So many sour occurrences and experiences have made me to ask this question, i know you have heard and read stories more sour but we cant keep hearing, reading and lamenting without a healing. Sex apparently wasn’t meant to ruin man’s happiness but rather to glow it.  Two will never walk together except they agree!
1. A young fresh man in his green attitude dashed into a lecturer’s office in one of our Nigerian university only to find a him in active sexual intercourse with a student at broad day light.
2. A screening inspection was talking place in an office and a career woman had to dash home to pick her credentials only to find her husband in dangerous sexual gymnastic with another woman. He hung on unavailability and sexual famine but the woman knew she was busy but guilty.
3. A young enterprising man works offshore and upon an unannounced return discovered his wife in a sexual parade with another man. Sex most assuredly would be one of the vehicles to hell with flippant excuses but that was not the plan, we only bought a different formula.
Many corporate executives have unholy sexual demands an appraisal issue. many busy people are lost in the job and lost at home. The career, fame and wealth have become a sickness they can only personally endure. Many are dying in silence concerning sexual matters. Satan has counsel singles to view fornication and sophisticated prostitution as a way out of recession. Student trade sex for grades and graduate without a job, sexually get a job and sexually sustain the job. is that life? That is Hell with sex, a sleep with satanic sex offers you a free accommodation in hell should pass on without a change.
Many politician in quest for power has been counseled to have satanic sex with their mothers or daughters. what manner of evil, of course it is obvious that that is no longer natural but inhuman. Sex has its spirit, an erection could take a man off his natural senses and a thirsty ovulation could send a careless woman out of a careless tough. sexual urge can be dangerous and demands the right education.
There seem to be more infidelity in the Church than in the world? Adultery is fast becoming a norm. Divorce has become a digestive diet in the Church. What is wrong with my generation? The unholy culture is fast becoming the nature of the Church. There seem to be a flood of immorality sweeping away the Spiritual texture of the Church. Marriages are like planes, we only hear of the ones that crash, no wonder sexual perversion has hybernated in the church. Secrets between couples and ignorant application & communication of Love have also damaged the sexual happiness of many homes. The deception of the age and manipulation of sex has crept into the Church. you will wonder what has happen to the BIBLE. 6 to 1 diet of the bible is a terrible formula for a triumphant life, marriage and sex.
The first story was recent and i heard to recall the next two with many more that time and space would not permit me to share , and i thought deeply, what exactly is wrong with my generation and sex. The gift has become sinful goad. Indeed ignorance and indiscipline are powerful combinations that perfect bondage and disgrace. shame is indeed the promotion of fools, a fool is one who rejects the knowledge of God.
My generation of young people don’t understand that fornication is like a gadget that when you activate play, it takes God to pulse. Amazingly my generation has failed to understand that Adultery works smoothly with unavailability, anonymity and affordability. both sexual perversion works with disobedience to God. when your Spirit is dormant, your flesh will be active. temptation ride on dominant flesh and passive spiritual control.
Sex is a divine gift purposely in marriage but Satan perverted it and mass produced the satanic perspective of sex. Sexual urge is an offshoot of chemicals, it begins with words that drive activation of hormones that increase sexual drive. Words power power touch and touch increase these chemical reactions in the body and sexual drive, stimulation and urge is increased to a point of gratification that ends in sex. sexual urge is a body chemistry reaction that also be powered by a seductive force.
It is written the power of life and death lies in the tongue, many have silenced their marital peace and harmony with awful communication. when a wife tells or asks her husband “Is sex food” and a husband tells the wife “are you a dog”. Then they have murdered sex in that marriage.i thought couples are meant to be open, honest and sincere since a third party is a marital death warrant. Only maturity helps a man or woman to hear and understand, more so know how to respond. Age is not wisdom, wisdom is superior to age and puberty. Marriage and sex is a matter of wisdom. it takes a prudent wife and a wise man to live sexually happy. Sexual organs don’t talk but are controlled by communications verbal and non verbal! Sex responds to mentality faster than the act itself. Ecstasy or climax is a powerful communication with heavy consequence, communication is a huge decision process. sex is not love but love leads to sex. Erection is not a defect and amorous responses are not mistakes, they communicate judgements.
Never ask your spouse, is sex food or are you never tired? It is scarcely possible to leave sex for food but it is very Possible to leave for for sex. when sex is off your menu list, you are inviting tension in your matrimonial home! Denying you spouse sex is killing the marriage.
Sex is not an option in marriage, it is an obligation. If you give a woman everything, all the money and comfort and fail to satisfy her sexually or unavailable for sexual unity in marriage, you have done nothing. sex makes a woman feel like a woman. sex makes a man feel the ego of a man. Sex is God ordained pleasure within the confines of marriage. when a car is not serviced, it will loose viscosity.
Don’t kill your marriage with sexual denial. They don’t preach this on the altar. Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed. Men and Women have varying sexual drive, one party passive and the other passive, In marriage we must close the gap else we brake the edge and the serpent will bite. Couple should talk to each other and be willing to render the benevolence Paul admonished in 1 Cor 7:1-5!
Some spouses has been deceived by size of organ for sexual satisfaction, it is not what you have but how you use what you have. The man with the biggest male organ in the world is under torments, lonely, abandoned and rejected. Read it up (Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a penis measuring a colossal 18.9 inches.) is that what you want? He laments of such a yoke in his life. yet some women and men are seeking satanic means to increase their organ, are you wiser than God? get out if ignorance and read anointed books that teach Christian ways of managing sexual incompatibility.
Safe your spouse the temptation out there. Overgrow temptation by eating well at home, eating out is greed punishable with unwanted and ill-bargained calamities. Whatever has no boundaries, is a bondage.  Don’t employ a partner you may never be able to sack your sour experience with. This and more, my generation must know. I believe that this piece would safe a couple, marriage, fornicator, adulterer and a home.
My generation must be healed of this sexual mentality defect.
Please share and thanks for taking time to read.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde


Prudence is superior to recession. Love is wise.  Recession should suspend your wedding!

In all sincerity, Recession shouldn’t stop your wedding if you have matured your preparation for marriage. Stop postponing your marriage if you are ripe, life is a race against time. The major factor is marrying right and Making the right decision. It is not about what people will say, it is what your experience and life will be after the wedding that is crucial. it is important not to enter marriage because of wedding or pressure, if you are frustrated before wedding, you will be humiliated in marriage. Don’t know it all, pride ushers disgraceful fall. Seek the face of God and seek counsel from spiritually matured people prayerfully.

Here are a few tips to tip off your slumber and economic fear. Wedding is only a bridge not a location!

Many people want to impress people and depress themselves. It is the marriage that matters o.
– It is not how flamboyant your wedding is, it is how blissful your marriage will be. Your wedding budget has no correlation with your marital joy. Understanding is the differential. You don’t need a deficit budget to fix your wedding, your marriage will have an unfavorable balance and then you swim into validating your decision. Debt driven wedding makes marriage a liability.
– Wedding card is a disposable, who said you can’t print letters? its an invite not a wall plaque.
– If you slaughter countless cows men will still complain. People are invited to witness not to consume. Refreshment is not 3 square meal.
– Rather than owe to fix wedding, sow a seed to seal your marriage.
– Some churches don’t take offerings in wedding ceremonies, why should officiating ministers demand honorarium? Let God honor you. Jesus our example said I receive no honor from men. John 5:41!
– Many Aso ebi don’t last beyond the wedding neither are they true symbols of family love and unity. Marital and family unity is superior to aso ebi unity. Even wicked uncles and auntys wear aso ebi.
– Engagement and wedding could be done the same day. Time is life. Merge the expenses. It will reduce accommodation expense and inconvenience challenges. Serious people are busy.
– You don’t have to buy two rings, get a wedding band. The commitment is between the couples not the world. The people who will say you don’t have an engagement ring will see your wedding band. Two rings self no be weight?
– Thank God wedding gowns can be rented but where you can afford, buy one. If you cant, rent one, after all you are not going to announce that you did. The major matter is ensure you pray fervently over the rented gown so that you don’t import the marital realities of those who have used that you may never know their spiritual and personal status. Life is deep! Some people say wedding gown are ceremonial burial garment. its all a tradition of old tale! Would the ceremonial burial gown change the eternal home of the person? It is what you did with your life and choice that matter at death. Duet 30:19. Let’s get out of tradition and face the truth.
– Be happy with those that didn’t attend your wedding but are praying for your marriage than those who attended but wish you hell in the marriage or showed up for analysis and mockery.
– Traditional rites should not be a rope of suicide, if all God who gives and sustain life is only asking for our choice to obey Him, (Ecc 12:13) why should any man compel people for excessive material demands with financial burden. Pray to God concerning what you can give to Caesar, humbly seek discounts. Ask, negotiate. Be spiritual not traditional too, because the gift of a man is a point of contact. Pray about everything!!! God will help you and grant you favor once your bed and courtship process is not defiled.

Don’t let recession be an excuse! If you can afford a colorful wedding why not but if you can’t don’t die in depression. It is marital experience that is the color of your wedding.

Purposeful Life is not for comparison, everyone has his or her lane. Don’t compare and contrast till you frustrate yourself. Life is an individual race. Every man shall be accountable for himself.

With these few wits of mine, i believe i have relieved you of the mask of economic fear!

Please share, freely contribute and comment objectively.

Julius Afolabi


In life there is always a person to meet in other to reach your placement in destiny and there are also people you must miss if you must reach your placement in life. God uses men as angels to help us reach his prepared place for us. If only some people missed the occult gang or that strange friend, they would never have died or probably be insane. If only the young prophet missed the evil older prophet maybe he would have lived. Mind who you meet, know who to miss!

Behold I send an Angel before thee to keep thee in the way and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. Exodus 23:20!

It was God that organized the meeting of the Peter with the man at the gate of beautiful who had been there in a bad shape for 40 years. The truth is that what you are looking for in life is in the hands of someone, there are people in form of angels that God made to usher you into your prepared place in life.

Every man has a place but need a bridge. There is always someone God sends to uplift another man. Joseph was recommended by someone, Daniel was identified by someone, Esther was introduced by someone into the contest that brought her into the palace. Naman was advised by a maid into his wholeness from leprosy that would have rubbished his living despite his so called status. Many people just wear status but are heavily challenged. It is not man you need but God to bring the man your way or direct your step to the man. The man at the pool of Bethesda was waiting and looking for a man instead of God. Until he saw Jesus, his position remained. You can’t find help until you find God. God also recommends, He recommended Bezaleel to Moses. He recommended Jesus, this is my beloved son, hear ye him and everything began to hear him.

One thing lead to another, everything is connected. souls that resemble attract inevitably. 

I don’t know how long you have been in that position, situation or condition, if God direct your steps to walk in the way that will meet the one who has your miracle; you are free from the hold of that syndrome. My prayer is that God would order your steps a right to meet the one He has sent to you and make you miss the one the enemy has set for you in Jesus name.

Do have a sensitive day !


Julius Afolabi.



Multiplication is the identity of God and therefore we are creatures of multiplication. fruitfulness mean increasing what you carry, multiply your knowledge by sharing, increase kindness by being kind to someone, be true in business to multiply truth in business, multiply abundant life by sharing the love of God. There is no infertility or fruitlessness with those abide in His word! Gen 1:20 -28!
In that workplace make the glory of God known by being exceptional, be different. In my workplace my subordinate have access to share their pains and we think it through together. that was what Jesus meant when he told Peter, when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. if you are knowledgeable, cure the ignorance of others. If you are saved, save others. if you are good make others good. There is nothing hidden or new, all we have are gifts from God! By multiplication we give life a meaning!
Have you not observed that businesses in the production thrive if well managed with wisdom because they serve many. Knowledge multipliers too are never forgotten because someone will learn what he has never known and swear a blessing to the man who has settled his quest and water his thirst. we must multiply wisdom to serve and fill the table of the heart of men!
No animal goes for antenatal neither do they undergo cesarean session yet they conceive and deliver with ease. They are not the image of God but you are the in the design of God. you will bring forth with ease in Jesus name.
Man is the express image of God, therefore man is not permitted to be barren because God is not and if conception is supernatural then delivery will be supernatural. The living shall come out of the living. Maybe you are also pregnant with a vision, trust God and you will bring it forth to the glory of God.
Every word of God brought forth abundantly! we are fruitful beings irrespective of times. God’s word says “we are fruitful and created to multiply”. Once what you are doing is in line with His word, expect fruitfulness and multiplication.
we shall soon celebrate and be celebrated in Jesus name. 


Tough times comes with a lot of pressure of the family and this require a proper balance. More than ever in tough times marriages undergo shaking because survival and well being is sometimes questioned.
There is a necessary need for the captain of the marital ship to shift the set of the sail with confidence and provide good tutelage about a change for more. Love is to be better understood in tough times.
Wisdom and knowledge bring stability while understanding births establishment. Men must possess the capacity to see possibilities and commence corporate action towards the new possibility. Women must become wiser in tough times to build and hold the home.
There is so much premarital counseling but little post marital counseling. In tough times families need greater understanding than before. this can only happen with continuous post marital counseling. When last did you read a book or an article on marriage since you got married. There is no expert in marriage no matter the age of marriage. until there is increasing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, marriage will suffer harmful shaking in tough times. Your stability and approval in in what you study. it is out of the treasure of your heart, abundance will flow. Isaiah 33:6, Luke 6:45!
Satan will arrange a barrage of suggestions that may look attractive in tough times, it is the solidity of the foundation built in the marriage that holds a fence and dispels such suggestions. Many ignorant spouses make satanic deceptive suggestions a decision and truncate their marital bliss.
The concepts that you live your life by can either imprison you or liberate you in tough times. if you have been beating your wife before tough times then you may kill her in tough times. if you have been keeping some secrets before tough times then we can expect betrayal in tough times. If you have been foolish before tough times then willing irresponsibility would happen in tough times. Marriage and family is seed that needs constant watering of the word of God and prayer because the times are evil! Proverbs 4:20-27!
A wise man wrote ” Men never lie on their deathbeds and wish they could have spent more time in the office. They always long to go back and spend more time with their family (wife and children). if you prioritize God’s priority, God can give you greater favor at work, bless you in ways your job never could and stretch out the income you do bring in”.
Like i have discovered, there will be no marriage in heaven but what happened in your marriage can deny you eternity with God.
May God’s wisdom, the knowledge of the truth and the understanding of love keep our marriages and eternity.
Stay informed on your marriage. Tough times may last but tough minds outlast tough times.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde


It is the truth you know that sets you free. the pulpit is the most effective platform to address many societal issues that has been a pest on the health of the church. There is so much lies about what marriage is and what exactly sexual intimacy is and this has been responsible for the degree of marital frustrations and societal emotional vandalization. It is improper to ignore the veritable platform! 
The devil frustrates intimacy in marriages to damage the sexual life of marriages,  he then packages lust as a temptation to vitiate the spirituality of the marriage and eventually collapse the family structure. The devils is subtle he visit he visits the negligible to destroy the established. God loves family and we move love families enough to protect its health from the pulpit. 
Many marriages are under attack and many destinies have been grounded by the ignorance of the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage. for intimacy to happen, all relational barriers must be treated, it is terrible to have a spouse share her or his body but close her or his heart.
The center of many homes are no longer holding because there are many lies that worldly philosophies have made many believe but the truth will not change. God created sex and made rules for them but ignorance has mastered many. The numbers of marital wreckage is growing daily. Couples must seek a change and improve personal studies on marital fulfillment to guard their center of their homes.
Many pulpit find it too carnal to discuss these truths but spend huge times,resources counseling and managing marriages and marital flaws. Many never show up for such counseling but are battered.
Intimacy is vital in marriage.Intimacy activates sexual fulfillment. it is godly to search for the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage and strive to comply to save the elongate your marital bliss.
Love your neighbor as yourself we chant daily but who else is your closest neighbor? Your spouse. if love is the greatest commandment then intimacy in marriage is a great demand of the christian home.
Love without intimacy is carnality! Get intimate with your spouse and erase the dangers of hidden sins. God bless our homes in Jesus name.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde