No matter the area of life or endeavor you find yourself, it is safe to mind the way you treat others, the repercussions of intentionally hurting others for fun is grave! many people have planted ignominy and thick cloud of struggle over the years ahead of them. Don’t let your mindless actions empty your future. The future is delicate! Some years back, a teenager profoundly defined fun and pleasure as things and activities that get you off normal for a while. There is one thing I have discovered life keeps a file! In the habitat of fun, many have incurred long term struggles over their life. Many years after men would have forgotten their deeds, time keeps the record and maturity of hurt brings them to bear!

Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! And the tongue [is] a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. James 3:5-6.

Years ago I saw a movie where a woman who had three children as they walked along the road, a reckless drunk driver ran through them and murdered the three children and sped off. The woman out of the agony of pains with almost nothing to live for and the sour memories of the tragic death of her children spoke ill words “may the one who caused her this pain never find help”. The reckless drunk thought it was fun but for over 20,30 years he labored in vain, his life was full of pains, struggle and emptiness. help was far from him and his family. He had forgotten where he wronged and it was no longer fun for him again. Are you carelessly hurting someone? Have you hurt someone intentionally and laughing it over? Are you putting someone through pains? Think again and rush back for forgiveness and mercy now! Hmmm.. When we forget ourselves, we do things that are remembered.

But the tongue can no man tame; [it is] an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. James 3:8.

Words are powerful; a pronouncement from an afflicted heart will be honored. The tongue is such a lethal instrument, it curses and blesses. The wish of the afflicted will be granted without hesitation especially when the hurt was an intentional wicked act or hurt for fun. It is wickedness to delight in hurting people for fun. Some friends will stab the other so badly that the other party in the midst of the cry of pain will make painful pronouncements. They may be few words but can damage the entire life of the callous offender. A very bitter person may barely say, as you have made life tough for me, may life be tough for you or may you not find a helper!may you not attract battles of pains to yourself in Jesus name!

Some people just derive fun from hurting people. They just laugh carelessly over the pains of others but a careful sorrow of grief awaits them also. What a culture of cruelty! God said owe no man anything except love. Anything outside love for and to a fellow man is share wickedness. only a wicked soul laughs at others calamity or rejoices at the fall of others! Woe unto him by who offense come. There are people you think can’t do anything to you because you may be more than them in everything(probably richer and more influential than they are for now) but may they not use their tongue against you. i admonish you Never undervalue anyone or say you can’t do anything especially when you are oppressing such a person!  it maybe your spouse or friend, colleague , family member or even brethren. The same way a heartfelt prayer gets answers so also painful negative pronouncement launches sorrow into the life and generation of the wicked.

Listen well, you may take your wicked act for fun but you will be under the tribute and curse of your action. Actions are investment. These days, some young men just go about getting ladies pregnant for fun and abandon or deny them, they raise the child in struggles and some may never be fortunate to settle for another family again, hence they live in pains and hurt. Some of these people out of pains may sometimes just make terrible pronouncement and that pronouncement will form a canopy over the offender. There is nothing that the offender will do in his life that will see the light of the day, it will be struggle upon struggle. Life will be acidic and corrosive to such.  Dignity starts with the man! Stop enjoying irresponsibility!

The message is that when we refuse to take responsibility, when we are callous and careless, we attract battles of struggles in life!

Don’t hurt for fun, it is disastrous. stay truly amiable!

what do you say?


Julius Afolabi



Like every business or organization, every man has his or her target and vision for living. The workplace is the furnace that makes this possible but because these aspirations are often choked, the quality of contribution and performance is often jeopardized.

In today’s corporate world, there is more  of awareness, tension and competition than ever before. The core corporate assets satisfaction and fulfillment is what powers up the productivity of the firm or organization. Employee inspiration is a top matter in tough times and bottom line improvement is equally a subject not be ignored. How then can organizations achieve this awesome balance?

  1. Build the organizational template but work with the choices of the employees.

One way businesses and organizations build their productivity is through career path planning and skill development. The issue is that employers are selfish. They mostly fix the skills to learn or courses to take. Fine, a need analysis may have been conducted based on work demands but not usually on employee personal growth plan. The freedom to choose creates an air of fulfillment and personal growth. Productivity improves because the employee’s has some power to decide his involvement. Employers are mostly afraid that employees would be selfish as well. The balance is in workplace trust!

When you get to a restaurant, you are offered a menu from which you make a choice. Why do we have receptionist? To welcome the comfort of transacting with the organization and serve the client with a service experience. If organizations create a card of training menu that employees tick their choices, the harvest sends a signal to employee worth, talent pool value and that can help the organization determine the direction of her future productivity.

  1. Let the employees set the target but create all the support.

The ideal and future workplace demands employee involvement if their engagement would be most profitable. Organizations and businesses have objectives so they are often the ones who set the target but to achieve greater productivity and employee satisfaction the management should make obvious the big picture and allow employees to set targets that would achieve it. When employees have the confidence of support and the regularity of appreciation and recognition, performance and productivity will soar because employees are inspired.

Employee know themselves and can push themselves at will, all they need is inspiration. Allowing employee’s set the target commits them and where it doesn’t meet the big picture, it becomes the minimum expectation while more is inspired from the workforce. People are mostly committed to their decisions even when they know it comes with a reward and it’s a responsibility for which they have been engaged.

  1. Create a generic life orientation.

Many employees have personally mismanaged lives that pull strings on their performance. Businesses and organizations are usually callous about employees’ personal challenges. It may be impossible to detect employees’ personal challenges but there are generic life orientations that work through the stream of every man’s life. Examples of these generic life orientations include Personal finance and family life structuring. These life orientation help shape the personal growth of the employees which in turn shapes their contribution. Like i have many times observed, it is impossible for a frustrated employee to provide quality service and hit excellence. The psychological pitch of man contributes to his productivity. This sense of belonging explains to the workforce that as the organization seeks it performance improvement it equally seeks the workforce personal growth. If the organization or business is growing and the machinery for its growth are not growing, the imbalance will pollute the future of the organization’s bottom line. One strong way to maximize productivity and drive performance is to demonstrate that you care about the life and growth of the workforce.

The organization and business of the future will from time to time put together this life orientation or create a communication system that implements it.

  1. Entrench workplace Trust

Productivity and employee satisfaction is an intra and inter person condition of work system. Trust is the comfort of freedom, the test of previous, present and future knowledge. It is a harmony of perception, intention and expectation. Trust is fragile, hard to create and cheap to destroy. When trust dies, failure lives! Business and corporate performance is a product of a trusted process; each employee must be able to delightfully rely on the process and the input of the next man. Quality Productivity follows a comprehensive support plan.

Trust is a priceless virtue in the workplace. Leadership is easier and management is effective with trust. Trust in the workplace has two way dimensional influence from top to the bottom and vice versa. If you are going to break the rules don’t expect anyone to obey it. Business ethics are guidepost to business and

Organizational culture, it is this culture that is reflected in the workforce to attract customer and client loyalty.

Trust polishes productivity and performance because it relates to self, task and the next man. Employees are seeking trust worthy employers while employers are seeking loyal employees; the meeting point is workplace trust. Trust is created by openness, understanding, integrity, fairness, competence and consistency.

When leadership respects shared values above personal gains, respects employees’ opinions and feedback, communicate and live the business and organizational visions, and does what is right regardless of personal risk, it is building trust in its environment. That way contribution is powered, fear is deleted, teamwork is engineered and performance is improved.

When these four keys are engaged employees are happier and productivity is enhanced. Move up your bottom line and increase the potency of your workforce.

Move up your bottom line and increase the potency of your workforce.
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Risk factors in Business:
Your kitchen is your business but the potential rodents are your risk. the type of rodent determine that the type of trap to preserve your valuables in the kitchen. your sanity , sanctity and Observation are key to identifying, assessing, prioritize and executing your kitchen risk. You cant kill a fly with a cutlass but you can set a trap for the rat!
Risk is one of the credentials for business success. There is nothing without a risk but the effects of risks are trapped by information, revelation and sensitivity analysis. Not taking risk itself is a risk. The higher the calculated risk the higher the associated benefits and vice versa.
Risk is part of life but we have to learn to take only calculated or informed risks. By this we mean we can only take risks that benefit outweighs their loss or risk with minimal to negligible effects.
Risk management is simply assuring an outcome. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risk of different kinds and creating a plan to either reduce or eliminate their negative impact on business.
The SWOT and PEST analogy is important but objectivity plus envisioned strategy is the baseline. Sufficient knowledge is required to trap risk and clarify uncertainties. This will either position you to either terminate, reduce, accept and/or pass on the risk.
Knowledge give you control over risk and when control is equipped and assured fear is trapped. Information will guide you to identify the severity and frequency of risk so that you can determine what to accept, transfer, avoid or mitigate. A high frequency and high severity rick requires that you avoid such business or pass on the risk via insurance and a high severity with low frequency can also be transferred to insurance. Low frequencies and severity can be handled by operational prowess plus robust and resourceful management skill.
There are severalty of risk types ranging from operational to economic or strategic, legal, personal, benefit realization risk etc.
Some Risk factors in business amongst others include:
1. Fear of failure
2. Ignorance (Trend management incompetence and perceptual gap)
3. Sustaining quality.
4. Poor documentation.
5. Subjectivity (Emotional hiring, power pleasing leadership etc)
6. Internal control weakness that permit leakages.
7. Poor planing execution and weak strategy focus.
8. Workforce incompetence
9. Poor pitched training and compensation plan.
10. Greed (Low values and integrity pollution) and deficiency in market and operational finance)
11. Poor business set up matrix. (Sales and marketing weakness plus publicity error)
12. Impatience and poor service culture.
The reality is that business and risk share same habitat but knowledge and management skill can decide their impact and effect.
Above all, all natural process are with the limit of man prone to error but divine guidance is the surest risk free factor in anything in life be it business, career or vocation, even any sphere of volition or influence. When God is the leading, all errors, risks are already taken care of. No one can be marked exceptional with out Divine Backing.
Business is not for the fickle or feeble. Look before you leap!
Do have a great weekend and equip yourself beyond being a risk victim.
Julius Afolabi


You can’t run to the bank without financial literacy and have a great day. Banks hold idle funds to trade with the active minds of the market, government and industry for a profit. It takes wisdom not to die before you live! Tough times don’t last, tough people do!

Cash is a liability in the bank’s balance sheet; therefore the only reasonable action of the bank is to give the cash out to those whose minds are assets that can create profit for themselves and the bank. Your knowledge of assets, investment, liability, income and expenses are the ticket to discussing with the bank not your degree. Your report card is your financial statement which a picture of your financial literacy. A management expert and billionaire once said “give everyone here N1m each, over a little time, all the money will return back to my pocket”. Lesson is “you can’t keep what you cannot create! True business is divine creativity and market understanding enabled!

The bank is not a place of refuge as many think, bank is not run by machines but human who feel same thing you feel. The bank is to serve you and not you letting the bank put you in servitude. I have no issues with banking but misunderstandings of banking that imprison many. Banks are in business and not charity! Banks only discuss with systems that understand financial trend and market systems. Some people maintain a mindset that it is impossible to do business without loan. What a failed mentality! Luke 9:1-3! Such persons need a powerful mental reset!

There was no bank when God created all that we enjoy, Business should not start with a loan. There is more responsibility in building your fortune from your limited resources than the being pushed by the pressure of default and Loan repayment. Business opportunity must be thoroughly analyzed and uncovered for futuristic realities before diving in. Business should be divinely sought even though you must be mentally equipped through research and observation. Like i have maintained over time “Business is a catalog of questions rightly answered”. Business is an answer to a market quest and human expectation. Are you in the production of what is needed in the quantity needed where they are needed with the specifications that cure the dilemma of the market and at optimum price? Productive and relentless people profit in hard times and create a new future for themselves.

Wisdom is superior to money in business. Wisdom is management sufficiency. Ecclesiastes 7:12 in NIV says “Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it”. This means money alone can waste your living but wisdom preserves you to make, manage and multiply money.

Before you think of a loan, think about your certainty and reliability of your cash flow, think of the inflation rate, think about the capacity of your return on investment covering your interest charge and inflation rate which decrease the value of your cash flow and increase the pressure of value of what you owe. Don’t let your limited understanding of banking, business and money hand over your future to the bank to paddle. They will gladly deal and take unfair advantage at your financial ignorance. Your wits, business acumen with sensitivity accuracy is a comfortable stance to trade with the bank. Banks are to be man’s servant because man determines its deposit and existence and not man under the servitude of the bank through ignorance. Face fact with the truth!

Wealth is a mentality. You must change your thinking to upgrade your change in the business and your future. The future of your business is determined by your mentality. Your mentality determines your captivity or triumph. That is a future state! Don’t just think of money in business, think of your future and that of the business.  We need a critical shift in our mindset for business triumph in tough times! 

Your mindset is your life and business set! 


Afolabi Julius Olatunde

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