“To live right you will of necessity require a pure and balanced Diet”

God in His Infinite wisdom gave man the inspiration, education and description of a balanced diet. Balanced Diet is the education of nutrition and nutritional value in relation to healthy growth and life.  Growth isn’t limited to size or structure, it is basically health centered. Man never stops growing, his size and structure may appear halted but his experiences are still growing and will continue when he dies. Balanced diet also has spiritual connotations. Every aspect of a man goes hungry, I mean the three dimensions of man, and the spirit soul and body, all require a balance with objective and godly priority.  We must mind what we feed each dimension of our being with not forgetting which is of utmost importance while we live here and will live hereafter!

Man is a Spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. The Priority is clear! I believe this is the reason God inspired the letter of Paul to Timothy that bodily exercise profits little but godliness is profitable in all things. Many people have died untimely from their diet because they were poisoned ignorantly. Of all forms of food poisoning, Spiritual poisoning by flesh controlled interpretation of the word of God is the most deadly and disastrous. it is essential to note that Your diet determines your health and life consequently. There is a life that now is and there is a life to come! Man has two lives simulated into one, one leading to the other by his choices (obedience or disobedience)! The transition is determined by Pure and Balanced Diet or Poisoned Diet by Deception.

The spiritual health status of every man determines his functional living on earth and paves his eternity. A man is natural, carnal or spiritual yet triune (Spirit, soul & Body). The natural man is absolutely controlled by the god of this world since he is yet to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ, A carnal man knows and accepted the Lordship of Jesus but isn’t mindful of his diet for growth, his growth impediment makes him constantly gullible to the deception of the devil. The Spiritual man is led by the Spirit, walks and lives by the Spirit having gained the grace of fellowship with God through the meekness of love understood and expressed, constancy of sensitivity to the voice of the shepherd and purity of faith!

Pure Balanced Diet is healthy physical, mental and Spiritual diet. Ingestion may not be harmful but digestion and profession can validate discernment!  (Matthew 15:11). Discernment is a sieve! Discernment is the comprehension that sieves a Profitable Diet from the Poisonous Diet. A diet is the right combination of food that contains the required nutrients in their right quantity for a healthy life! Only God can tell man what is good for man. God created and formed man, if Man just appeared, okay from where? Without God nothing was made! Who can know himself better than the one who made Him? Let’s face it, only God can tell you who you are and what you need, he may choose to use men but he has also given us liberty to cross check with Him, When God speaks even if it is through a man or an ass, you will know God is talking to you. How can the man that doesn’t know the beginning of God want to describe God? God can only tell man what he wants him to know and that is a function of the man’s total submission to him and to receive it, you can’t know who you don’t trust and doesn’t trust you either! Everything that is created by man is either inspired by God or Satan, there is no neutral and we know that God is supreme even Satan knows. Know who is inspiring you! Once our peace is violated and our conscience is unstable or stolen, we must know it is not God. God is peace and forever settled. The validity of the word of God is superior to our reasoning, thinking and circumstance or contextual connotations.

It is of utmost importance to adhere to the word of God concerning all things. There is no teacher, pastor, Apostle, evangelist and prophet like God. He formed us all and determines which category we should belong and also told us to proof our learning or diet with the lens of the Holy Spirit which is the only proven master of conviction. i have learnt that God’s wisdom for living is best interpreted by His Spirit. (Ecc 8:1-2, John 14:26, Duet 29:29)

God’s word as documented in the Bible through inspiration given to godly men are not suggestions, they are commandments, principles and guidelines on how to live without confusion because God is not an author of confusion.  Psalms 1:1-3. The bible is a mystery that only God and His Spirit can unravel; it is only that which is made available to man that is his. Amazingly, the word of God can’t be interpreted by man in the context of God except by the Holy Spirit that inspired it; through the meekness of study and holy motive man can gain access to the mind of God concerning a matter as documented in scriptures. I maintain that only the Spirit of God can deliver the right perspective of a context in the bible. That window is available to all whom so desire to know what God is saying concerning a matter, amazingly God democratizes his contextual meaning by confirming his contextual meaning to everyone who is truly seeking to know it. God has integrity and is Unity in His Spirit! This is why we have the unity of Spirit. God cannot lie and does not divide; God is the same and will not change today. He is God in the Old Testament and New Testament; God is God, All by Himself. God is not far from us but man is so far from God. Man has become too natural and is undervaluing his supernatural status! You are a supernatural being in natural earth suit called the flesh. We can’t proof God in the flesh, no man can defend God or fight for God, let’s stop the arguments and opinion ironing. God is not man, God is a Spirit and until you are Spiritual, you can’t dine with, relate with or understand God. Period!

Let’s get to know God, His voice and fellowship, and walk in the Spirit to inquire what the mind of God is about a matter than arguing and making suggestive opinion from our little knowing of him. No man can proof his maturity in God except God! No mortal man can interpret the word of God like the Spirit of God, human intelligence and sense are grossly limited to understand the minutest part of the word of God. Get alone with God and know the truth and the right context of His word. whatever he tells you to do , do it! John2:5! We must be careful not to join the mob that subtlety of the devil will lock in. we are in the last days and we must understand that devil knows the scriptures and will definitely fund many doctrines that will usher a form of godliness that will make sense to the human mind. God is supreme and has given us the benevolence of His Holy Spirit to teach us all things that are the truth.

God is the ultimate mirror! The mirror of Man may not be absolute, However, our interpretation also matters!

My point is proof all things , Be led by the Spirit of God and live by the truth of God’s word. Get to know God and not judge others or make conclusions  or judge by men’s opinion. Only God can define rightly every subject of man’s initiative and life. Motive may be absent to man but it is present before God. Our intentions are large screens before the All knowing God! Our university is very far from heaven. Let’s not use someone’s syllabus as the curriculum of our life. Judgment is a personal cockpit with God based on His word revealed to you, sent to you and made available to you! Let’s Use the bible as revealed to us by His spirit to live the triumphant life God has given us. Isaiah 30:21!


Julius Afolabi..



Being subjectively rigid is a lot of work that leads to business and corporate losses.

God is STRATEGIC, He will go for the man or woman abandoned or forgotten to remember a generation, community, nation or people. God works with identifying potentials that no one can see to achieve all that many celebrate in ages. I Cor 2:18-20!

Jesus went to the tomb to heal one mad man who had great evangelistic potential to reach the entire city. He also decided to have a brief chat with a renowned prostitute who had great evangelistic potentials to sell the raw gospel to the entire city. Mark 5:1-20!

Banking was interesting for me, you could be terrible in operations but should they discover that you have some marketing skills you are immediately re-fused. As soon as my BM in 2002 discovered I could speak the three major languages he relocated me from operations to marketing. I didn’t do much but was the best contract staff in marketing because I understood the dynamics between operations and marketing staff.

Some years ago, the bank had a big challenge in one of its IT locations; we had a contract staff in the IT department that resolved that issue that the whole IT team including the GM IT couldn’t resolve. This contract staff didn’t study electrical electronic or computer electronics. He didn’t even have a degree so he was often relegated and dispersed but inside him was the solution that could have cost the bank several millions. This young man went to the scene and resolved it in days what for months experts couldn’t even understand. The contract staff was just talented in anything computer and employed without a degree.

MD/CEO can you identify one manager who can take another market for you? Manager/ Supervisor can you identify a super-marketer that can launch change your bottom line with his skills? That employee that seems a low performer, timid can you surge up the lion inside him out to bulldoze the market your entire team couldn’t handle.

Be FLEXIBLY STRATEGIC. Manager all that you are wasting the business funds for is in that staff you hate so much, pastor all that the church is suffering can be resolved from that seemingly poor brilliant brother but you ego and office would not allow you consider it. Bishop you know your problem is one private sin that nobody knows about but the euphoria of your position cannot make you apologize to the man you offended. Capon you know that you are suffering in that cult but you feel too big to respond to altar call. There is one thing to get all other things done. Stop being headstrong about giving God that chance to settle all your matter. See the flexibly strategy..

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and EVERY OTHER THING SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. What are you running about for? What has been your entire race in life about? Wouldn’t you rather consider Mathew 6:33!



Julius Afolabi


As a professional accountant i know that Life is a trading, profit and loss account. The question for me and you is that “Am i going to close the account of my life with a profit or a loss”.  Profits move into reserves. Time is a credible reserve for all men to determine the fate of their account balances. Reserves are meant to rescue embarrassment. How much do you have in your reserves? Life has records and books of account! hmmm…
Every man shall personally account for his or her self someday. Daily as we live and often as our days go by, How are are we trading so that at the end of our accounting year we can celebrate with a profit. Many people will have gross profit but will mismanage their expense and end up with a net loss. what are your official, financial, mental, administrative expenses and losses?
Jesus said “Of all that you have given me, i have not lost any!
Brother DOCTOR. How many patients have you lost this year? it is not only the patients that died in the process of treatment that are losses.
All those who came to you for diagnosis and treatment and left without the knowledge of the Jesus you carry and know because you didn’t tell them about him are capital losses that may count against you. They weren’t directed to you just for medical reasons, the Jesus in you also wanted to have a chat and diagnosis of their eternity.Most of those who will never forget your diagnosis are the ones you added the value of Jesus to! The pastor cant do it alone, your office and desk is a branch of the church! That is where to demonstrate that you love your neighbor as yourself. Diagnosis by the gifts of the spirit are superior and more durable that the theories  and permutation of medical school.
Every sinner is a patient that needs a physician. You are that physician that carries the balm in Gilead. Many sick person need Jesus than they need tablets and injection. Ignorance has made many to turn issues that knowledge can treat to prayer points.Many captivities are only punishment of ignorance. Ignorance is the greatest virus of well being. Hosea 4:6!
God saved us, our teacher may have trained us by privilege but Jesus is the reason we are not consumed. your profession is your pulpit! Your certification is an altar and your promotion is an opportunity to reach many. your position is purposeful. your knowledge, gift, talent, job and skill are you platforms to get someone saved.
All that we have are meant to save others. think about this and begin to use what you given to obtain what you have been promised.
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Strategy must be unconventional to proof the uniqueness of your success target. God’s ways will forever be superior to man’s ways! Isaiah 55:8-11!
Micheal Porter Said “Strategy is choosing what not to do” and Jim Rohn profoundly said “Success is 20% and 80% strategy, for you might know how to read but more importantly, what is your plan to read? I have learnt that “Failure is only an opportunity to revisit what didn’t work and Recession means revise your thinking structure to influence your procession”.
One of the basic reasons why people fall into recession is that they follow the crowd. That everybody and the news say its a recession is not the yardstick for you to say same. what is it to you? That is where change begins! A crowd is a mixed multitude, those who know where they are going and those who do not understand themselves to even know where they are headed. The truth is that if you don’t find yourself, you will fables.
In business when value speaks, recession quits! Are you an everyday product with maximum efficiency and sustained effectiveness? Recession does not exist in your dictionary. God Created such a product! which? No matter what they call recession, breathe is still man’s highest service and product. God is ever in business. make God your business and bring Him into your business! you have padlocked recession.
Many arm of our economy are stranded because we import what is not adaptable to our environment and we try to force on the people until it boomerangs into a white elephant project. Importantly, with the filthy mindset of personal gain or unripe personal recognition. Many Governments have ignorantly crippled many industries and sectors by following the crowd of the elite world without considering its adaptability to the peculiarity of their immediate environment. A state is thinking of a super highway when it local roads are in shambles and its salaries are unpaid, yet some people laud such analog minded project. you can call yourself digital and be thinking analogical. If Lagos state is thinking of a fourth mainland bridge, can you question it? She is ripe for it but when a mushroom state with wobbling economy and lazy working population is imagining such project, what do you call it? Carelessness. A careless strategy is a recession waiting to happen and establish. A wrong policy can turn an industries dream into a nightmare! Policies are strategies but what makes them is the adaptability of their uniqueness to address immediate and future economic, social and spiritual matters. Recession is importing what you are not right for! When you find yourself, you will take your place and your share!
Stewardship is an obligatory decision. years ago i needed to join a service group in the church as it is required of every covenant child of God. My first question was who am I because if you don’t find yourself you cant find your place. You are only valuable in your place! Dislocation is the worst of life misappropriation. The service group or being a church worker is not for show or a crowd directory. i knew i was wired for teaching so i joined the teens church and also the prayer group. it was strategic, i can personally improve to contribute. i must study to teach and hence i will learn. prayer is a covenant obligation, in the prayer squad i will pray for the church and pray for myself and also grow my prayer life. i ask you, why are you in that service group? Does it coincide with your purpose? Are you just hanging out there to fulfill all righteousness and fool your living? God is not traditional, stop following the crowd, we have one source but different destinies. many joined service groups just to feed their flesh and poison their spirit. it is not your appearance that matters, it is the value of your appearance to the kingdom and your purpose. Are you a blessing in that service unit or a burden to yourself. what improvement has being there brought to you? Don’t be lost in the crowd, there is no reward in following without clarity. is their a righteous making in your follower-ship?
Jesus had to use parables to reach the crowd so that everyone can pick his plight or his flight. Adaptability to purpose is crucial in decision making. The traditions of men takes you to where men can reach but the ways of God take you where God is, There is no recession in heaven and so if you are living heaven on earth, how can you be talking recession. man lives by the word of God but services the body with bread, Until the word of God becomes your bread, you are in a recession. Now that is not conventional is it? of course not! That is the uniqueness of the kingdom government!
your government cant fracture a change, Only HIS GOVERNMENT CAN ESTABLISH CHANGE! Isaiah 9:6-7!
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All of a sudden the man neatly dressed takes off his tie and shirt, ready to fight! All of a sudden the beautiful lady buys an axe and shatters the windscreen of her husband’s car. All of a sudden two lovely couples choose weapons to destroy one another! Why? The beast is released! The oppression of ignorance is on display!

Life requires maturity but Maturity takes spirituality! Life is beastly with unmanaged emotions. Emotion is an expression of content value. Value is an expression of worth. Ignorance has no worth but fury to living.

The inability to contain ones emotions is the manifestation of ignorance. Emotions can become beastly. When you see seduction, you see the real manifestations of a beast. When you see anger in action you see the true color of a ruthless beast. Many relationships and marriages have lost their value and bliss to the cruel release of the beast of anger. Anger is nothing but mismanaged emotions.

Solomon said quietly in Proverbs 25:28 that He that [hath] no rule over his own spirit [is like] a city [that is] broken down, [and] without walls.

Inside every emotion is a spirit and when control is lacking, a beast is released. Beasts are ruthless in display, so is anger. Have you seen an angry person? He or she demonstrates foolishness. An angry wife will slap and stab her husband; an angry husband will always beat his wife with words, attitude and act like a child. Anger between the two people will manifest in a fight because beasts attack. Anger harbors a killer within it. Anger will always kill something valuable. Now you understand better why the good book of all knowledge admonishes us that people perish for lack of knowledge. Anger is the release of the beast of ignorance. In marriages that beast (anger) kills the bliss.

Many homes that ought to be Garden of Eden have been turned into a wilderness of unhappiness and horror. Bishop Oyedepo once made a powerful illustration that “when you keep a lion as a pet, you must ensure you watch its claws as it’s grow or else someday the lion would manifest the beast in it and then you will become the prey”. The ability to manage one’s emotions is also considered a priceless quality in the workplace, business and ministry.

Anger is a beast you must tame and make lame permanently or it will thwart your destiny. Anger is revealed to be the description of the content of a fool. Foolishness is the offspring of ignorance. This makes us understand that the inability to control your emotions qualifies you as a fool and a beast in action.

The preacher announced in Ecclesiastes chapter seven and in verse nine that be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools. Anger is the expression of the oppression of ignorance. A beast is an unpleasant personality! Anger is a wild and uncontrolled animal prowling gregariously towards the merchandise of evil! When a person is angry, he loses his personality. All of a sudden, the man corporately dressed takes off his tie and shirt and ready to fight! All of a sudden a father drives away and disowns his son or daughter. The Beast of ignorance is released in anger! Had God disowned you with your libels of iniquity, would you still be around. If God marks iniquity, who can stand! God is not a man and that is why we must be like God to secure peaceful and happy living!  In one of my emotional intelligence trainings A woman made the home so uncomfortable for her husband in anger that he chose to live in the garage of his office. She made life unbearable for him because she misinterpreted a past invitation she found in his suitcase. My summation was that she was immature to tame the beast of ignorance expressed in unmanaged emotional reaction.

A wise man said anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die! How foolish? Mark Twain rightly puts it this way anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than anything to which it is poured! For me I think anger is presenting a harmer to a carpenter when you have the nail in the middle of your head! You know everything is a nail to the harmer!

Emotional intelligence is nothing but the way we respond to reactions. Reaction against reactions is only a volcanic eruption of ignorance. A soft answer turns away wrath! Emotional intelligence is using your response to control other people’s reaction. Every living being has emotions but our control valves differ!

When your anger is rising, think of consequences but that is when you still have your reasoning! Best is to quit it before it begins! No one will punish you for your anger but you will be punished by your anger. You released the beast without guard!

We must tame and wipe out the beast, we must mind our response to the beast of anger! However, only a regenerated soul can handle emotions because a regenerated soul is controlled by the indwelling of the Almighty God by his word. Praise God! Mark in his gospel writes no one can enter into a strong man’s house without first of all binding him if he must dispossess him of his possession. Ignorance make your mind the habitation of the beast of anger. Why house a beast? 

Mark 3:27 “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house”

Do you lose your temper freely? You are becoming if not already a beast, but then If the beast of anger is a strong man, who can bind it?

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Mattew 16:19!

Verily I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Mattew 18:18!

On the two occasions Jesus spoke to his disciples that they can and have the authority to bind the strong man. This then means only disciples can bind the beast of anger because they have the knowledge of the keys to do so. Like I have learnt No door is as big as the key but if you don’t have the key no matter how small, you will always be stranded and left out in the doldrums of captivity.

Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, [then] are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31-32!

Until you are a disciple of Jesus, you will always release the beast! 

You need to wipe away your ignorance by the renewal of your mind. Go for the knowledge of the truth so that you can be free from manifesting the oppression of the beast of anger ignorantly. 

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Julius Afolabi….





Like every business or organization, every man has his or her target and vision for living. The workplace is the furnace that makes this possible but because these aspirations are often choked, the quality of contribution and performance is often jeopardized.

In today’s corporate world, there is more  of awareness, tension and competition than ever before. The core corporate assets satisfaction and fulfillment is what powers up the productivity of the firm or organization. Employee inspiration is a top matter in tough times and bottom line improvement is equally a subject not be ignored. How then can organizations achieve this awesome balance?

  1. Build the organizational template but work with the choices of the employees.

One way businesses and organizations build their productivity is through career path planning and skill development. The issue is that employers are selfish. They mostly fix the skills to learn or courses to take. Fine, a need analysis may have been conducted based on work demands but not usually on employee personal growth plan. The freedom to choose creates an air of fulfillment and personal growth. Productivity improves because the employee’s has some power to decide his involvement. Employers are mostly afraid that employees would be selfish as well. The balance is in workplace trust!

When you get to a restaurant, you are offered a menu from which you make a choice. Why do we have receptionist? To welcome the comfort of transacting with the organization and serve the client with a service experience. If organizations create a card of training menu that employees tick their choices, the harvest sends a signal to employee worth, talent pool value and that can help the organization determine the direction of her future productivity.

  1. Let the employees set the target but create all the support.

The ideal and future workplace demands employee involvement if their engagement would be most profitable. Organizations and businesses have objectives so they are often the ones who set the target but to achieve greater productivity and employee satisfaction the management should make obvious the big picture and allow employees to set targets that would achieve it. When employees have the confidence of support and the regularity of appreciation and recognition, performance and productivity will soar because employees are inspired.

Employee know themselves and can push themselves at will, all they need is inspiration. Allowing employee’s set the target commits them and where it doesn’t meet the big picture, it becomes the minimum expectation while more is inspired from the workforce. People are mostly committed to their decisions even when they know it comes with a reward and it’s a responsibility for which they have been engaged.

  1. Create a generic life orientation.

Many employees have personally mismanaged lives that pull strings on their performance. Businesses and organizations are usually callous about employees’ personal challenges. It may be impossible to detect employees’ personal challenges but there are generic life orientations that work through the stream of every man’s life. Examples of these generic life orientations include Personal finance and family life structuring. These life orientation help shape the personal growth of the employees which in turn shapes their contribution. Like i have many times observed, it is impossible for a frustrated employee to provide quality service and hit excellence. The psychological pitch of man contributes to his productivity. This sense of belonging explains to the workforce that as the organization seeks it performance improvement it equally seeks the workforce personal growth. If the organization or business is growing and the machinery for its growth are not growing, the imbalance will pollute the future of the organization’s bottom line. One strong way to maximize productivity and drive performance is to demonstrate that you care about the life and growth of the workforce.

The organization and business of the future will from time to time put together this life orientation or create a communication system that implements it.

  1. Entrench workplace Trust

Productivity and employee satisfaction is an intra and inter person condition of work system. Trust is the comfort of freedom, the test of previous, present and future knowledge. It is a harmony of perception, intention and expectation. Trust is fragile, hard to create and cheap to destroy. When trust dies, failure lives! Business and corporate performance is a product of a trusted process; each employee must be able to delightfully rely on the process and the input of the next man. Quality Productivity follows a comprehensive support plan.

Trust is a priceless virtue in the workplace. Leadership is easier and management is effective with trust. Trust in the workplace has two way dimensional influence from top to the bottom and vice versa. If you are going to break the rules don’t expect anyone to obey it. Business ethics are guidepost to business and

Organizational culture, it is this culture that is reflected in the workforce to attract customer and client loyalty.

Trust polishes productivity and performance because it relates to self, task and the next man. Employees are seeking trust worthy employers while employers are seeking loyal employees; the meeting point is workplace trust. Trust is created by openness, understanding, integrity, fairness, competence and consistency.

When leadership respects shared values above personal gains, respects employees’ opinions and feedback, communicate and live the business and organizational visions, and does what is right regardless of personal risk, it is building trust in its environment. That way contribution is powered, fear is deleted, teamwork is engineered and performance is improved.

When these four keys are engaged employees are happier and productivity is enhanced. Move up your bottom line and increase the potency of your workforce.

Move up your bottom line and increase the potency of your workforce.
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Multiplication is the identity of God and therefore we are creatures of multiplication. fruitfulness mean increasing what you carry, multiply your knowledge by sharing, increase kindness by being kind to someone, be true in business to multiply truth in business, multiply abundant life by sharing the love of God. There is no infertility or fruitlessness with those abide in His word! Gen 1:20 -28!
In that workplace make the glory of God known by being exceptional, be different. In my workplace my subordinate have access to share their pains and we think it through together. that was what Jesus meant when he told Peter, when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. if you are knowledgeable, cure the ignorance of others. If you are saved, save others. if you are good make others good. There is nothing hidden or new, all we have are gifts from God! By multiplication we give life a meaning!
Have you not observed that businesses in the production thrive if well managed with wisdom because they serve many. Knowledge multipliers too are never forgotten because someone will learn what he has never known and swear a blessing to the man who has settled his quest and water his thirst. we must multiply wisdom to serve and fill the table of the heart of men!
No animal goes for antenatal neither do they undergo cesarean session yet they conceive and deliver with ease. They are not the image of God but you are the in the design of God. you will bring forth with ease in Jesus name.
Man is the express image of God, therefore man is not permitted to be barren because God is not and if conception is supernatural then delivery will be supernatural. The living shall come out of the living. Maybe you are also pregnant with a vision, trust God and you will bring it forth to the glory of God.
Every word of God brought forth abundantly! we are fruitful beings irrespective of times. God’s word says “we are fruitful and created to multiply”. Once what you are doing is in line with His word, expect fruitfulness and multiplication.
we shall soon celebrate and be celebrated in Jesus name.