Today again, history takes it turn again as Nigeria strides on with another entourage of leadership. The most precious legacy of governance is peace and Unity! True democracy demonstrates peace and unity. Leadership is providing a path for the visionary well being of others.

Peace is a wholesome pack and unity is the vehicle that drives Peace. One language, one destination and oneness of the mind is a task for all. The Hyper-personal dimensions have never made headway neither has it prepared peaceful success. Unity is a multiplicative force with exponential benefits. Gen 11:6!

It is amazing, the binding and amiable candor expressed when two people who aren’t familiar speak same language immediately achieve congeniality.

Ethnicity is Unity but Ethnicity is misconstrued, its unfortunate we limit it to the language force and fool our-self with segregation forgetting that a house divided against itself never stands. Ethnicity has a unifying force but it is not in the language but rather the mind. We have been controlled and sectionalised by the language segregation. We have burnt bridges not for determination but developmental perforation. Nigeria is a home for many only tricked to believe they are different by the myopia of ethnicity misunderstood. Ethnicity means an effective and objective force, it is not a differential identification but rather an integral formative force. A force is activated by unity of peaceful power.

Its time to change our perspective from ethnicity and religion to one people and one nation called Nigeria. This means irrespective of how you look, the tone of your lyrics, the attire you wear, the decorations on your cheek, you are simply a Nigerian and we are brothers and sisters from one mother called Nigeria! It is then we would have communicated that a man who steals from himself is a fool, a man who kills himself is a fool, a man who hurts his in-laws offends his posterity, a man who refute the truth is a liar and is an enemy!

Governance is difficult with a disunited cabinet! The disunity of the talent pool humiliates corporate capacities. Disunited expert build industry woefulness and business disunity is an economic calamity! A disunited church is satan’s empire! The church is the factory for change! Government, business and Corporation must unite for peaceful economic realities! All we need is an effective TEAM!

Economics and Trade, Health & Science, Food and security, Justice and Service, Education and Communication, Technology and Agribusiness, Transportation and Infrastructural Investments are no mean mountains for a mediocre! A true blue print working with dedicated and poison proof minds is the recipe! An effective Gap Analysis is crucial to prepare a good foresight. With a hindsight of evaluation and insight of transformation, a change can be envisioned. Processes and practices require good control system! Until justice is ready,driven and willing to evacuate pollutions we may have boomerangs. Education must not be limited to warding degrees & certificate but building and molding exemplary character for continual transformation. Education is a powerful tool if we can use it well. Lets make technology our slave, ride on it for change not to chart a cheat! Accountability is only a funnel for good economic judgement, if we let it, it will help us filter the pebbles of corruption. it is the rain of peace and unity that brings the joy of harvest called change!

Marriage is one government that without peace and unity, life and posterity is threatened. When peace and unity exist it means love presides. Love cannot happen without an understanding which listening helps to achieve. you can either listen to understand or listen to respond, both have different results. Malice is a cold war not peaceful silence. Malice is an economic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual sabotage. Ministers, legislators, governors, commissioners, Capitalist and bureaucrats can be such. When the marriage of the executive, legislator and judiciary fails, the ship of governance becomes a relic!

A good father ought to leave an inheritance for his children e’tal. if he doesn’t he simply left a call to responsibility. Find yourself and move on becomes the message. Responsibility is vaccinating your association for Judases but working with the Peters, James and John and never omitting the Pauls.

The old stories have not sounded well but we can have a new tune! We have been privileged to embark on this new page, if only we will see ourselves as one Nigeria that dispels six geo-political zones mentality in our heart but compel one Nigeria we would champion a new history for our children.

Change is a duty of all in one. Congratulations to all Nigerians worldwide and Happy Democracy day.

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde‚Äč



Enterprise is a business activity, event, venture or undertaking that is directed towards profit. Enterprise can also be defined as what you are doing to meet others need to earn what meets your own needs. There is something to give to get what you want or need. Needs and wants are the fulcrum of enterprise.

Business Destiny is where an organization is headed in time to come. Destiny is a predetermined future. The corporate goals and objective of an organization will also qualify. In simply language it is the corporate vision.

Creation is an enterprise and life is a business of destiny. Our daily activities and involvement are definitions and pathways to our success cum destiny. The success of an enterprise dictates the destiny of committed efforts. No man or business wants to fail. This is why we employ strategies and seek credible tutelage plus profitable counsel.

I write and i teach,i specialize in personal change, Effectiveness and corporate detoxification since i discovered it is impossible to command corporate productivity without unearthing individual capacity! Self Discovery creates your kingdom in dominion!

Success i have always defined as keeping failure and struggles at a respectable and non-negotiable distance. It is preparation that enlists the possibilities of success. Knowledge is light and darkness is ever distant with the introduction of light. There is a light that lights the life of men! Ignorant is at the root of failure! Struggles are loaded by ignorance! Until you discover yourself you have covered your enterprise success and business destiny! Deuteronomy 29:29, Proverbs 25:2!

A team of experts is a huge corporate loss without true unison and cohesion of interest. it is the unity of the mind towards a task that drives its effectiveness and performance. A house divided against itself never stands! Satan fights unity with divisions and factions to break the power of effective and productive capacity. Gen 11:6! There is unimaginable success in Unity! When a husband and wife operate in isolation, the linage of the family is at risk a generational risk. Two must become one to win! until all department and divisions work in unity towards corporate objective, expect a failure organization and a doomed business!

In my journey a training consultant i discovered teaching people job skills without life skills is a woeful enterprise that eventually puts the destiny of business at risk because everybody is only learning how to become selfish and accumulate for self. An intelligent but wicked man is a loss! Competence without the credentials of uprightness is a trap for the company and a complicated life of confusion. Many organizations are history today because of selfishness and selfish employees.

Success is who you are and being where God wants you to be a particular time. possessions are only credentials of little of your worth, it is what made and brought those possession that is the real you. A man’s source is his worth!

The journey out of a hard life into destiny BEGINS WITH STANDING UP TO HELP OTHERS.

Moses began his journey to the unusual by standing up to help others. Exodus 2:17.

We often find excuses with what we do or how compact our roles or schedule are or how critical the task is but taking a stand to help others can become a new ladder to untold success. Many have allowed their titles to erode their usefulness. Position is meant to demonstrate success capacities not self aggrandizement or humiliate your potentials by being locked in the euphoria of “i have paid my dues”. that a trap of under-utilization.


How to stand up and help others?

1. Commitment to task.
Do what you are assigned with passionate excellence. Give your customers a remarkable experience that makes them return and refer you with joy. love your neighbor as yourself, Medicate yourself well enough to take care of others rather than multiplying victims and causalities with mediocrity.

2. Guide others rights.
When you tell a person he is doing wrong, you have only served him a notice to impending danger. Zero tolerance for repeat errors in objective, reducing defective rate will guide product quality. this is what successful directive and guidance is all about.

3. Share Knowledge:
Teach others on the jobs.Don’t monopolize knowledge. Someone taught you. Open up the understanding of others to become willing. with willingness success is nearer than failure!

4. Democratize skill.
Train your employee with credible hands not ignorant Sycophants who claim knowledge. We reduce dependence and multiply confidence with good and strategic training. Selfish training only focus on the job and ignores the person. this is where the police and forces have failed.

5.Employ Supervisory Excellence
Supervisory excellence is key to business success. Correct for improvement not ridicule. Build a credible and capable bank of supplements by driving empowerment. Be the best examples as a supervisor or boss. learn to listen and work in togetherness. Draw the line when needful but don’t make task a burden. Support is part of supervision. A supervisor is a shoulder not a slippery hand. Let your down-line trust your judgement and also believe in their initiative.

6. Enjoy your bond:
Compliment others, don’t compete blindly or greedily. You sell in the market and your wares are finished, refer demand to others. Trying to go and get it make a spread is not smartness. you are increasing the cost to the buyer to make a profit you do not deserve. Don’t do everything for profit, think of the blessings from a help. Working with other hatred is a pain to your potentials for success. Gossiping and backbiting in the office saps productive capacities. The little habits that appear negligible have terrible consequence. Help someone to change their odd habits by standing with blameless habits.

7. Advertise with a conscience.
Are you leading people astray by the tricks of advert. Don’t let your advert be a trap for sales but an education that convince a buy. Publish your testimonials objectively without exaggeration. Exaggeration wins only once! marketing is not saying what you cant do. Marketing is confessing the truth about ability and promising within performance capacity.

8. Make appraisal and evaluations objective:
Perform objective appraisals and evaluations. when appraisals are subjective, the destiny of the business will nosedive because commitment will fade and enterprise success will wane. Appraise to improve, give and respect feed backs and publish appraisal results. Cascade rewards and publish exceptional performance. Curb observed lapses and train for upgrade.

9. Lead with legacy in view:
Practice leadership excellence. Lead others into their own leadership. leadership is making others leaders in their aspects of follower-ship. If you are lecturer teach in a manner that all students understand how to apply teaching in their eventual chosen career! That takes robustness! A leader must be robust to stand up and help others! Good leadership creates a wonderful and vibrant succession.

10. Reward timely and rightly.
Rewards carries an energetic force that drives desire to act. Action is what fuels productivity. when a rewards system is set employees set their plans and expectations in the direction of the period of reward. An obsolete dispense of reward system builds doubts of employer commitment especially with silence.
No enterprise becomes distinct with poor language or communication. Channels of communication must be sane and civil not harsh and barbaric. Many businesses and organizations are dead because of poor communication. Why is salary late? it is not a big deal if HR sends an apology. Learn to recognize, commend and reward exceptional performance. it builds the responsiveness of others and indirectly engineers productivity.

This is the business i do with what i have been given and sourced rightly through personal commitment. What have you been given? Are you sourcing for success rightly? what are you personally committed to? Are you aware of your potentials? what is the destiny of what you do? is your enterprise succeeding?

It is wisdom that commands profit! Wisdom is profitable to direct! Wisdom is thinking right, acting right in the right direct at the right time in the right place. The constant is rightness. When you are right what comes out of you will be right. Everything is product of thought. The worth of a man is his thought. when the imaginations of the thoughts of man grieved God he flooded their destruction. the entirety of man’s was destroyed and their destiny was doomed.

Is your enterprise in the business of rightness? is your business grieving God? if your answers are NO then you have already failed or failing! until you seek to stand rightly and help others expect failure and damnation!

HERE is a blameless counsel for Enterprise success and business destiny from Blameless Sight Solutions Limited

Thank you and God bless you!

Senior Business Executive.
Afolabi Julius Olatunde



Singapore is one of the Asian tigers with a remarkable international economic power and rankings. News agents querying the origin of this per excellence economy from its one time president “what is the secret of your economic excellence” he responded “Education, Education and Education”.

We have often said and sand education is power but does our disposition coincide with what we say and sing? If not, then its time to quit hypocritical profession!

I went by a state library and it was like an abandoned zoo! All the windows were broken, chairs and doors almost giving way with only the Library attendant dozing and less than ten people trying to read their private texts. it was cheap to agree with the educational performance of the state at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The state ranks among the least of the least.

Sadly, i went round trying to place one of my books and discovered many churches had no bookshops, to my dismay a 20,000 capacity church had no bookshop! i mean where is the renewal of the mind going to come from? Sunday and midweek teachings alone? Yet we have administrative offices but the transformation office we have left out! Churches have car park but no bookshop! Pastors author books but no bookshop! No wonder judgement will begin in the church! This may account for church product failure in politics, Daniel was not a professor but he understood governance by books! Joseph was not a chemist but he preserved the nation from famine for years! They read books! Books carry life! Myles Munroe said ” the world is ruled bu dead men who documented their ideas in books”. God made himself eternal in a book! We need both sanctification and mental acumen for governance! we shall all be accountable for what we know and didn’t teach or tell or correct others. Ezekiel 30:1-6.

Kudos to winners Chapels and others who mandate a bookshop in its structural plan!

In the majority of our tertiary institutions students out-space the lecture halls. The lecturer-student ratio is 1:400 minimum without public address system in most cases. The availability of hall determine exams schedule instead of the exams time-table! yet we want to practice e-learning in a poor economy? what a dark admiration of technology? I see why we have defective education!

Years back at 7:30am we were late for school but today i have seen parents chewing chewing-stick at 8:30 while their children are strolling to school chewing chewing-gum. what kind of posterity are we building?

All the avenues of education are failing (the church, the home, the school and the government) yet we expect improvement. We need a transformational change and it will only come from me and you!

Transformation we know come from the renewal of the mind. Rom 12:2.
A wise man said he who asks questions will only be a foot for 5 minutes but he who does not ask questions will be a fool forever!

Where is the change going to come from? THE CHURCH? The church is not the building but me and you who know the truth! Those who reject the truth enlist for struggles and consequently damnation. Hosea 4:6!

Education is three-fold, refinement of the soul (mental) and edification of the spirit (Spiritual) and care for the physical. The spirit is where real life is and the soul manages your well-being with men and environment, the body is the domain.

Government come and go but man remains a witness, therefore transformation begins with YOU!Until you know the truth, you are not educated or free! Salvation remains the true education! John 8:32,14:6, Mark 8:36!

If you don’t take personal responsibility, you will become a general liability!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde‚Äč



Incentive is a motivation for progressive action. It may be words, actions, behavior or counsel. Mockery is simply actions, deeds and behaviors intended to distract or repudiate your vision. Mockers hate those taking the actions they cant take!

Triumph in life will always experience mockery because the world system expects compromise and complacency. Note that when you are striving for success the world thinks you should relax especially when your approach is unusual. many times God’s ways looks odd in the world’s system. Imagine Naman going for a swim in Jordan? Who could have thought Sarah would give suck to a child. Most miracles pass through obstacles to become testimony.

When mockery is on, remember that it is the mocker is activating his or her perspective. All you need is a personal conviction that you have thought well, check your processes and ensure your system is validated failure proof not because your are mocked but rather to ensure you don’t fail!

Creating a success story can be ridiculous and that is what makes the story of success engaging! If you consider mockery as you journey towards, you will fail. Mockery should be an incentive as long your vision is clear to you as your blue print to success.

I advise you strongly MATCH ON! The mockers will eventually bow to your courage to persist into success. Elisha proofed it!

Follow your blue prints till you print your distinction!




The expectation of Nigerians are at peak as we move towards the handover and take over into another phase of leadership transformation. its only basic to know that conformist cant drive transformation.

The worth of your breath is what you leave behind, as some prepared to mastermind final loots, remember that nothing last forever. Also as some are calculating their strategies remember a good name is better than silver or gold. Leadership is a privilege. It is only your turn to serve!

The credibility of a leader is in the capacity of his visionary leadership to open up the followers visions. it takes a personal conviction for purposeful delivery, mental superiority for solutions to necessary strategic concerns with generality effects!

Every nation or people must be led and the success of leadership rest in corporate support. A total and comprehensive team. That team includes you and i. Our children and our children’s will question our effort to make a better life for them. it s our responsibility. All aspects and department of governance must objectively corporate.contribute and add value. Sabotage repays with regrets! No evil evades punishment. Time is a net of all! The repairs you make is your mark of attendance! Don’t be amongst the noisy inactive! Nigeria belongs to us all. Respect your conscience!

A leader is only considered tough when Justice hangs the culprit and laws are made without vested interest. When justice ceases to be blind to personalities, oppression will not end. the nest of law must not hold the immunity clause as a harbor for criminal respite or safe haven. When law is partial, that is xenophobia at local level. local xenophobia is worst than international xenophobia! Legislature is an objective assignment not a gang up! Respect your conscience!

Good leadership happens when objectivity is the followership creed and selflessness is the culture of the Cabinet. The only way to build and support leadership is to lead in your own corner as a support not minding non-recognition. your contribution is your productivity in your place and your personal character towards your assignment and responsibility! Add your piece to make whole the pieces!

The allergy of religion and ethnicity has not proves of any victory over time. Dwelling on these will only leave our expectations in a dark tunnel where the light of victory is farther. How long shall we continue in this rigmarole?

Accumulation and embezzlement has not cured death neither can it stop the day of death, so it is worthless for any leader to begin to imagine how to unlawfully feather his nest. Nothing built on an accursed possession stands. Corruption will only keep the posterity of the unsaved hostage! It is advisable to be saved. John 3:16! Haggai 2:8-9!

Two things equip failure, Personal disobedience and the force of disobedience! A leader who returns with casualties is a failed general!

You and i are part of the leadership. The leader is only in front!

My heart cry for the nation!