Jesus said the KINGDOM of GOD is WITHIN YOU.
Luke 17:21, Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
One morning i sat up to watch the last speech of Jim Rohn before he passed on. it was awesome to see how much your knowledge can mend the lives of many and give them a whole new dimension to life. When your days are still fresh, give it to changing lives with what you have learnt. Jim Rohn was an exceptional thought leader. He once sat with a globally renown personality and he was asked “can you tell us one book that you will take along with you into the dessert, the other man mentioned a famous book that influenced him but Jim Rohn said ” THE BIBLE because within it are other books minimum of 66 books. Everyone of us has greatness within!
Knowledge of the truth holds possibilities you cant calculate. Try to see greatness appreciated by those who have been touched.
seek to touch lives by what you do in a manner that they cant erase their meeting you. That is GREATNESS!
I cant imagine how the father of Joseph felt to know that Joseph rescued Egypt and is now the Prime minister. Yet Joseph said you meant it for evil me and God turned it around.
Until you make up your mind to make your improvement intentional you will lose the opportunity to be great!
Master your craft, embellish it with the knowledge of the truth and set the lot you will come across free from their dilemma in a manner that you are etched in their mind forever.
The sowers first set of seeds were taken over by the birds, thorns etc but he didn’t stop until he arrive the good ground that had variety of capacities. Keeping sharing what you know, it will light the life of someone!
As i do my training and talks around my circle of influence, i teach life skills helping others to see themselves better than they are. There is no need to criticize another man’s philosophy, just show him what is capable of beyond where he is. if what you know is superior, you have deposited greatness in them. the assignment is to seek what is superior. LIGHT!
Become an agent of taking off the cloth of pain and despair for many. Don’t let circumstances define you! Save the future with the greatness within you! 
Rejoice for the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed. Prevail with the greatness within you!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde.


Judgment is an image, it either attracts or repel.

Don’t let the image of your attitude repel the deliverance of another man in church and outside church. (Anywhere you find yourself)

Judgment is a delicate adventure; an imperfect man can’t make the right judgment. It takes a perfect God to make the right judgment about anything. God’s understanding is unlimited but ours is limited to our scope of knowledge. Man must mind the way you judge others.

We are admonished “Judge not that ye might be judged”. Matt 7:1 Jesus is the way, the truth and life. This means to survive in your analysis you need the spectacles of God’s yardstick else you will burn your fingers. God loves justice, are you just enough to justify. Good judgment needs ready preparation because judgments are momentary. Ecc 12:14!

Your position is not the valid credit to pass judgment knowing that you are a man susceptible to error, the word of God is. So you see you are prone to daily error as a boss if you are ignorant of the word of God which is the true way to the right judgment. John 14:6!

God spoke to Moses one on one yet, he made an error. One day he made a wrong analysis of God’s people and God alerted him not to call His people stiff necked. One day Peter despite being the rock made wrong analysis of the gentiles and God cautioned him “Dont call what i call good bad”. The teachers of the law condemned the woman caught in adultery but Jesus was able to spy their intentions. The analysis was faulty because only one person was called to book, where was the man? All these are only pointer that man is prone to error as an imperfect being. Are you CEO, GO, CMD, ED, Chief Supervisor? What is your yardstick for your remarks about that man or woman under your supervision or those that report to you? Do you see them the issue and not them with God’s eyes? There is no superman anywhere; it is God that works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do you want to excite God in your daily life judgment? Then, LET GOD WORK IN, ON and WITH YOU!


– Have a good knowledge of the subject matter.

– Consider the matter not the person.

– Ensure you are in the right frame of mind; you are thoroughly blind with only your eyes.

– Listen to both sides and make provision for personal representation of an offender.

– Prayerfully consider the terms of expectation and provisions that you have made.

– Know the word of God so that you can spy intentions, Intentions are prophets.

– Think of improvement not damnation. God invests mercy everyday for reparable personalities.

– Detonate when confirmations are assertive.

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Remain careful but not too careful such that you have become careless!




Confidence is not a commodity you come by loosely. It is an accumulated deposit that is finding expression. It is not on shelves of shops but in the heart and knowledge of great men. It is a function of an understanding that you cannot fail. The righteous is as bold as a lion, the Lion we know turneth not back for any irrespective of size, person or status. This unwavering confidence is what makes the lion to command dominion in the jungle.

The man Daniel had too much confidence that he rejected the offer of the king’s meat because he knew and understood him and its content. Daniel knew his own content and his kind of food and was confident about it. Daniel was so confident that he demanded for more time to solve the king’s problem; he had so much confidence that even in his request he foretold that at his next visit to the palace the problem would be a testimony. He knew he had a reservoir that was wise enough to solve all doubts, he was unusually confident that God would show up through him. He was confident enough to detach himself from the solution but ascribe them to the power of God at work in him. He was confident to recommend his friends for lofty positions because of the confidence in their content.

Your confidence is in who you carry! Certificate without content value is a scam! Position without contribution is humiliation. Title without results is an insult. Money without wisdom is foolishness. Housing a wife without matured understanding is rubbles in trouble. David with confidence ran towards a lion. That is no cheap talk! Wake up and weaken your weakness! There is a future ahead of you, can you face it? Do you really have the end in mind? Are you confident about your next life? Can your current manners, attitude, actions and lifestyle warranty your confidence for tomorrow? Can your business system survive the sublime realities of change? Can your foundation sustain your confidence to challenge your opposition? Confidence is no cheap talk; it is a demand of personal responsibility. Think again, can you confidently say “this is who I am becoming?

Each time we find ourselves before our superior; we subordinate our interest and subdue our attitude to comport ourselves. When the governor comes before the president, he must respect himself and follow due order of calm. This is how the issues of life are to quake before you and so also the challenges of life will have to calm before you. You are a heavenly principality. 

Generating confidence takes salted strategy, good listening, training, skill and knowledge acquisition, resolve, Action planning, value consciousness, persistent diligence, compliance to guided & proven principles and the fear of God. These are all fabrications of personal mastery. 

Now see why Daniel could not be eaten by the lions, He was a spiritual lion that had the lion of the tribe of Judah in him. The lions did not see Daniel when he was thrown into the den, they saw a mighty lion and had to control themselves, besides every entourage surrounds the dignitary, angel are heavens entourages that must clear the coast for the emergence of the dignitary. So before the lion of the tribe of Judah emerged the angels went before him and shut the mouth of the physical lion. That is the dominion of the spiritual over physical.


Lessons from Daniel:

  • Greed corrupts greatness.
  • Success is God’s gift via our confidence in him and our abilities.
  • Self-definition is a path to a glorious destiny.
  • Divine wisdom is an all-time weapon to combat any challenge of life.
  • Confidence offers the opportunity to be recommended.
  • Choose your association and define your contribution.
  • Understand your diet and declare/define your eating pattern.
  • Remember your future when you are making decisions.
  • Confidence is an intentional decision.


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Afolabi Julius Olatunde.



It is the truth you know that sets you free. the pulpit is the most effective platform to address many societal issues that has been a pest on the health of the church. There is so much lies about what marriage is and what exactly sexual intimacy is and this has been responsible for the degree of marital frustrations and societal emotional vandalization. It is improper to ignore the veritable platform! 
The devil frustrates intimacy in marriages to damage the sexual life of marriages,  he then packages lust as a temptation to vitiate the spirituality of the marriage and eventually collapse the family structure. The devils is subtle he visit he visits the negligible to destroy the established. God loves family and we move love families enough to protect its health from the pulpit. 
Many marriages are under attack and many destinies have been grounded by the ignorance of the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage. for intimacy to happen, all relational barriers must be treated, it is terrible to have a spouse share her or his body but close her or his heart.
The center of many homes are no longer holding because there are many lies that worldly philosophies have made many believe but the truth will not change. God created sex and made rules for them but ignorance has mastered many. The numbers of marital wreckage is growing daily. Couples must seek a change and improve personal studies on marital fulfillment to guard their center of their homes.
Many pulpit find it too carnal to discuss these truths but spend huge times,resources counseling and managing marriages and marital flaws. Many never show up for such counseling but are battered.
Intimacy is vital in marriage.Intimacy activates sexual fulfillment. it is godly to search for the truth about sexual intimacy in marriage and strive to comply to save the elongate your marital bliss.
Love your neighbor as yourself we chant daily but who else is your closest neighbor? Your spouse. if love is the greatest commandment then intimacy in marriage is a great demand of the christian home.
Love without intimacy is carnality! Get intimate with your spouse and erase the dangers of hidden sins. God bless our homes in Jesus name.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde

Word for the Day: POSSESSION and HAPPINESS.

Happiness is the quest of every man but only few find it. I pray that you will be among the few that find it in life.
A wise man said ” if you conquer poverty your prayer list will reduce” . Am sure he breathe this comment because many concerns have their root traced to lack of money. If you are ignorant of the laws of money you will never overpower money! laws protect us from the punishment. Poverty is the punishment for the ignorance of the laws of money. Money is made. who makes it? Your person! Your personality is your actual worth and a bridge to your happiness!
It is amazing how many people have conquered poverty but didn’t overcome the love of money. That singular omission made them die wretched.
The story of the rich young man went in search of peace met with a shock about his slavery to his possession. He did not appreciate Peter’s point of view of the universal tangibility of the name of Jesus. Acts 3:6-7. His personality was enhance by the name of Jesus.
“Let your happiness be tied to obedience of the commandment and not your possessions”
Our brother Matthew recorded in the Chapter 19 from verse 20 to 22
“The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet? Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go [and] sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come [and] follow me. But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions”
If your happiness is tied to your possessions, you will live a sorrowful life. Fullness of joy is in God. When God blesses and secure the blessing. Your personality determines if you will be blessed or cursed. Curses make people unhappy irrespective of their possessions. Who you are determines what you possess and how happy you will be. Are you still the image of God?
You deserve to be Happy and possess all your possession! Examine again who you are truly. A mirror does not show how you look , it displays how you think! 
Have a great day!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde.