Masturbation is a complicated dilemma nursed from seemingly harmless habits that is growing more than the control of the victim. It originated from carefree pleasures that have become careful pressures. It is not a disease that doctors can treat or juju can cure ( A house divided against itself cannot stand now)! Roman 13:1! it is a global disease eating the sanctity and sanity of men and women, boys and girls.
It is a trap that captures the three fold aspect of man which makes it an addiction that must demand higher divine power. no person can halt masturbation by personal effort. you must first seek spiritual treatment before you can commence personal discipline by the grace of God.
The topic is a hard nut for many teenagers, students, singles and even married. Teens cant discuss this with their parents and even if they do, how do their parent manage it and help them and that is if any of the parent is not a culprit as well. you cant be a convict and be seeking verdict. it is practically impossible! Students in higher institution think they are matured and can handle but they are dying secretly with these inseparable tie they got themselves into. married people are also dumb and deaf to their spouse. Isn’t this a matter to be combated with utmost veracity?
Statistics abound on the internet, what you dont know is a slow death poison. if i real out statistics of surveys done on this subject worldwide you will know that it is an organized trade from hell!
Actually masturbation is a secret societal disease. It is an artificial marriage and that stops the real marriage. if you are single it means you are engaged to a spirit because it is imaginative sexual pleasure with an absent person. it is a psychological travel that invokes an opposite sex for a sexual pleasure with resultant ejaculation. So you see, spirits have serious jealousy so they will fight any forth coming opposition. this is one of the issues that may have hindered many single ladies and gentle men. relationship suddenly dissolves maybe in a dream, if any man or woman is chased in the dream for associating with another person, he or she may not tell the other party but just quietly walk away. how long do you want this circle to continue? Never to worry there is no impossible case with God! Today if you decide it will end. it only needs your faith. Follow me! 
Masturbation will facilitate separation and isolation from your spouse (for the married) and isolation or low or no affection for opposite sex in singles. it will become a terrible remote that will condition your sensual, mental and spiritual stability.
And you know when your spiritual stability is infested then you are a living corpse already.
This may be lengthy but you cant compare it with the length of what you will suffer if you don’t decide to be free now! I can reach you because the word of God crosses all boundaries (Read today’s publication of Word Diet by Omotosho Tope Joseph)
Do you need help? then follow me and build your faith to be free now!
You need to repent and be baptized in the Holy ghost. Romans 10:9
you need a higher power to divorce you from that addiction!
you need to become a friend of God.
you need to discipline you association whether human, audio or visual!
you need to constantly plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and soul.
you must destroy all tools of masturbation with and within your reach.
Now listen:
Pray this prayer: Lord Jesus i come to you today, i cannot help myself but i believe my liberty is in you. forgive me my sin and wash me with your blood. today i repent and accept you as my lord and savior. Come and live with me and release your spirit to empower and guide me in Jesus name i have asked. Amen.
Now listen further. ..
Jesus said “i am the way, the truth and life” John 14:6! You must know the truth first and the truth that you know and understand will now set you free. John 8:32! Again Jesus said that whoever the son of man hath set free is free indeed. John8:36.
In the name of Jesus every knee must bow! Philippians 2:10!
The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and they are safe. Proverbs 18:10!
The blood of Jesus is the overcoming authority over any addiction. Rev 12:11!
The anointing breaks all yoke and lift every burden! Isaiah 10:27!
Don’t forget whatever the lord doeth , it shall be forever. Ecc 3:14!
He sent his word and it healed them and delivered them from their destruction. psalms 107:20.
Jesus said ” if you will say to this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and you doubt now, you will have whatever you say. Mark 11:23!
Only if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believe, Mark 9:23!
All the words above contain spiritual power to dislodge that addiction right NOW in the name of Jesus! Heb 4:12!
Therefore i speak to you now where ever you may be IN THE NAME OF JESUS the CHRIST, that yoke of masturbation is broken now.
Declare your freedom to yourself now. I AM FREE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
Truly our God saves and delivers irrespective of distance or age of affliction. stay glued to your bible and keep focus on your assignment.
Stay blessed and share this gospel with someone on your wall. Roman 1:16
Afolabi Julius Olatunde


Packaging has become a very interesting business lately. Many products are just full of packaging but empty of real value.

Packaging is a branch of branding and advertisement that makes for physical attraction but is the beauty of the product good enough to command customer cash commitment? This is the big business question that many businessmen, women, ministry and institutions have not sufficiently answered and this has left our national wellbeing in its status.

Before I continue, there was an interesting business deal story of the coronation ceremony in David’s fathers compound. There was a young six pact gentle man among the parade for royalty but at the point of cross examination of value he was ugly. God spoke directly to his agent Samuel that all he saw was a faulty advert. God said vehemently “look not at his countenance nor at his frame for the Lord looketh not as man looketh. Man looketh at the surface but i the lord look at the heart”. 1 Samuel 16:5-7!
If you look at God’s choice of words you will agree with me that God is an absolute value based business man. See the countenance, his frame which the structure or texture of packaging! With that scale of economic judgment the business of Eliab’s dream of royalty was abolished. I pray that when the golden opportunity of your life comes knocking you will hold all the valued preparation to take it on Jesus name!

Is your business, profession, ministry and life like that storyline? They call you a doctor and you hang stethoscope but no record of flawless treatment or you have a big hospital filled with quack doctors that say everything is surgery? Do you have a big church with sophisticated musical gadgets and large choir but no word, testimony or revival only full of entertainment? Do you have a first class saloon with miserable stylist and barbers? Are you beautiful but a liar and cheat? Are you holding a certificate you can’t defend? Are you a corporate fraud? Are you careless father whom God chose to give a wife and children only to make your wife a punching bag and ignoring your parental obligation? Does your teenager return back home at odd hours and you welcome them claiming it is there time? Many higher institutions today have professors that no student wants to be like or call a model? What is a school if no child, pupil or student wants to be like? Are you a mother with two husbands, one public and the other on private placement? Yet we are all Christians who show up in church on Sundays or frequently or even workers or leaders in church! The same thing God said about Eliab is saying to you! Life is a valuable opportunity; don’t appear good but empty of substance!

That story shows a sure sale lost with a genuine readiness to buy and absolute affordability.


Only a few customers buy packaging. Customers buy to meet their needs, solve their problem or enjoy benefits. Without content value your product is a scam!

If you are selling or trading packaging without substance customers are already mourning your business and a new product or business is being discovered. You will soon expire to nothing. 1 Sam 16:1, 11.

That is how the market place and it customer base are. Information is everywhere and earning toughness is making everyone seek value and not packaging.

Packaging is good, in fact you don’t package you have no package but must be complemented with value. The value is content quality meeting the need of customer without regret. That is the real business or product package! With good packaging and content quality, you will always smile to the bank!

Life is equally a market square, we all will return back home. Eliab made losses! Will you return to your maker with profit. What will profit you are a celebrated celebrity, CEO, pastor, Reverend father, business Mongol, professor or famous orator, author or artist and end up in hell. That is a terrible packaging empty of eternal worth! Romans 8:36!

You still have life now and you can repackage your eternal worth. Be a model that many others will delightfully follow to make a mark on earth yet qualify for heaven! This is the major business of life that we are all packaged for! Ecc 12:13 and Mattew 6:33! Without that trademark in the business of your life. You are another life loser like Eliab on that day!

Your life, education, talent, gift, body, beauty, strength, service, business, profession is a valuable product! Do you want to repackage? Say this prayer.

Our heavenly director, I have been a bad agent of your business on earth. Please forgive me because of the advocacy of your son Jesus through his blood on the cross. Clear my old record and rebranded my life. Today I make a commitment to obey the eternal policy of Mattew 6:33 and Ecc 12:13! I am now a repackaged ambassador of your brand!

What an exciting business time today. Enjoy your package for the day in Jesus name!

Your Business Counselor:



Winning is often negotiated before the contention is engaged. Preparation is the plan!
No one is disadvantaged, preparation determines positioning and expectation. Performance remains a center stage in Competition for best. All organizations and businesses often set the bait of promise to the client and customer base but how effect is the hook? Employee involvement and equipment are necessities for target delivery!
Competition is no longer local but global since advertisement became online. There is opportunity and there is competition. Lack of preparation will put anyone out of the game. Prepare! Favor claps hands with preparation. The integrity of decision process, employee equipment and empowerment determines the quality and quantity of result!
Jotham became mighty simply because he prepared his way before the Lord. Abraham’s servant was on a critical assignment and he had to consciously prepare again by seeking divine help. He was innovatively creative, He got speed and accuracy, he made good his engagement promises. Gen 24:10 -14!
Are you a business person or a corporate executive? Do you deliver your promises? under-performance is a product of under preparation. Many businesses today assess performance by numbers only, what a pity! what is the knowledge level of your team? what improvement ideas emerge from your workforce in meetings? These are the indices that measure and project expected results not screaming about target. most managers are just toothless bulldog who are productivity barren by traditional analysis rather than innovative and superior measures and preparation to win the market place.
Measuring business by just numbers will leave your business without the numbers. Business Profits are not about numbers!
Delivering targets and promises takes innovative preparation and strategic prioritization of team empowerment. If corporation quits true skill and capacity upgrade, business will remain barren or host sickly performance.
Jesus is a master business and corporate executive who prepared for a great and continuous harvest by preparing his team sufficiently. He wasn’t exempted from continuous improvement as he often kept fast, prayers, and studies in separation to refine his analysis and sharpen his deliveries. Luke 4:42, 5:16 and 6:12!
it is just February, begin the preparation for doses of victories now!
We are available at Blameless Sight Solutions limited for your profiled Business and corporate training. Call +2348032626555 or email julius.afolabi@gmail.com. 
Afolabi Julius Olatunde!


There are so many things that are obligations but we have made options and these have become the baselines for life torments.
Are you the BEST at work and a BEAST at home?
You pet your employees but beat or hit your spouse! you respect your boss but disrespect your spouse! You smile at work and grin at home! What a lope sided life! You cheat customers and rob clients yet you pay the highest tithe and offering! You give generously to charity but owe your employees!
Have you taken an offer (a job offer or business deal) that has made you dead to your family? You have time for corporate meetings and training but lack time for your children’s proper understanding cum upbringing? Have you donated your children to school scheme and maid empowerment?
We are not permitted to be idle yet we are required to be responsible! Strike a fruitful balance today! Things will only become easier in future with a good and balanced plan!
Obeying company policies and trivializing the commandment is self deception which lasts only a while before troubles escalate!
Think again! Work life Balance is not an option, IT IS AN OBLIGATION!
Afolabi Julius Olatunde