Temptation is simply “a test for weakness”. Weaknesses are gullibility paths of ruin. Weaknesses are not be managed but eradicated!

Mentoring today has become a trap of destruction or pollution for many, despite how important mentoring might be, necessary care and sensitivity is required to void the gullibility trap.

An Adulterous minister lay hands on a younger minister and 10 years later he discovered the weakness of adultery began to manifest in his life and ministry. The issue is not about the minister but the multitude he has led astray or made victims. There are sparks and there are lights!

In our quest for mentoring and transference of grace, it is good to be specific about what you want in the vessel not just all of it. God answers specific prayers. Every man is a bundle of graces. Remember Jesus did so much and we are created in his image. John 21:25.

I love the virtue in the teachings of Paul especially when he said “follow me as i follow Christ”. He pointed to Christ not himself. Jesus said “Follow me and i will make you..” We are to follow the Christ in the vessel not the vessel.

Jimmy Swaggart became gullible by a personal weakness of viewing a prostitute undress even though he didn’t demand sex. As at when his weakness became public he was pastoring over 7000 people in his church and over 2 million people viewed his TV evangelism program. The crux is how many people have been in the deceit of his personal woes for how long until he was discovered and he made public confession that ended his ministry. There is no leadership in a man who has something to hide or hidden life. Leadership is preventing others from being victims!

Personal weakness and private life is a wide net, Many CEOs, Managers, Supervisors, Heads, Husbands, Wives, leaders(outgoing and incoming), teachers, Chancellors, pastors, etc fall here. What are you doing in secret that you shouldn’t be doing?

If we do a character check today, do we qualify for who we are called? Paul said examine yourself if ye be in faith. Daily questioning of our life pattern is the gateway to out fulfillment in life irrespective of who or what we may be. This is why we shall all give a personal account (Romans 14:12)

Dr Myles Munroe Said ” our character is our personal discipline, a person of character needs no police”.

May God Help us all as we take responsibility on our jobs, in all our dealings and quests, in our family& business and in our work and walk with God!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde‚Äč



Many times we never seem to realize that youthful misgivings accumulates into old age. Mistakes of the youthful days always have cumulative effects.

How come we find it pleasant to club all night rather than study or work all night. Youthful strength are vehicles that determine the garage of destiny in old age.
Whatever the devil will need from a man he takes it from him in his youth!

Bills do not respect grammar or certificate all they hear is settlement and when strategic planning is ignored when strength is much pressure will become the concern when when strength to pay bills is becoming weak!

Every opportunity trivialized in youthful days will count against the fulfillment at old age! Life need not necessarily be long but must of necessity be lived fulfilled! Economics and network are not the currency of permit to a valuable life, fulfillment is the report card of living!

Reuben wasn’t defeated at old age, his appetite overcame him in his youth!

you will only be young once! Value your youth!

Its Quarter two. Wake up to your plan!