He that covereth his sins shall not prosper but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. Proverbs 28:13.
weaknesses can padlock prosperity! Diverse weaknesses exist in life. it could be mismanagement of resources financial or otherwise, emotions, privileges, trust, or one’s self can be mismanaged, it is a sour weakness. Sin is a conquerable weakness. 2 Cor 5:17!
Weaknesses can often become a load of care and concern especially when they begin to rob results. Wisdom is knowing that vain is trust in the arm of the flesh. Until you cast your cares and concern into Him, they will keep your results captive! make a personal list, initiate efforts to eradicate them, take the list to God in prayers. Hebrews 4:14-16!
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace that we may obtain mercy and find Grace to help in the time of need! Grace is not the abuse of forgiveness or approval to continuity in sin.
When we come to God, God turns our weaknesses to strength by making a focal point of wonder compared with our results. That is what the word ” My grace is sufficient for you means”. Don’t celebrate, ignore or pamper your weakness, consciously work on them and hand it over to God in prayers. He would turn it around.
weaknesses often make performance and results captives but wisdom helps us to subdue them by learning and knowing more of God to generate grace that will make them a wonder.
To see God in action, show your helplessness in prayers. Cast your cares on Him. 1 peter 5:7!
Julius Afolabi


Strategy must be unconventional to proof the uniqueness of your success target. God’s ways will forever be superior to man’s ways! Isaiah 55:8-11!
Micheal Porter Said “Strategy is choosing what not to do” and Jim Rohn profoundly said “Success is 20% and 80% strategy, for you might know how to read but more importantly, what is your plan to read? I have learnt that “Failure is only an opportunity to revisit what didn’t work and Recession means revise your thinking structure to influence your procession”.
One of the basic reasons why people fall into recession is that they follow the crowd. That everybody and the news say its a recession is not the yardstick for you to say same. what is it to you? That is where change begins! A crowd is a mixed multitude, those who know where they are going and those who do not understand themselves to even know where they are headed. The truth is that if you don’t find yourself, you will fables.
In business when value speaks, recession quits! Are you an everyday product with maximum efficiency and sustained effectiveness? Recession does not exist in your dictionary. God Created such a product! which? No matter what they call recession, breathe is still man’s highest service and product. God is ever in business. make God your business and bring Him into your business! you have padlocked recession.
Many arm of our economy are stranded because we import what is not adaptable to our environment and we try to force on the people until it boomerangs into a white elephant project. Importantly, with the filthy mindset of personal gain or unripe personal recognition. Many Governments have ignorantly crippled many industries and sectors by following the crowd of the elite world without considering its adaptability to the peculiarity of their immediate environment. A state is thinking of a super highway when it local roads are in shambles and its salaries are unpaid, yet some people laud such analog minded project. you can call yourself digital and be thinking analogical. If Lagos state is thinking of a fourth mainland bridge, can you question it? She is ripe for it but when a mushroom state with wobbling economy and lazy working population is imagining such project, what do you call it? Carelessness. A careless strategy is a recession waiting to happen and establish. A wrong policy can turn an industries dream into a nightmare! Policies are strategies but what makes them is the adaptability of their uniqueness to address immediate and future economic, social and spiritual matters. Recession is importing what you are not right for! When you find yourself, you will take your place and your share!
Stewardship is an obligatory decision. years ago i needed to join a service group in the church as it is required of every covenant child of God. My first question was who am I because if you don’t find yourself you cant find your place. You are only valuable in your place! Dislocation is the worst of life misappropriation. The service group or being a church worker is not for show or a crowd directory. i knew i was wired for teaching so i joined the teens church and also the prayer group. it was strategic, i can personally improve to contribute. i must study to teach and hence i will learn. prayer is a covenant obligation, in the prayer squad i will pray for the church and pray for myself and also grow my prayer life. i ask you, why are you in that service group? Does it coincide with your purpose? Are you just hanging out there to fulfill all righteousness and fool your living? God is not traditional, stop following the crowd, we have one source but different destinies. many joined service groups just to feed their flesh and poison their spirit. it is not your appearance that matters, it is the value of your appearance to the kingdom and your purpose. Are you a blessing in that service unit or a burden to yourself. what improvement has being there brought to you? Don’t be lost in the crowd, there is no reward in following without clarity. is their a righteous making in your follower-ship?
Jesus had to use parables to reach the crowd so that everyone can pick his plight or his flight. Adaptability to purpose is crucial in decision making. The traditions of men takes you to where men can reach but the ways of God take you where God is, There is no recession in heaven and so if you are living heaven on earth, how can you be talking recession. man lives by the word of God but services the body with bread, Until the word of God becomes your bread, you are in a recession. Now that is not conventional is it? of course not! That is the uniqueness of the kingdom government!
your government cant fracture a change, Only HIS GOVERNMENT CAN ESTABLISH CHANGE! Isaiah 9:6-7!
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Progression in recession takes divine guidance. God guides us by His eyes. You need sight not site, when you have sight you would a site. Sight is the ability with spiritual eyes.

Sight is very important in life, blindness is a terrible enigma. Vision is a powerful weapon of prosperity and security. Businesses need to identify alternative opportunities and career need to generate new and improved optimizing skills to flourish but if you can see it, you will never experience it. Alternative and improved Opportunities and security are critical factors in tough times.

The declaration of recession or cut down of salaries is not a problem, only pray that your spiritual eyes be opened to see the wealth around you and the plots ahead so that you can position and not be a victim. Fear not! However, I hope tariffs & utilities too would be cut down? More so, The country can declare recession but what has heaven said? Whose report will you believe? You are in Nigeria as a citizen of heaven if you are born again and stand for the truth.

Recession is an economic term not a covenant promise. The joy of the lord is our strength not the naira or dollar. Nothing is new under heaven.

Hagai was in a recession and famine of drought until God opened her eyes and she located the wealth of water around her. Gen 21:14-19! Around us are sufficiencies of God’s wealth, May God open our spiritual eyes. Also, Elisha’s servant thought he was insecure until His prophet prayed the Lord open His spiritual eyes, and then he saw how defended and secured he was. 2 kings 6:15-17! If you dwell in the secret place you will be unhurt. Is your job shaking, fear not. Trust God. Psalms 86:7. When God lifts, no one can bring you down. Christ is secret of rise in crisis. Psalms 23:1. God is the only one who furnishes a table in the wilderness.

Don’t fret; recession does not exist in heaven. We are in this world but not of this world. 2 Cor 5:20, Rev 21:1-4! After all if it was salary that has been keeping you, you would have been history, some people have not been paid salary for month, how have they been surviving. Man shall not live by bread alone.

Wayne Dyner said “there is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living with what you love, there is only of resolve to make it happen”. Resolve to follow Jesus and he will make your life abundant. John 10:10! 

This day, week, month submit to God with your heart and pray to the All sufficient, He will open your eyes to your abundance. Remember when men are cast down, we shall be experiencing a lifting up!

When men are saying there is casting down, we shall celebrate lifting up. Read Isaiah 43:1-7!


Julius  Afolabi