Early will i seek thee o God… Psalms 63:1-3!
Abraham could not attend his only son’s wedding because he started out his true life late. it affected Sarah, she couldn’t experience taking care of Isaac’s son. You can be on time. Decide to work with God now and avoid the pains of delay. Dont be trapped in tradition, religion, carelessness or indifference.

Timely Vision begets timeless impact. Jesus stepped out at 12, stayed committed and finished well at 33. 21 years of eternal impact. Vision requires an undying passion with commitment. The thief on the right found grace but left without any impact living, his active years on earth were ruined by his lifestyle. Esau never had a foundation problem but his hunting lifestyle ushered him into and wild and unwise decision. Are you still chasing shadows? you can avoid the sorrowful tears of Esau.

It is possible to be smart and wasted, Paul was educated but his success generated envy that made some people conspire under an oath to waste him. No other book holds life management instruction like the Bible, if you ignore it, you will pay with pains of the things you avoid.

I pray like David prayed: O God, in the name of Jesus and for your sake satisfy us early in Jesus name. Psalms 90:14!

No one seeks gold to find God but everyone who truly seek God never lack Gold. Matthew 6:33!

Pursue what God shows you on time!

Julius Afolabi


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