly jumped at it. Divorce is divided love but love can’t be divided, it means they didn’t understand love. Unlearning couples are marriage laggards that undervalued the key performance insights! Love is not ignorant. Read, learn and study to approve your soar in marriage. Marriage is not trouble, you are meant to soar!

For every turbulent marriage, I say peace to your storms in Jesus name. For every quiet marriage, your children shall surround your table. For the marrying marriage, I say watch and pray. Excitement magnifies weakness. When you get wedded, marriage becomes an obligation and divorce is not an option. Get love right before wedding and then you can enjoy marriage. Genuine salvation is core to loving right! Read I John 4:7-10!

To my wife of all times, I say it again I Love You Loads, thank God for keeping us thus far and thank you for letting Him!

I love you all!

Dedicated to my wife, children and home by the graceful love of God!


#Julius Afolabi




Text: Mark 4:35-41.

A checklist a grand requirement for a failure proof operation, in the Aviation industry, the flight plan includes a checklist and no captain ever jokes with the landing rudiments. The tower awareness is not to be ignored neither is any form of ambiguity to be entertained. Weather incursions have always impaired the faith of many flight landing, something landings are re-routed all in the bid to remain safe. Many dream crafts hover in the sky because the weather paints a dangerous landing signal! Nothing excites every captain like a safe landing. In life and time our decisions and choices form the bearing of our checklist for a glorious landing.

Today is a strategic day but the Almighty God spoke about it long ago, cross over is not news. Life is full of entries and exits! We shall cross over because Jesus said so. Isaiah 55:11!

Start with a vision, Creation process was evening and morning, cross over happens between the evening and morning. The expression “Let us cross over to the other side” signifies a decision with a vision. The other side is the ensuring year. Dont cross over from 2017 at the bar and bar your 2018!

Send away the multitude! It’s time to get alone with God, Christianity is not fanatism, it is following Jesus! Don’t be a fan of Jesus, become a genuine follower, A disciple, a kingdom Ambassador! Dispatch and discharge the multitude, there is an extent to which people can go with you. The crowd is not always the whole proof! No one ever made a mark without one on one with Jesus! Mark 4:36! Visitation happens in solitude!

They took him with them in the boat; you can’t cross over without the one who initiated the cross over. You can’t cross over life effectively without Jesus; His mercies preserved you and inspired the cross over. Can you understand the bridge better than the Alpha and Omega? He knows the end from the beginning. It would be a tragedy to cross without Jesus in the boat of your life. You will find out why?

There were also with Him other little ships, Work with a team. No tower gets built without a constructive team. At most you and God is an unbeatable team. Two are better than one, one chases a thousand but two tens of thousands! Partnership with God always runs in amazing synergy! Run with those who share your language and understanding? Confusion and failure is cheap with the wrong company! A bad crew can crash any flight! Abide in God and let Him abide in you!

And there arose a great STORM that beat the boat; you must be resolute about your identified project, dream or vision. There would be storms, many times flight experience some turbulence but when the storm calmer is with you, His experience surpasses the scare of the storm. It is not the storm but the waves that beats a man’s confidence towards his dreams. We take the temple from the tower of prayer, signals for glorious hitch free landing comes from the tower. Until we lift up our eyes we cant be lifted by His Help. When we call for help, we get help from the ever present help in the hour of need. Without Him you will do nothing and may crash land with lots of agitation. Mark 4:37-39!

Nothing glorious happens without faith! Every flight has departure and arrival rooms full of expectation. we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses! Surprise all those waiting at the arrival room with faith, without faith no one can cross over or land gloriously. Without faith it is impossible to please God, if your ways please God he makes your enemies to be at peace with you! No flight lands without landing assurance and facilities. Divine Help is the greatest facility for a glorious landing.  Exit 2017 wisely with Christ and land gloriously in 2018 with all joy, peace and hope!

With vision, salvation, Sanctification, fellowship with the Spirit, Prayerfulness, Thanksgiving and Enduring Faith, Earthly relevance and the other side of eternity is sure! That is the glorious landing of life! I shall see you on that day at the right hand side in Jesus Name.

May the year 2018 be your year of divine Help? All that will happen for you and me will be only what God can do in the name of Jesus. Let’s make Jesus the Captain of our flight into 2018!

Thank you all for teaching me and learning from all I have learnt from God and Godly men, let’s keep writing and reading, there are many virtually blessed people we can’t see but knows and sees and he will reward! I love you but Jesus loves you more! See you in 2018!






“To live right you will of necessity require a pure and balanced Diet”

God in His Infinite wisdom gave man the inspiration, education and description of a balanced diet. Balanced Diet is the education of nutrition and nutritional value in relation to healthy growth and life.  Growth isn’t limited to size or structure, it is basically health centered. Man never stops growing, his size and structure may appear halted but his experiences are still growing and will continue when he dies. Balanced diet also has spiritual connotations. Every aspect of a man goes hungry, I mean the three dimensions of man, and the spirit soul and body, all require a balance with objective and godly priority.  We must mind what we feed each dimension of our being with not forgetting which is of utmost importance while we live here and will live hereafter!

Man is a Spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. The Priority is clear! I believe this is the reason God inspired the letter of Paul to Timothy that bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable in all things. Many people have died untimely from their diet because they were poisoned ignorantly. Of all forms of food poisoning, Spiritual poisoning by flesh controlled interpretation of the word of God is the most deadly and disastrous. it is essential to note that Your diet determines your health and life consequently. There is a life that now is and there is a life to come! Man has two lives simulated into one, one leading to the other by his choices (obedience or disobedience)! The transition is determined by Pure and Balanced Diet or Poisoned Diet by Deception.

The spiritual health status of every man determines his functional living on earth and paves his eternity. A man is natural, carnal or spiritual yet triune (Spirit, soul & Body). The natural man is absolutely controlled by the god of this world since he is yet to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ, A carnal man knows and accepted the Lordship of Jesus but isn’t mindful of his diet for growth, his growth impediment makes him constantly gullible to the deception of the devil. The Spiritual man is led by the Spirit, walks and lives by the Spirit having gained the grace of fellowship with God through the meekness of love understood and expressed, constancy of sensitivity to the voice of the shepherd and purity of faith!

Pure Balanced Diet is healthy physical, mental and Spiritual diet. Ingestion may not be harmful but digestion and profession can validate discernment!  (Matthew 15:11). Discernment is a sieve! Discernment is the comprehension that sieves a Profitable Diet from the Poisonous Diet. A diet is the right combination of food that contains the required nutrients in their right quantity for a healthy life! Only God can tell man what is good for man. God created and formed man, if Man just appeared, okay from where? Without God nothing was made! Who can know himself better than the one who made Him? Let’s face it, only God can tell you who you are and what you need, he may choose to use men but he has also given us liberty to cross check with Him, When God speaks even if it is through a man or an ass, you will know God is talking to you. How can the man that doesn’t know the beginning of God want to describe God? God can only tell man what he wants him to know and that is a function of the man’s total submission to him and to receive it, you can’t know who you don’t trust and doesn’t trust you either! Everything that is created by man is either inspired by God or Satan, there is no neutral and we know that God is supreme even Satan knows. Know who is inspiring you! Once our peace is violated and our conscience is unstable or stolen, we must know it is not God. God is peace and forever settled. The validity of the word of God is superior to our reasoning, thinking and circumstance or contextual connotations.

It is of utmost importance to adhere to the word of God concerning all things. There is no teacher, pastor, Apostle, evangelist and prophet like God. He formed us all and determines which category we should belong and also told us to proof our learning or diet with the lens of the Holy Spirit which is the only proven master of conviction. i have learnt that God’s wisdom for living is best interpreted by His Spirit. (Ecc 8:1-2, John 14:26, Duet 29:29)

God’s word as documented in the Bible through inspiration given to godly men are not suggestions, they are commandments, principles and guidelines on how to live without confusion because God is not an author of confusion.  Psalms 1:1-3. The bible is a mystery that only God and His Spirit can unravel; it is only that which is made available to man that is his. Amazingly, the word of God can’t be interpreted by man in the context of God except by the Holy Spirit that inspired it; through the meekness of study and holy motive man can gain access to the mind of God concerning a matter as documented in scriptures. I maintain that only the Spirit of God can deliver the right perspective of a context in the bible. That window is available to all whom so desire to know what God is saying concerning a matter, amazingly God democratizes his contextual meaning by confirming his contextual meaning to everyone who is truly seeking to know it. God has integrity and is Unity in His Spirit! This is why we have the unity of Spirit. God cannot lie and does not divide; God is the same and will not change today. He is God in the Old Testament and New Testament; God is God, All by Himself. God is not far from us but man is so far from God. Man has become too natural and is undervaluing his supernatural status! You are a supernatural being in natural earth suit called the flesh. We can’t proof God in the flesh, no man can defend God or fight for God, let’s stop the arguments and opinion ironing. God is not man, God is a Spirit and until you are Spiritual, you can’t dine with, relate with or understand God. Period!

Let’s get to know God, His voice and fellowship, and walk in the Spirit to inquire what the mind of God is about a matter than arguing and making suggestive opinion from our little knowing of him. No man can proof his maturity in God except God! No mortal man can interpret the word of God like the Spirit of God, human intelligence and sense are grossly limited to understand the minutest part of the word of God. Get alone with God and know the truth and the right context of His word. whatever he tells you to do , do it! John2:5! We must be careful not to join the mob that subtlety of the devil will lock in. we are in the last days and we must understand that devil knows the scriptures and will definitely fund many doctrines that will usher a form of godliness that will make sense to the human mind. God is supreme and has given us the benevolence of His Holy Spirit to teach us all things that are the truth.

God is the ultimate mirror! The mirror of Man may not be absolute, However, our interpretation also matters!

My point is proof all things , Be led by the Spirit of God and live by the truth of God’s word. Get to know God and not judge others or make conclusions  or judge by men’s opinion. Only God can define rightly every subject of man’s initiative and life. Motive may be absent to man but it is present before God. Our intentions are large screens before the All knowing God! Our university is very far from heaven. Let’s not use someone’s syllabus as the curriculum of our life. Judgment is a personal cockpit with God based on His word revealed to you, sent to you and made available to you! Let’s Use the bible as revealed to us by His spirit to live the triumphant life God has given us. Isaiah 30:21!


Julius Afolabi..

THE LAW OF LIFE : Life is precious but not without the Law!

There is therefore NOW no condemnation to them that are in Christ! There is a better testimony for you if you hang on the law of life! Romans 8:1-11!

Years Ago I Was Trapped With History and almost lost Destiny, i looked around and began to judge my life (looking at circumstances rather than the covenant) with the things that happened in the past, happening and my father’s life who was late. I was drenched and blinded to my potentials and destiny but upon counseling with My Pastor (Pastor Emma Omede), He Rebuked Me Vehemently that i should stop that permanently, that my life is totally different. It helped me a great deal.

“Constant Development is the law of life and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself to a false position” Mahatma Gandhi Said.

I have learnt that Fruits Are Improvements from Roots. History is what you left behind but destiny is the destination you are headed. With Jesus you are headed right on destiny! Never let anything in history trap the reality of your destiny. History Is Different from Covenant, You Can Build destiny on The Covenant but Not History. The covenant is God’s deal with Man, Men can mess a deal but never will God!

When We Ignore The Laws Of Life, We Lend Our Life To The Laws Of Death. When We Forget The Law Of God, We Lend Our Life To The Rule Of The Devil. When You Ignore The Covenant Of God, We Lend Our Life To The Curse Of Satan.

The Past And The Future Are Two Extremes Like Life And Death. Jesus Is Our Future; Satan Is In Our Past Because Satan Has No Future. Watch Satan Always Remind And Torment Us Our Past But Jesus, The Word Of God And His Covenant Edify Us With Our Glorious Future. Paul Said This One Thing I Do, Forgetting The Things That Are Behind. Phil 3:13. Anyone Who Concentrate On The Past Will Lose The Future. The Pharisees And Sadducee Kept Seeing Jesus In The Past As The Boy Asking Questions The Other Day And The Carpenters Son, They Lost Out. (Read my post on THE PARASITE OF TRADITION). Paul Understood better Even When Everyone Kept seeing Him As Saul the persecuting ruffian , He Established The Law Of Life, If A Man Be In Christ, He Is A New Creation, Old Things Are Past, All Is New! 2 Cor 5:17. He kept the new person, vision and reached destiny.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

I have Learnt From Experience, That You Were There For Somebody is Not a guaranty That They would Be There For You, God Has Made Provisions For New People That Would Be There For You In The Future. Don’t be disappointed you can’t find those you were there for, look unto God! God is Alfa and Omega, Before Things Began He Already Finished. This is why “Better is The End of a Matter than the Beginning Thereof”. You Have A Glorious Destiny, Just Hang On The Law Of Life and Keep Following Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith.

“Don’t rent your destiny to History, Redefine your Life with constant Improvement” – Julius Afolabi

Your Old Class Mate May Ignore You, Never mind, Those Who Recognized You In The Past May Not Be Part Of Those Who Will Recognize You In The Future. God has been doing, is still doing and will keep doing beyond the Imagination Of Man. (Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 13:8). Just hang on the Law of Life! Jesus is that Law of Life.

Never Let People or You define you By your history, Be Defined By The Covenant You Live by And The Laws That Guide Your Living.

God loves you and it is not going To Change If You will Embrace The Law of Life! Jesus is that law that keeps you ever relevant and significant!



Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John14:6
Uncle Nebuchadnezzar is an interesting character for September! Daniel 4!
Until he submitted and acknowledged Jesus, he could not leave his prison. Prison is a restriction, limitation and stagnation. Prison stores the life and well-being of a person or his property. Prison is stolen peace.
No one loves the prison but sometimes life turns us in for a purpose! every prison bows to the authority of access to freedom. John 8:32,36! God’s ways to saving and reaching us is infinite. Isaiah 55:8-11.
Nobody could explain the predicament of Uncle Nebuchadnezzar except Daniel as revealed, His entire cabinet and family wondered without any capacity to help, it was tough to believe a king had turned a Human- Animal. Don’t let God humble you! (There are many situations in life that men can’t explain neither can they help, That is a prison). Everyone watched #Nebuchadezzar crawl out of sight. Like i always say “Every greatness has a moment of silence”. in that silence, heaven sounds loudest!
(Sometimes there are matters that makes us seem less than human, because we fell pray to evil suggestions or we were careless and ignorant and insensitive.) Nothing punishes like arrogant ignorance, Don’t let pride tell you what will happen to you when you buy it! Humility is in the heart!
This occurrence left the entire cabinet and people confused that no one could occupy his throne for seven years of external imprisonment ( Whatever God gives, He keep| Your place no one can take). He was locked up in the forest or wilderness to unravel his execution error. (Many times, the Prison is a painful solitude where God meets us).
Similarly, one sunny afternoon, Uncle Nebuchadnezzar walked normal back into town straight to the palace, took his bath, dressed up and walked majestically to His throne, no one asked questions or explanations neither did anyone refute his orders. All happened like a mirage with so much lessons. Psalms 126:1-3!
One vital lesson is of essence in this story; We own nothing, we are simply privileged stewards and our heart status controls our destiny! Any position can be vacant and anybody can be vacated except God!
Uncle Nebuchadnezzar’s concern was a personal transaction with God. When he settled with God, everyone saw his settlement. (Don’t judge any man, you never know when they settle with God. God is the only righteous judge. Jesus is still man’s High Priest and Bishop of our soul and mediator, its time to replace condemnation with reconciliation and correction)
Jesus is the true way out of every prison in life. Jesus is the word instruction out of bondage. Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness of prison. There is nothing the enemy has stolen that Jesus doesn’t know where it is hidden and have absolute access to. Are you in prison? Let Jesus in and you will come out! John3:18!
Stay humble and ever repentant, God rules in the affairs of men. The more we reverence God, the better secure is our place in life and destiny. God loves you and is ever willing to safe and deliver if we will call on Him. Rev 3:20, Romans 10:13, John 14:13. John 3:16!


For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before hand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10!

If you are going to be significant, you must be a part of the workforce of the gospel. Is your work a bad news or good news to others who meet with you daily? Amazingly, looking through the gospel almost the entire workforce were professionals.

Long before you got employed, God designed intentionally that you will be there to occupy for him with the good news! We were not necessarily employed for the package of survival but to deliver the good news as our new creation nature of value addition as the salt of the earth.

In Luke 5:27-32! As soon as Levi met with Jesus, he created a feast which he invited his colleagues and had Jesus speak the words of eternal life to them, he counted it a necessity that will positively influence their performance on the job and their individual life. Just as Zacheus was like a tax consultant, Levi was a custom officer who belonged to various professional bodies and he decided to share his Jesus encounter with his fellow professionals in their continuous mandatory development meeting or conference.  (CMPD, MCPD etc.) Do you create a space for the gospel in your professional conferences? The Gospel is professional because all professions are guided by the fruits of the Spirit and kingdom values. We should let the world pollute the meaning of our assignments.

Servants obey in all things [your] masters according to the flesh; not with eye service, as men pleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God: And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ. But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons. Colossians 3:22-25! 

Masters give unto [your] servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven. Colossians 4:1

The world is a marketplace and business place, the gospel is the business, the saints are the workforce and profitable traders. Amazingly Jesus went to recruit the disciples from the marketplace and corporate world. The apostles were professionals and exceptional specialists. That is a salient message that shouldn’t be ignored.

When you get to the police station, the Court room, the hospital, the market, the board room, the cabinet, the schools of institution of higher learning etc. who and what exactly do we see and experience? Do we see a bundle of professional hypocrites or a workforce for the gospel? The good news is that we are all employees of the creator! Jesus did not die only to give us a career but to save the lost. Many people do go to church but they are practical unbelievers. Who is an unbeliever? An unbeliever is one who is ignorant of the gospel and one who will not allow the word of God to govern him or her. They mentally agree with the bible but practically disconnect from it. It is actually a subtle bondage of hypocrisy! They know the word of God but can’t just allow it to rule their life. (Hosea 4:6, Hebrews 4:11). This is what disconnects many professionals from the workforce of the gospel. This is also the striking difference between membership and discipleship.

Our world today learn better by lifestyle than preaching, lifestyle is such a quiet way to redeem erring many. Its effect and process is usually slow but very effective and convincing. The bible is a wonderful companion as an evidence of open profession but letting the content of the bible dwell in us richly that every squeeze bring out nothing but the nature of Christ is more evident. Too many people are looking for answers in confusion but our consistency is living out the word of God is a veritable solution. The major challenge is that many of us are not fully living out the Christ we believe.

Workforce is the totality of the human potential that creates profitability from productivity and creativity. It is the creative and strategic human component of an enterprise. The gospel is the good news from the word and nature of God. In our world, everyone and especially the professional, business and corporate world is the workforce of the gospel.

And when He putteh forth his own sheep, He goes before them, and the sheep follow Him, for they know his voice. John 10:4!

A pastor may not be a professional but a professional is a pastor! Why? There are professional that more human traffic than pastors. Do pastors counsel? Yes. Do professional counsel? Yes! Solving the position, you will find that every professional is a shepherd or pastor. A pastor is a carrier of Jesus and one who professes of the gospel. The gospel makes us a corporate kingdom rather than building individual kingdoms. The gospel unifies faith!

A young secondary lady came crying to me some day that they were compelled to engage teamwork during their WAEC exams by their teachers and principals but I once told them that teamwork is before the exam not during the exams. Who does she obey God or her teacher or principal and how will she cope in that school should she disobey. I told her if you can’t stand for what you belief now, you may never be able to stand again. Do you want to be exceptional like Daniel? Then stay with God, take the persecution but later God will decorate you. Do let the pressure of the world destroy the word inside you! Prayed with her and wish her well. I am not a pastor but a professional. However I was pained and troubled, the custodians or gatekeepers are now the bridges of destruction. Yet, all these people are Christians who have children, attend services and read the bible and will probably pray to God for blessings or protection but have we forgotten how we have misled others into ruin! Like I positioned earlier, there are two stages of unbelief, first is total ignorance of the word of God and the second are not persuaded enough to act upon God’s word. First category needs knowledge but the second category is the people who know and agree to God’s word (Bible) but simply can’t get themselves to act on it accordingly, their cure is in obedience.  The second category is more prevalent in our generation. Sometimes if by any means you get to a police station, you will wonder if police is really our friend. The law may be right but the administrators have made it of no effect. Have you seen the attitude of some nurses and doctors, very repugnant? You will find standing charge and bail lawyers around the police station waiting to connive with police to extort people for bail that is meant to be free. (DPO not exempted)

As a Christian, you are not just employed in that office or a member of that board or privileged to be a trained professional. We are put forth as a sickle of harvest and bearer of the gospel. Have you been a shepherd or a hireling? I have often wondered why did Jesus preach the gospel to the poor rather than give them money. Simple, he ministered and showed them the good news, which is what the professional is to do; the service value is not only treating a patient but letting him or her know that God’s plan is total health. The policeman is not only to prosecute, charge or imprison but to let the convict know that God’s will is not being in the net of the law, when we obey the law of liberty, we live above the law of sin, guilt, pain , regret and death.

The workplace, business place, professional and civic engagement appointment, assignment or responsibilities are the greatest pulpits that will deliver many and our nation. There is a great level of trust in professionals about their job and work, it make it cheap to believe their prescription and recommendations as well educated and learned people but very negligible percentage make their professions an avenue to reach out. There is a great deception and philosophy that don’t bring the church to work. What is work in the first place and what is our major work on earth. This is not fanaticism but reality. The reason for its possibility is that you are a professional and know exactly when it is right to bring on the gospel. We all know there is a finite level of human intelligence; this is why we have the witness of the Spirit and voice of the Holy Spirit to prompt us on when it is due. Let stop defending our denominations, let defend our faith, lets profess Jesus who died for all! Reinhard Bonke profoundly said rivalries ruin revival!

Our offices and desks is the place God has given us to occupy till he comes. God gave us a job so that by our life and our hands, his will manifest! We are the representatives of God to accomplish his will here on earth. We must deliver the peculiarity of our job description in a gospel manner!

Being part of the workforce of the gospel does not mean coming to work or business place with a cassock on your neck when you are to be in your corporate wear, that is hyper-hypocrisy. Am saying let people get to know your smartness, uniqueness and extraordinary brilliance has a source in God and your conviction.

Do you belong to this workforce by mere identification or practice? Wherever we serve, let us know it is not for merely salary, status or self accomplishment but basically to please God! Become a participating member of the professional workforce of the gospel. Jesus is the good news and sharing the good news healer better and faster than our professional expertise. Jesus loves you and those who come to you for their issues better than you love your job!

It is time to fight the good fight of faith with our professions, businesses, schools and gifting.

Fight   the   good   fight   of   faith,   lay   hold   on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast   professed   a   good   profession   before   many witnesses. 1 Tim.6:12

Sharing the good news, therein lay your significance!


Julius Afolabi