Reading through is a software for enlightenment! Confrontation takes a software!

Software is a set of instructions or operations ( called program in IT) that process visible, feasible and physical realities. Thoughts and imagination are commandment of what can happen in days and years if operated. Imaginations pursued became inventions, scenarios questioned became generational discoveries.  Adaptive wisdom is a credible software. your current appearance is not the final plan of heaven for your life. Revelation is a wonderful software!

Mentality is a software! I wanted to get the mentality of potential employees during my last recruitment exercise so i asked ” Is salary compulsory, which would you prefer a salary or commission? 95% chose salary! Salary perspective are lazy people because irrespective of true efforts at month end salary will come but commission perspective means if a man will not work let him not eat. (II Thess 3:10). That is the productivity and contribution perspective. On the field you get experience and exposure that is worth more than money. Work to learn not to earn! Learning will multiply your earning!

Everything that happens has a software. The spiritual is the software of the physical. Efforts plus grace is the software of results. A budget is not a complete software for financial planning without discipline hence discipline is the real software of successful life budget for success. Employee willingness and commitment is the software for corporate productivity. Valuable contribution is the software for rewards. Spirituality and understanding are a good software for marital bliss. Talent pool is a software for customer and brand loyalty! Strategic Management is the software for business success. Customer experience is the software for market share! Submission is the software for a happy home (Submission is two way:Husband and wife). Ignorance is the software of struggles. What is your software running? software are specifications, what are your specifications?

Every external organ is controlled by an internal organ. no external organ can perform on its own. Your hands and legs move by a system of bones, nerves, tendons you cannot see. your eyes don’t just blink, it is controlled by an unseen nervous system. Why does you hand swing in the opposite way of your leg movement? it is internally controlled. when you try to swing your hand in same direction with your leg movement, you become abnormal. external control makes things abnormal. You cant see the brain yet it runs the body system! Investing in materialism or externalities is a huge loss but spending on internal worth or mental wealth is profitable.In the corporate world, if the management you see is not the management you cant see, performance would be a challenge!

Nick Vick the author of the book “No limbs no limit” has no hands to touch but he is touching and changing lives with his mindset. Mindset is life-set! Those who give excuses are those who give up on possibilities. Excuse is a software for failure!

Software and hardware are complementary and mutually inclusive, likewise your prayers and actions determines what faith will do in your life. prayer alone will make you a burden to God, THINK! until you put in the sickle, no harvest! Labor is economical in the season of harvest, you dont search much for mango in its season, do you? Seasons make harvest easy and cheap so also your trouble will go out of season into another season of triumphs. Being steady in the storm takes the software of faith! God rewards work not job!

There is always a software for every reality and possibility. Serving God pays. Physical stewardship pays only a little compared to spiritual stewardship. Physical stewardship may have earthly rewards but spiritual stewardship earns eternal rewards. Soul winning, praying for the lost, praying for revival, turning men to right living are spiritual stewardship. Enhancing productivity, effectiveness and enduring contribution are forms of spiritual stewardship. Luke 15:7.

The software for eternity is righteousness! we are ambassadors, Ambassadors run the software of their home country! We are in this world but not of this world. Receiving Christ is the software of an overcoming life!

What kind of software are you running? Jeremiah 31:16 “Thus saith the LORD;Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears:for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the LORD; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy”.

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​

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Power is the capacity to make and sustain credible change! Quality is powerful!

Quality is the distinctive character of excellence that a thing,event, product or service contains and demonstrates. Quality is both a business management and life term. As a quality improvement analyst i know quality rides on defined specification and the minimum standard is excellence. Excellence is a universal demand!

Julius Nyerere once defined Development as a process which enables human beings to realize their potential, build self confidence, and lead lives of dignity and fulfillment. It is a process which frees people from the fear of want and exploitation. That is quality that permeates every sphere of existence.

Edwards Deming, a quality specialist maintained that ” quality is everyone’s responsibility”. Quality begins with intent, which is fixed by management! Henry Ford wisely said “Quality is doing it right when no one is looking” . This means quality is integrity! Mahatman Gandi said ” it is the quality of our work which pleases God not the quantity”. Steve Jobs said ” By the yardstick of quality, some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”. Quality remains the best business plan, after quality profit will follow.

God values QUALITY. Gideon took 10,000 but God needed 300! Multitudes that cannot move mountains are only a empty crowd. Only one person escaped from the entirety of Sodom and Gomorrah! Quality is a sieve! If you are going to be successful in life you MUST have an outstanding quantity of quality.

The above validates the superiority of quality to quantity! True change is about quality! it is not how much you have but how well the little you have is utilized. 5 loaves and 2 fishes seemed inadequate but knowing what to do (management capacity) multiplied the little and made is useful for many. what little do you have and despising? When you grow your management capacity you will be amazed at the results. Management capacity is about improving the quality of your actions, decisions and output in the direction of defined goals.

it is not how big your bible is but how much of its content you live. once your lifestyle misguides another precious soul, the quality of your life and faith is in question? Likewise it is not how big your office or how hallowed your position is that really matters, what matters is the quality of contribution that comes from it. Are your decisions and actions Noah’s ark or Jonah’s boat?

Magnifying your office doesn’t indicate beautifying your office or self aggrandizement about your post but rather the manner of solutions and positive change to situations that the office or position records. There are cleaners who hold more value to God than CEOs. Possession is not the true criteria of success, it is the eternal worth of possession that determines success. Absorbing education and erasing archaic philosophies through refresher courses, attending seminars and reading journals can be a path to improving your quality.

Do you work in an office and no solution or contribution can be traced to your office either directly or indirectly? you are depreciating the standard of the organization and the worth of your life. Do you sing in the choir and your lifestyle has no semblance with what you sing? Do you do business and you lose your christian virtues for the sake of profit? Have you smartly taken or collected what is not yours and refuse to return? it can puncture the quality of your prayers or walk with God!

Many people think repentance is just a church affair, that is a myopic understanding of the term. Repentance is a business term of replacing inferiority with quality, it is a corporate term for replacing mediocre performance with outstanding performance. Repentance is a relationship term for establishing trust! Repentance is a term that repositions the use of your gift for Godly purposes and not polluting others. Repentance is a term for reasonable use of wealth and not for oppression.

Rewards flow in the path of quality! Examinations, appraisals and reviews are simply quality assurance! Examine and ask yourself today, am i producing Godly quality? Inferiority is not a quality of God. Church is not just the place to profess your faith but rather outside the church (Market place, Workplace and Vocation). Do you qualify as QUALITY? Repent and allow the times of refreshing to flow in your direction. Acts 3:19. God is coming to harvest perfect quality! The only to qualify is repentance and genuine walk with God as you live.

Afolabi Julius Olatunde​.



Trust is the pivot of relationship!

Follower-ship is a service credit card but many followers are destiny debit cards. Many people seek mentor-ship but their aim is theft not service. Mentor-ship or follower-ship is serving to earn the grace or the virtue or get blessed. The Mentor-Mentee relationship is not a parasitic relationship. it is an upward mutual connection, mentee seeks the growth of mentor and mentor prepares the rise of the mentee! A supervisor is a mentor to a subordinate and a subordinate is a follower to his supervisor. Position is not for suppression or oppression but growth and development of others. Title is a term for task not an excuse badge!

“follower-ship is not a guaranty of loyalty” Beware of those follow you or claim to follow you. Sensitivity is key! Loyalty is genuineness of motive! Heart integrity is the litmus test for follower-ship!

without true followership, mentorship and loyalty, we shut down productivity!

Are you a follower? Are you a mentor? Are you a mentee? What is your heart integrity and sanity of your motive? What you sow is what you will reap! Np one pulls another down and grows! if he or she grows,the eventual fall will be dastard, why invest in destruction?

Trust is expensive, don’t make yours cheap! it is wisdom to remain sensitive!

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