To execute is to put completely into effect, to be fully maximised by defined design. Execution is sentencing emptiness to death by resourceful maximization of action!

Years ago I read a quote ” He that will not when he should, shall not when he will”. This got me thinking and questioning the thought paradigm and viola I got it. “Time messes you up when you dishonor it”. In essence, Living without execution of intention is attention to regretful obsolete capacity. It simply means if you waste your time doing nothing profitable, when you will want to do it, the viscosity and capacity would have gone. May you not wish you did what you should have done, in Jesus name!

The preacher said ” if a man lives many years, and rejoice in them all: let him remember the days of darkness, for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity”. He didn’t stop. He went further ” Rejoice, O young man in thy youth, and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and WALK IN THE WAYS of thy heart, in the SIGHT of thine eyes: but know thou, that that FOR ALL THESE THINGS GOD WILL BRING THEE INTO JUDGEMENT. Ecclesiastes 11:8-9.


Time is a finite resource here, it walks unstopped and uninterrupted. While you are inactive, time is active. Result is the report of time utility and action management. Action management is not on your school syllabus, it is a self enterprising skill! I invest time to redefine my actions in alignment with my assignment. John 15:5!

The secret is ” I AM BENT ON MANIFESTING GOD’S GLORY” in ALL I do! You should too! You are not without the capacity!

Successful people maximise their constructive phase! We are all in it pee time.

Jeff Boss learnt most in his teenage, at 16 he had gotten good business experience at back-end McDonalds. He was posted to the back and restricted from that front-end, but he learnt the tricks and power of interfacing with the customers from the back-end. That mastery launched what we see today. Warren Buffet began selling at age 5, at 14, he already had entrepreneurial experience with partnership, at 19 he had read over 100 books on investment, at 20-22, went to Columbia University and met his mentor Benjamin Graham who was a guru in security analysis. After graduation he volunteered in Graham’s management consulting institute. Now he is an investment genius with yet a modest lifestyle. What am I saying? Don’t embrace the exotic without submitting to the discipline of the basic! All front liners have back-end pruning that sustain their spark in the front.

Stop being a dependent passenger. Being driven without understanding driving! That is an accidented life! Explore your potentials, upgrade and update curriculum of your life. Your life is a subject to be studied not abhorred because you died in inaction!

Satan is not that black huge guy with horns in front of the head religion painted him, Satan is simply “little errors in judgement” that vitiatee the validity of life.

There is an obvious generational gap in the leadership of our beloved country. They can’t give us what we need! They can’t align with the mechanics of the times. Let the reserved surface, Elijah was surprised about the 7000 potently separated. Let’s emerge, Until we proof otherwise, we may be hooked and hedged in. Our edge is in our action. What are you doing now to save same old story. Are you sane and sound enough to confront injustice? Do you hold the baton of true power in the most high like Daniel to deactivate other gods, the superiority of the rod of Moses was that it swallowed the rods of the magicians. The cabals don’t sleep, if we keep sleeping, the leadership will slip off us again.

One thing is truth, we are not born in a wrong time, we didn’t decide that but we’re designed to live out the potentials. In their days smart phones were not imagined, their configuration can’t spy it. Here we are dymistifying digital privilege. Let leverage the mentality not just the technology.

Donald Trump was relevant before contesting for presidency. He didn’t need fund raising. He knew the market. He may still need some tooling but he had defeated what could stop an average Nigerian youth. All I am saying is “Let’s command value that humbles money!

It is not the length of life but the content of life. Content rightly deployed defines impact and legacy.

John 21:25 vividly elaborated that mankind will not recover from that exploits of Jesus’s life. We have been schooled by religion and manipulated by the flesh to think, we can’t beat the John 14:12 mark. The validity of life is alignment with assignment.

If you do nothing, you become nothing. Even though, There is a difference between “I can’t do it and I will not do it”, Both are failures still. Make a resolve!

Don’t die inactive!


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Culled from “Action Management” Authored by #juliusafolabi







Inaction drowns dreams. Being reluctant is the plot of retrogression. Problems are burdens and they don’t kill but inaction is man’ suicide ripe. If you must succeed, you will have to consciously fight inaction. Inaction is not what you will but it is a cloak of convenience and comfort when you don’t need them.

Many times, I wake up deep in the night thinking, what can I do, what will I do, how will I do it, then the brain wires start sparking and research begins, all searching for a solution. But I realized, my action quotient must become more swift. Some times you will need to be ruthless with your unnecessary entanglements because Time is not a friend but an aid!

Let’s Stop talking about the problem, stop postponing our intentions, let’s start executing the solutions we have been intending.

Until Jacob introduced strategic action,the exploitation and domination of Laban continued. For as long as he did nothing, his financial pressure multiplied.

In Genesis 26:12-14,And Isaac went to Abimelech king of philistines unto Gerad, Then Isaac sowed in that land and received in the same year an hundredth fold: and the Lord blessed him. And the man waxed great and sent forward and grew untilnge became very great. For he had possession of flocks and possession of herds and great store of servants: and philistines envied him.

See what Isaac would have lost to inaction!

The ground was hard and dry yet he dug wells. When everybody was whining he was working, he dug until he met water.That water quenched the poverty of his life and made him an envy of a nation.

James Bond 007 can be dramatic many times, I remember his actions in the old movie “Live and let’s die”. He stepped on the crocodiles to cross to the other side. He baited them with meat to form a queue. What a strategy! Think and act. Inaction means mental downtime!

Those who will make excuse and complain will always do nothing but languish in the misery of penury.Time will pass them by until they become invalid for success or wealth. Isaac acted and things changed. Will you act?

Until South Africans acted, sacrificed and confronted the apartheid lords. They didn’t brake free. Nelson Mandela didn’t do it alone but he stood in prison and that ignited consistent reactionary response in the heart of many. Can you imprison yourself over that idea, solution, product to change the waves of the market? Our problem is not as harsh as we have amplified it with fear, inaction and stand afar mentality. Solution comes from a resolution.

Lepers subjected their stanancy to reasoning and took a resolve, WHY SIT WE HERE TILL WE DIE? They took a step and God did the rest. Every true success has the God part and contains the human cooperation.

Dreams can become a nightmare with passivity or inaction.

Don’t die where you are, there is more ahead.

Do you want your situation to change? Do you want to still succeed? Take action, don’t be a spectator of your dream.The success you are looking for is in that little idea, introduce action promptly and comprehensively. You will smile again, leave the camp of the inactive who celebrate misery with excuses and complains.

Go and start that project, start work on that assignment, begin to ask questions about that business. Go speak to the lady,  suggest that idea! If you target nothing, you hit nothing!

Do not withhold good from those whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Don’t say goodbye and come back again tomorrow when you have it with you. Proverbs 3:27-28! (paraphrased) 

We don’t lack capacity, we have only not activated it. That way, possibility remains trapped by inaction. The world needs what you carry.

Isaac gave the world the first ever irrigation system. Inaction will make you loose what you ought to pioneer! Inaction can sink your dream.

Brake the yoke of inaction today!

culled from my book ” Action Management”.

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But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the kings rich food or with the wine which he drink, therefore he asked the chief of the enunchs to allow him not to defile himself. Daniel 1:8!

Today, compromise is the air many breathe to live, corruption is thriving because compromise is gaining acceptance in the heart ognmany day and night. We have decided to silence conscience, how sad we have forgotten in a hurry that every situation is a season that will expire, time is not a friend, it is an aid.

Our nation suffers from personal and professional compromise. Are we saying the Special Intelligence Bureau don’t have a map of statistics to arms possessions, the police knows the places and positions of heavy arms possessor and their sponsors but compromise wouldn’t let true national safety happen.

In political economics and incumbency operations, there is what is called Distraction Strategy. Its an incumbency machination that selects nations issues and fabricate a positive distraction to win accolades and shield known failures. it’s all a compromise operation!

No sector of the economy can experience any good with compromising people and policies.

Police and Political compromise are realities Nigerians live with. Traditions don’t bring change, our recycling leadership can’t make any difference. It is the same old thinking, it’s time to innovate with resourceful youthfulness.

The question is, how many youths are willing to let go the compromise factor and face the fortunes of the future?

Many times, our suppositions and assumptions conflict with our conviction. There are invisible reactions that happen in milliseconds. What defiles always comes from within but the external always make an invitation to treat. The mind is the conversation conversion point. Your superiority to your situation is fashioned by your reasoning capacity. I call it perspective intelligence!

Daniel analyzed the intention of the offer against his conviction about who determines the times and seasons and took a position.

Compromise is a decision from within!
You need another spirit with a transformed mind to become distinguished. What can you let go? Decision positions you and God rarely overwrites our will.

Compromise is trying to help yourself which you can’t. Proverbs 16:25, Jeremiah 10:23! Our help is in the name of the Lord. Psalsm! 121:1-2! Get it right, If you do what they do, you will end the way they have all ended. No thief has ever ended well except the ones that repent of their compromising status genuinely. Remember the one by Jesus’s cross? What you don’t have now you have not matured to handle.

In Babylon, those that didn’t compromise were happier and healthier. They became celebrities and those who compromised became nonentities and victims. There is a superior mentality that you need and it comes through a transformed mind and spirit. Read more in
Numbers 13:30, 14:24! Daniel 5:13-14, 1 Cor 2:9-11, Phil 2:5, Job 32:8.

Character is the foundation of sustainable success. Fruits of the Spirit are character moulding blocks. Gifts of the Spirit are the empowerment that comes from God after character has been built. God is only waiting for your character moulding to flow mightily inside you. Those who have gift but not character are scams that don’t last. We see them around!

Competence is capacity to solve problems, ability to dissolve doubts, complexities and turn things around. People with this superior mentality of no compromise change their world!

What do you intend to do with your life. To end like other failures you have heard of or triumph like you were designed to?

Build character, develop competence, look unto God and celebrate your destined success. It takes humanity and divinity to fulfill destiny?

Your value is highest when your name is written in the book of life. Luke 10:20!

with compromise we die daily, If you are not saved , you are not safe! Why die when you can live?

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Branding without quality is the new paradox.. Before you place value on packaging, think through quality. .. Julius Afolabi 

Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6!

The master profounded stated… Not all that call me Lord, Lord shall be saved. 

Dead conscience has bastardized branding!

Branding is the integrity of process and quality of management exposed.

Quality is the valued state of a thing, product, service, event, project and other endeavours. Branding is the promise of quality met consistently with economic efficiency.

Today, branding has become the rave of the moment, amazingly it has gone all through the fabric of humanity. Essentially a product with low or no packaging cum branding will have a low or no perceived value and will generate poor or no sales. How awful? Trading without branding is kindagarten.

Business, career and vocation has become vague without branding. Economically, socially and spiritually, true branding or packaging does not violate quality.

Quality is the purest value of a brand.

Package calls attention but quality embosses value, integrity and loyalty.

Branding has become a universal language that has overtaken the understanding of many people, businesses and organizations. However, Branding has been misinterpreted in most corners of business, career and ministry. For example, What do you call or how do you value of a business with a deceptive advertisement? Deception because service promise or product details failed to hit the promise hype or chant? Branding hype?  Better still how do you value the business that religiously observes morning devotion yet will cheat customers or deceive them? Spiritual branding? Further,  Public offices with huge value wall plaques and fellowships that yet embezzle public funds? Maybe, Our generation buys beauty without value. It’s why, Divorce statistics is high  because we have more of impulse marriages today that sacrifice process for impatient personal attraction. We seem to have forgotten that virginity is a brand and quality but without character it holds little or looses worth! It’s some what amazing to think we can produce quality without a true moral fibre! Philemon 1:6!

Deception has gained economic supremacy!  The devil is now manifesting as angel of light. It is time we get off the artistry black painting of the devil. The devil is airborne and connects faster than internet for those who create accommodation for him.

Financial integrity has equally been violated through mindless accounting packaging called creative accounting which seeks to build an empty value into the book of that enterprise. Knowledge growth without decorum will produce rogues. All I am saying is that Knowledge and research has provided financial branding of business books in deception of the true and fair state of the enterprise.

More so,  we see tragic world decadence because many societal vices have been renamed and branded to cover or to package hideous perpetrations. Professionals now use packaging to hide quality, it is more of perceive value than real value. Branding is about intrinsic and extrinsic value. Branding is a combination of packaging and quality. Packaging and quality is a distinction without a difference. Branding is not a deceptive coincidence but a coin of reputation. How sad, The externalities have taken over the sense of quality content. Painfully,  Professionals now gravitate towards being flashy to gather ignorant client to their risk. We present gaseous ephemerals to elope solid content of quality. We pride certificates that are dishonored instruments of professional bankruptcy because of personal errors and serial losses. Certification has become the branding without the real value of rescue that true learning is meant to serve humanity.

Many Schools now brand beyond relevant curriculum. The crowd mentality has taken over the quality paradigm that schooling is meant to occasion. By observation, This initiative melted into the organogram of education through affiliation with foreign schools just to proof sophisticated especially in Nigeria! In true terms, the idea is brilliant but the intention has become questionable. Conscience is absent!

The speed of change has improved cosmetics and today many look more artificial than normal. What a lie called branding but in truth bodily lies,living lies and packaged fake. A low quality suppressed with packaging. We have forsaken the beauty of the inner man, character of the heart and purity of privacy.

Government and social education are also branding fornication with the contraceptive idea rather than offering the best quality of abstinence and purity.

We have submitted the ultimate for an option and the barren option for an obligation. We claim to protect ST diseases which is not even absolute rather than destiny.

Leadership has been branded with impotent crossings rather than responsibility with integrity. Many leaders have forgotten that the quality of their leadership is the legacy of their brand. Leader, what will live after you? Daddy, mummy, what will be the testimony of your children? Hmm…True models are now scarce, what is available are packaged liars and blind guides.

Young people have gone yoked and contaminated with strength without honor and color. They are dressed up without addressing the necessary. They hustle wrongly and seek pleasure without pleasing their future. Strength wrongly channeled is stress. Stress is poor quality and ill branded health! All we have are branded and broken youths by idols of the mind. A waste walking and wandering without knowing. Am perturbed, Where is the quality of youthfulness today! To them, Education has become the frustration of the soul. Research has become tough demands despite fertility of the mind! The youths have become brands of no honor!

Quality youthfulness is knowing that we are accountable to God for our lifestyle. Ecclesiastes 9:11! Oh, how we have branded tomorrow without quality yet we claim sophistication and digitalization. 2 Timothy 3:7! Nothing is digital without a true conscience. A brand is a badge of honor.

Technology is designed to improve the quality and brand of life not to destroy, infest and contaminate purity. Purity is quality and a brand. We are to be brands plucked out of fire like the word that birthed us.

Bad enough the church has become terribly infested with the branding idea. Paul was stern with Timothy, preach the word in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:1-5! Today, the church has seasoned her message. Miracles have become the packaging that has ruptured the principle of work that balances faith. James 2:18! Prophecy has become the branding effect of ministry no longer holiness and godliness. Even the congregation prefers the entertainment rather than the encounters, what a brand the church has taken. The church has become more of a tourist center instead of an atmosphere of divine presence, concerned more about numbers than disciples. The church programme is filled with man made activities that add no spirituality to the congregation. The church wants lofty members who are hypocrites to package the church, the criminals and societal robbers fund the church projects and often want to determine the message. Church has become a business network than a spiritual gathering according to Hebrews 10:25! Men have become idols of the temple. Idols of the mind now control the message rather than Holy Spirit inspired teaching. The word in the  church is now packaged as interpretation of men even when the word of God is not of any man’s interpretation. We garnish the word of God even when we are admonished not to add or reduce the originality of the word. This is Certainly not the brand of gospel Jesus delivered to the Saints. We have forgotten Jesus went to the temple and sanitized it because Rather than build on the word, we are building on wonders. Branding without quality is claiming to be a Christian but walking in darkness of ignorance and laziness to search for the truth. Spirituality is a walk not a claim.1 John 1:6! 2 John1:4, 3John1:4!
Revival is the true brand of walking with God! John 3:3,8!

Jesus is the brand of quality and superior quality amongst all brands of men. John 14:6!

In all our branding and quality assurance, if we forget that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end are the ways of destruction and death as stated in proverbs 16:25!

Branding without quality is nothing but the demonstration and manifestation of the love of money. 1 Timothy 6:10!

Many times branding are geared towards increasing price with a view of making money rather than making branding a support for quality to make a product or service a complete package of excellence. Money is a benefit of purity and quality not merely branding.

Branding is inferior without quality and branding is worthless without conscience.

It is after we die or life ends on this side of eternity that we will know the brand and quality of our life. Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 22:12!

Prepare to meet thy God! Amos 4:12!

Don’t be a brand without quality and don’t be a quality without a brand.

All things are possible to him that believes.





“To live right you will of necessity require a pure and balanced Diet”

God in His Infinite wisdom gave man the inspiration, education and description of a balanced diet. Balanced Diet is the education of nutrition and nutritional value in relation to healthy growth and life.  Growth isn’t limited to size or structure, it is basically health centered. Man never stops growing, his size and structure may appear halted but his experiences are still growing and will continue when he dies. Balanced diet also has spiritual connotations. Every aspect of a man goes hungry, I mean the three dimensions of man, and the spirit soul and body, all require a balance with objective and godly priority.  We must mind what we feed each dimension of our being with not forgetting which is of utmost importance while we live here and will live hereafter!

Man is a Spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. The Priority is clear! I believe this is the reason God inspired the letter of Paul to Timothy that bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable in all things. Many people have died untimely from their diet because they were poisoned ignorantly. Of all forms of food poisoning, Spiritual poisoning by flesh controlled interpretation of the word of God is the most deadly and disastrous. it is essential to note that Your diet determines your health and life consequently. There is a life that now is and there is a life to come! Man has two lives simulated into one, one leading to the other by his choices (obedience or disobedience)! The transition is determined by Pure and Balanced Diet or Poisoned Diet by Deception.

The spiritual health status of every man determines his functional living on earth and paves his eternity. A man is natural, carnal or spiritual yet triune (Spirit, soul & Body). The natural man is absolutely controlled by the god of this world since he is yet to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ, A carnal man knows and accepted the Lordship of Jesus but isn’t mindful of his diet for growth, his growth impediment makes him constantly gullible to the deception of the devil. The Spiritual man is led by the Spirit, walks and lives by the Spirit having gained the grace of fellowship with God through the meekness of love understood and expressed, constancy of sensitivity to the voice of the shepherd and purity of faith!

Pure Balanced Diet is healthy physical, mental and Spiritual diet. Ingestion may not be harmful but digestion and profession can validate discernment!  (Matthew 15:11). Discernment is a sieve! Discernment is the comprehension that sieves a Profitable Diet from the Poisonous Diet. A diet is the right combination of food that contains the required nutrients in their right quantity for a healthy life! Only God can tell man what is good for man. God created and formed man, if Man just appeared, okay from where? Without God nothing was made! Who can know himself better than the one who made Him? Let’s face it, only God can tell you who you are and what you need, he may choose to use men but he has also given us liberty to cross check with Him, When God speaks even if it is through a man or an ass, you will know God is talking to you. How can the man that doesn’t know the beginning of God want to describe God? God can only tell man what he wants him to know and that is a function of the man’s total submission to him and to receive it, you can’t know who you don’t trust and doesn’t trust you either! Everything that is created by man is either inspired by God or Satan, there is no neutral and we know that God is supreme even Satan knows. Know who is inspiring you! Once our peace is violated and our conscience is unstable or stolen, we must know it is not God. God is peace and forever settled. The validity of the word of God is superior to our reasoning, thinking and circumstance or contextual connotations.

It is of utmost importance to adhere to the word of God concerning all things. There is no teacher, pastor, Apostle, evangelist and prophet like God. He formed us all and determines which category we should belong and also told us to proof our learning or diet with the lens of the Holy Spirit which is the only proven master of conviction. i have learnt that God’s wisdom for living is best interpreted by His Spirit. (Ecc 8:1-2, John 14:26, Duet 29:29)

God’s word as documented in the Bible through inspiration given to godly men are not suggestions, they are commandments, principles and guidelines on how to live without confusion because God is not an author of confusion.  Psalms 1:1-3. The bible is a mystery that only God and His Spirit can unravel; it is only that which is made available to man that is his. Amazingly, the word of God can’t be interpreted by man in the context of God except by the Holy Spirit that inspired it; through the meekness of study and holy motive man can gain access to the mind of God concerning a matter as documented in scriptures. I maintain that only the Spirit of God can deliver the right perspective of a context in the bible. That window is available to all whom so desire to know what God is saying concerning a matter, amazingly God democratizes his contextual meaning by confirming his contextual meaning to everyone who is truly seeking to know it. God has integrity and is Unity in His Spirit! This is why we have the unity of Spirit. God cannot lie and does not divide; God is the same and will not change today. He is God in the Old Testament and New Testament; God is God, All by Himself. God is not far from us but man is so far from God. Man has become too natural and is undervaluing his supernatural status! You are a supernatural being in natural earth suit called the flesh. We can’t proof God in the flesh, no man can defend God or fight for God, let’s stop the arguments and opinion ironing. God is not man, God is a Spirit and until you are Spiritual, you can’t dine with, relate with or understand God. Period!

Let’s get to know God, His voice and fellowship, and walk in the Spirit to inquire what the mind of God is about a matter than arguing and making suggestive opinion from our little knowing of him. No man can proof his maturity in God except God! No mortal man can interpret the word of God like the Spirit of God, human intelligence and sense are grossly limited to understand the minutest part of the word of God. Get alone with God and know the truth and the right context of His word. whatever he tells you to do , do it! John2:5! We must be careful not to join the mob that subtlety of the devil will lock in. we are in the last days and we must understand that devil knows the scriptures and will definitely fund many doctrines that will usher a form of godliness that will make sense to the human mind. God is supreme and has given us the benevolence of His Holy Spirit to teach us all things that are the truth.

God is the ultimate mirror! The mirror of Man may not be absolute, However, our interpretation also matters!

My point is proof all things , Be led by the Spirit of God and live by the truth of God’s word. Get to know God and not judge others or make conclusions  or judge by men’s opinion. Only God can define rightly every subject of man’s initiative and life. Motive may be absent to man but it is present before God. Our intentions are large screens before the All knowing God! Our university is very far from heaven. Let’s not use someone’s syllabus as the curriculum of our life. Judgment is a personal cockpit with God based on His word revealed to you, sent to you and made available to you! Let’s Use the bible as revealed to us by His spirit to live the triumphant life God has given us. Isaiah 30:21!


Julius Afolabi..


Are all your investments in Sodom? Ask lot, His ROI was negative! He even lost his initial capital outlay! HE was empty! Lot made heavy losses! Be an Abraham!

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.Lay up your treasures In Heaven where moth and rots cannot touch! Matt 6: 19-21.

Time depreciates everything on earth, inflation will never be zero on earth. SWOT and PEST will never be consistent on earth. Heaven has no depreciation, inflation or corruption, isn’t it wise to invest there while you are on earth?

what do you have to look forward to in heaven?

Life is a CAPITAL, invest it wisely!


Julius Afolabi


Strategy must be unconventional to proof the uniqueness of your success target. God’s ways will forever be superior to man’s ways! Isaiah 55:8-11!
Micheal Porter Said “Strategy is choosing what not to do” and Jim Rohn profoundly said “Success is 20% and 80% strategy, for you might know how to read but more importantly, what is your plan to read? I have learnt that “Failure is only an opportunity to revisit what didn’t work and Recession means revise your thinking structure to influence your procession”.
One of the basic reasons why people fall into recession is that they follow the crowd. That everybody and the news say its a recession is not the yardstick for you to say same. what is it to you? That is where change begins! A crowd is a mixed multitude, those who know where they are going and those who do not understand themselves to even know where they are headed. The truth is that if you don’t find yourself, you will fables.
In business when value speaks, recession quits! Are you an everyday product with maximum efficiency and sustained effectiveness? Recession does not exist in your dictionary. God Created such a product! which? No matter what they call recession, breathe is still man’s highest service and product. God is ever in business. make God your business and bring Him into your business! you have padlocked recession.
Many arm of our economy are stranded because we import what is not adaptable to our environment and we try to force on the people until it boomerangs into a white elephant project. Importantly, with the filthy mindset of personal gain or unripe personal recognition. Many Governments have ignorantly crippled many industries and sectors by following the crowd of the elite world without considering its adaptability to the peculiarity of their immediate environment. A state is thinking of a super highway when it local roads are in shambles and its salaries are unpaid, yet some people laud such analog minded project. you can call yourself digital and be thinking analogical. If Lagos state is thinking of a fourth mainland bridge, can you question it? She is ripe for it but when a mushroom state with wobbling economy and lazy working population is imagining such project, what do you call it? Carelessness. A careless strategy is a recession waiting to happen and establish. A wrong policy can turn an industries dream into a nightmare! Policies are strategies but what makes them is the adaptability of their uniqueness to address immediate and future economic, social and spiritual matters. Recession is importing what you are not right for! When you find yourself, you will take your place and your share!
Stewardship is an obligatory decision. years ago i needed to join a service group in the church as it is required of every covenant child of God. My first question was who am I because if you don’t find yourself you cant find your place. You are only valuable in your place! Dislocation is the worst of life misappropriation. The service group or being a church worker is not for show or a crowd directory. i knew i was wired for teaching so i joined the teens church and also the prayer group. it was strategic, i can personally improve to contribute. i must study to teach and hence i will learn. prayer is a covenant obligation, in the prayer squad i will pray for the church and pray for myself and also grow my prayer life. i ask you, why are you in that service group? Does it coincide with your purpose? Are you just hanging out there to fulfill all righteousness and fool your living? God is not traditional, stop following the crowd, we have one source but different destinies. many joined service groups just to feed their flesh and poison their spirit. it is not your appearance that matters, it is the value of your appearance to the kingdom and your purpose. Are you a blessing in that service unit or a burden to yourself. what improvement has being there brought to you? Don’t be lost in the crowd, there is no reward in following without clarity. is their a righteous making in your follower-ship?
Jesus had to use parables to reach the crowd so that everyone can pick his plight or his flight. Adaptability to purpose is crucial in decision making. The traditions of men takes you to where men can reach but the ways of God take you where God is, There is no recession in heaven and so if you are living heaven on earth, how can you be talking recession. man lives by the word of God but services the body with bread, Until the word of God becomes your bread, you are in a recession. Now that is not conventional is it? of course not! That is the uniqueness of the kingdom government!
your government cant fracture a change, Only HIS GOVERNMENT CAN ESTABLISH CHANGE! Isaiah 9:6-7!
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