Misplacement is a wrong investment of value and values. it is viewing life with an odd lens to even your decision of the future. In simple language, it is placing or positioning a thing of worth wrongly or in a wrong place. The pain of such error is that it only fits for a while! Misplacement is a perception failure! Misplacement is wrong evaluation! Misplacement is reasoning along a wrong context.  The action words in misplacement are WRONG and VALUE! Thus at the end of this article you may need to ask your self “what is wrong with my values” , Could they have been the reason for my status? 
God designed our going millions of years before we came through by his own timetable. God has figured out whom, where and what our life will cross paths with. it hence makes life wisdom to follow his plan.
Many people employed were not deployed hence they are folded in frustration. No matter your ability, acumen and economic analysis, you are still limited, let God deploy you in 2016. you are at your best in God’s plan for you. Isaiah 48:17.
The cheapest way to be frustrated is to find yourself where you don’t belong! If you want to discover the weakness of a man, let him find himself or herself in a place he or she does not belong. Disappointment is cheap with misplaced expectations. Misplacement is expensive!
Stories have shown that marital grieves are also a product of misplacement either of values or decision parameters. A sour marriage is not a sweet tale! you don’t need a wedding plan, a marriage plan is crucial beginning with discovering yourself and positioning for who is safe to ride life with you! it a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be embraced by the ephemeral analysis of today’s pleasure and tradition driven world. Those who cohabit to proof marital trial are masterminding their illusions. Adultery is not fun but a misplacement. Its all a coax formula of Satan.
In a recent corporate detoxification training i handled, diverse experiences were unearthed. It is possible to look corporate but life is in shambles due to misplacement realities. A high profile corporate executive lost his life when his conjugal values failed. Another man lives in his car in the office garage because he is frustrated at home. some people have fixed plan on divorce and remarriage. It is important for us to know that marriage or conjugal failure has posterity and generational implications. The pain of Marital error or trivializing your marital values does not end with you, it is a seed in your children if you have one. Marital scars takes God to heal but sure heart wrecking pains can not be escaped.
In my training and management experience with businesses and corporations, awful treatment of many are occasioned by misrepresentation of values and misplacement of priorities. Wrong analytical practice of “whats in it for me” , the odd concept of personal gain is not fun but misplacement. Fraud is not fun but misplacement! Value pollution swallowed the future of many persons and their business because they misplaced their value.
Amazingly, In the process of trying to meet up, a young cultist got entangled in a robbery that claimed his life. What a misplacement! Cults now even flourish in corporate spheres just to hold and decide positions and power! Leadership is not a game of chance, it is responsibility, misplacement is a mark of willing irresponsibility. Financial prosperity is not a myth, it is worked at! misplacement will only fetch you losses, penury and damnation in the end.
My interaction with the generation next in our tertiary institution also reveals a lot of misplacement which can predict the national performance curve! the venom of administrative failure and value integrity is mismanaging the perception and orientation of many young people. Some tertiary systems paints an odd picture of education and a possible free society! a student must find his value position to survive and thrive.Many are also lost in fun and pleasure unknowing it is a misplacement that will orchestrate pressures in the future. Some youthful scars are almost permanent alteration of destiny. That is how bad misplacement could pay the future.
its up to you if you would participate in misplacement. Misplacement is only prevented and insulated by following God’s plan for your life! Solomon counseled in Proverbs 16:25 ” there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death!
Find God’s plan for your life! let God deploy you!
Culled from the book “WHAT FOOLS CALL FUN” authored by Afolabi Julius Olatunde


I want to believe it was like a December when Peter was rounding up his hustle before a surprise struck him with untold fortune. He had toiled and explored all his fishing mastery all through day into the night and then a visitation hit him by a word and then his breakthrough emerged.
what exactly did Peter do to reach this distributive wealth zone?
He didn’t understand yet believed? FAITH!!!
what has the Lord said to you that is yet to mature? God is not bound by time! Dont throw in your net like peter was doing. its not time to cry! Tears will only tear you apart and down. Complains, pessimism and worries add no valued to the situation. Hagai filled her eyes with tears she couldnt see the spiritual provision for her until an angelic visitation happened, then she struck water in the midst of drought. That can be your own story too only if you believe. The invisible supplier said “weep not, only believe!
Its doesn’t take time, it only takes God! irrespective of what your desire and demand may be if only they are according to his will. they are affordable by the minutest capacity of our faith! Joseph changed levels overnight, what make you think just one phone call orchestrated by heaven as driven by your faith cant wipe away all that frustration! Never mind who God will use, dont look down on anyone today, God championed economic recovery of entire nation by societal rejects by the outskirt of Syria. Daniel moved into royalty suddenly because he believe that “even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for thou o Lord hath with me”.  It is the integrity of the one who made you a promise that matters than the promise. God has never failed anyone and you are not an exception! Hang on the promise of God with faith and you will experience the unimagined even before the close of this year! 1 Samuel 3:11. 
God’s promises are done deals, you need faith to plug in to the timing. the last set of employees were recruited at the eleventh hour. Lazarus was already wrapped up but Jesus said He will live again. Did he live or not. relax every secret cry will become open laughter with faith!
Same Peter had to finally document “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”.
Repentance is the true mark of Faith. Peter repented at the word (he dumped his old ineffective belief and trust in his human capacity or trained skill) and his spiritual reality emerge to change his experience. Would you do the same today?
Don’t give up, Dont dismiss that possibility, a supernatural help is on the way! If that promise is for this year, it will mature before the year rolls off in Jesus name. All things are possible with God! it takes FAITH to access BREAKTHROUGH! I BELIEVE GOD! 
Congratulations and merry Christmas in advance.
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Afolabi Julius Olatunde



Suicide pill is a corporate term used to describe anti takeover measures to drain life out of the subject organization as reactions from within to repel being swallowed. it is a deliberate attempt to frustrate the humiliation of a hostile takeover. Sometimes the management accumulate huge debts to frustrate envisaged hostility.

The truth is that sin is the suicide pill! Is sin intentional? Mistakes are nothing but a product of careless or erroneous choices! The word remains the guard, how?. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it will come the reasons to be accused or exonerated.

Suicide is defined as intentionally killing ones self! Everything that permits suicide hail from choices. All traumas lasts for as long as man wants. Anthony Robbins once said ” See things the way they are but not worst than it is”. Decision can be expensive in tough times but to bow to sin is a damnable cost you cant calculate its pain. The sad economics of survival is hinged on choice. No one easily admits that it is only a minute fraction is announced as suicide cases. Suicide is happening momentarily. see what i mean

The wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23! wages come after the days work. it takes will to work and it takes choice to work. our daily choices as expressed by our will is either a suicide pill or life springing pill.

we have often attributed death to satan but death has got no power yet it wills so much fear. why? Sin enslaves to the fear of death. Satan cannot kill, he only motivates sin so that man can kill himself. SIN is the sting of death! 1 Cor 15:57. Sin is Suicide! Satan will only be accused and he will justify his nature of deception and subtlety to your choice and will.

Every form of temptation is a suggestion, nothing will happen to you without your consent. it your choice facilitated by your will. Sin is satanically motivated to invite the fear of death or enslavement to fear! When Adam sinned, he suddenly became afraid. why? where was fright before? As soon as he made the choice , his eyes saw death in fear. he moved into hiding. The issue is “who can hide from the one who made the entire environment”?

Your choice is your suicide pill. The man who hung himself fell prey to the evil suggestion of Satan. Satan motivates and sponsors sin in attractive suggestions. Some marriages are suicide pills but it is a product of choice! mind what is attractive, look for its target. Satan has products and wares too. whatever will kill, steal and destroy Satan is ready to fund or co-sponsor.

your life is in your will and your life is in your choice. May Godly choice and the willingness of obedience to the voice of God in his word become our daily guide and security as we live in Jesus name. John 3:18, Rev 22:15,17! Jesus Remains the only true way to Life! john 14:6. You are not living until you are registered in the Lambs book of life!

Where are your choices taking you? where will your choice take you? Choose to live, Choose LIFE, Choose Jesus today!


Afolabi Julius Olatunde


Vince Lombardi said “The man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there” .Life isn’t about just finding yourself but also recreating yourself. I think the poor wise man who saved the city was thinking but wasn’t hustling that’s why he didn’t have a voice. You must THINK and HUSTLE RIGHTLY.
Diligence is righteous hustle! Many of the disciples were uneducated but had skills for extra stream of income! I don’t think Jesus wasted his carpentry skill, someone said Jesus story shows he had some day offs, what was he doing? maybe he had small carpentry work to attend to. How come he had an accountant because his ministry was to the poor and free services even to the few rich.
Many of what we owe are the things we ate in ignorance! Just like Jacob and Esau. Birthright has a future maturity date but Pottage has a present value. Desperation is the mother of cheap exchange of the birthright for the pottage. Birthright is invisible but priceless but pottage is visible for a known cost. If only we would delay gratification for the pursuit of vision. Your vision is your birthright but your pottage is your ambition.
African economics is not to surprised at, why? Just like Jacob they love without wisdom who negotiated for an unknown spouse with his future earnings. The Asian tigers think in training and hustle for African market. Remember both have population and intellectual power but priorities and lifestyle differs. China builds technological power and export technological expertise & product for both foreign exchange in two dimensions. Consultancy fees and export income. Africans import and refuse to build or permit expertise, hence capital flight becomes inevitable!
Thinking and Hustling are two perspective of life. your economic power hinges on optimizing the both, hustle with thinking. Hustling without thinking or thinking without hustling will leave you economically paralyzed in the future. Thinking is a valuable investment with future value while hustling is activate mechanical power to commercialize or seek direct sale possibilities.
Thinking is a good weapon for hustling but hustling without thinking makes you a slave! Winston Churchill once angrily said IT IS NO USE DOING WHAT YOU LIKE, YOU’VE GOT TO LIKE WHAT YOU DO!
On the EXCHANGE TABLE, wise people negotiable for what you will become but ignorant people trade what they will become for what they already are! Hunger and anger are terrible virus in negotiation.
Years back an African country had raw gold that sold to Buckingham! Buckingham palace had gold decoration and export that they don’t produce. Buckingham only had coal that is used to refine the raw gold that will be bought by the African producers. Botswana and Democratic Republic of Congo belong to the top five producers of diamond in the world. where is the indices on their economy? Diamond was first found in Angola in 1912 but its first volume mining became real in 1991. imagine 79 years of processing? Oil was first discovered in Nigeria Oloibiri in commercial volume on January 1956, we got independence in 1960 and boom began a few years after and today oil is still an issue in local distribution with so many caustic elements! Without refinement speed you will remain raw and poor! DON’T JUST HAVE A SKILL, REFINE IT DAILY and COMMERCIALIZE IT.
A year ago, On the recruitment table for a Film Academy, i asked a 21years standing Dr of theater Arts what his minimum acceptable earning will be for the job and he said N100,000 per month regular and some possible allowances where possible. I began to wonder in all these years in the university he never wrote a script to be produced? His student are star actors and actresses? Couldn’t he have partnered to boost his economic power?
The street smart always exchange their wisdom for the intellectuals! intellectuals work with ideas but politicians work with economic networks. Politicians hustle for contract and contact professors & experts to deliver the job at a token. Until the expert leaves his tent library to get the contract, he will make only a little margin never have a voice!
You can change your state if only you will make THINKING and HUSTLING a 2016 project. Begin to plot your graphs now and change your economic power!
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Afolabi Julius Olatunde