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Some years ago a triangular business emerged called the wonder bank with peak returns more than the guaranteed basic fixed deposits in other banks. The success of first entrant commanded many shallow analytical followers. i was one of such. Ignorance is a virus in business success. i earned returns for half the life of my investment and lost my capital. what a prodigal business man i was. Your business story would become different only when business wits come on the analytical table.

I maintain that business is a catalog of questions correctly understood and answered. Business do not just collapse, they were symptoms that were ignored. Business and connections tangle but business and emotions rarely mix. Business is an objective trade with economic insight. If you cant face reality with objectivity you may not resume operations, when you pamper clear cut prudential guidelines with emotions you will bury the business.

One part of business is called investment and basically all businesses are investments. Investment are diverse and require good wits and speculation. speculation is a double edge sword, you can swing into profit and you can as well swing into losses. many victims and victors abound.

The first thing to consider in INVESTMENT is the SECURITY of your CAPITAL or INITIAL OUTLAY before the luscious RETURNS. Many people get carried away by the rate of return and jeopardize their CAPITAL.

When you think of business, think about your sincerity, vaccinate your projections with reality, take only informed risk, empower your speculations with a degree or certain level of reliability and be ready & willing to apply conscious patience.

Losses would be trap and profits would expanded when you are wise with figures and the truth!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​



A Plan is a good strategy but if it doesn’t leave the surface of the paper into energetic conversion to reality it will end in “if to say”. No business plan has ever survived without an action plan, action plan is the real plan, business plan is just a gate pass! There are first class students who are blatant failures and there are seeming illiterates who are of global reference. what becomes of you is up to you, take personal responsibility then you will see God’s faithfulness! The same time it takes to succeed is same time it takes to fail! If you let fear dictate then all she will ask you to spell is FAILURE!

One thing you will not be happy you didn’t phase out will be FEAR! it kept harassing you till you shut down your advances to the doors of success. if you turn your back on fear it will chase you off your success but if you face it with faith you will see it was all but smoke. Fear will never stop harassing success. Confidence is simply trapping fear effectively!

Fear sometimes lurks around the stagnation bus stop called “Am planning to” and the next two neighboring towns are (1) If to say and then (2) i for!
If you let fear stalk you at ” am planning to” till reality dawns on you, you may terminate at ” if to say i know” and shut down at ” I for….”

when Time runs a man over the memory of losses, then you will hear the complete sigh of regret saying ” If to say i know, i for don do this or that ,that time” but now it has become unfix-able!

Fix it Now and smile later, what doesn’t seem to matter now might just become the MATTER later! Don’t let fear cheat you out of your BIG CHANCES. you are born to win!

Fight the good fight of FAITH!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​


Cock crow is a good alarm to start the day back in the days and still relevant today! This note is like a useful cock crow for you! Time is going dear reader, whatever you have to do, do quick.

” A lady banker had just put to birth and was on maternity, she got a call from her employer to resume back to work and resumed only to be handed a sack letter! Another also in the bank was almost due for delivery but got relocated, rather than redeployment letter she got a sack letter”. Banks have back up and bankers only use back up in the bank, themselves rarely have a backup plan. WAKE UP! THINK!

Don’t let the RAT RACE silence your REASON for LIVING. Find your Vision and get your direction. DESTINY IS SUPERIOR TO SURVIVAL! Start early or its game over sooner than you expect!

Many jobs today rarely have any plan for your life and even careless about what happens to you. That is the capitalist philosophy. Banks are a good example. Don’t waste the most effective part of your life in a place that has no glimpse of your worth!

There are things one sees that makes him or her cry and there are things one didn’t see that will also make him or her cry. There are things you hear and you share tears and maybe your story has power to command other people’s tears as well. The realities of life are divergent! I pray that our tears will always be that of JOY!
When and How you start has power to determine your volume and level of accomplishment. How and when you start will also affect your flow and speed. Many didn’t achieve much because they started late and many people have become nothing because they never even started. Late risers own up many regrets.

The reality of time is too obvious to saunter your actions and decision about anything you want to do. In this world, no matter how fast you are running Time will catch up with you. Everything will expire except God’s word.

My 10 months baby girl celebrates when her car sit clips are unlocked with so much joy. No man hates freedom but freedom is a double edged sword. Hmm… So it time! you either make your decision with time work for or time will work against you.

Paul told us the reason to maximize time! “Redeeming the time BECAUSE the days are evil” Ephesians 5:16
Only a useless cock crows at noon! Start early or live struggling and die wretched!

REDEEM THE TIME.. Day by day opportunities are unwinding and possibilities are fading off your strength. Work while it is day. The worth of your life is in the utility of your time. Start early!

I pray that as we grow day by day, may we see the volume in us and follow the direction designed for the value of our life!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde



Smartness many times lead to the valley of Sorek!

Looks Colorful but until you get in then you understand the taste.
That is life, it gives you the examination before the lessons.
Marriage is not a syllabus in school, Only God teaches it!
How then can you contract MARRIAGE outside God?
Every broken marriage had crack that were IGNORED in courtship!
Lust does not respect anointing, the caution is FLEE!

“Every vice NOT absolutely vaccinated will lead to the valley”
” When the devil promotes you he is only perfecting you for padlock”

It has been an OMISSION that Delilah killed Samson, Sin killed Samson.
Samson had a growing personal defect, ATTRACTION and ATTENTION to Women. (He was a Casanova) He was always seeing only women of all things, He saw one in Timnath, then in Gaza (now a harlot) and then HE FELL in Lust in the VALLEY of SOREK. Judges 14 &16.

VALLEY commands a FALL, why blame Delilah? she was just a warehouse for the bait of his fall! Who knows you next secret affairs may be your own valley of Sorek, you next runs maybe your own valley of Sorek, your next deal might be your valley of Sorek.

Stop being an executive prostitute or patronizing them. some even patronize both the executive and the non-executive prostitute. the executive are singles either in their own homes or under their parent roofs while the non-executive are stationed at the brothels and street corners. A number of tertiary institution ladies are executives. A wise man said “A little tear on the dress unamended now will eventually turn the dress into rags.” when your name is mentioned, let it for an example not for caution. Samson who was ordained to be an example became a caution.

Does what please you, please God?

Kill that private sin before it ushers you into the valley of sorek!

Do have a good reflection!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde!



A Tripod is a three non- collapsible Support that commands INVINCIBILITY. The tripod influences Good balance, Dynamism and Good View! Fundamental necessities for ACCURACY which a premium of QUALITY!

One creates a limitation.
Two can build a SYNERGY but..

In my Corporate Detoxification trainings, my dimension is usually along this paradigm:
A team begins from TWO, you and GOD. Hence Synergy and invincibility can be created in Teams. A team is not a collection of people but a union of minds. People with divergent intentions that cant be harmonized are only a bunch of hypocrite wasting resources and lacking transparency. Conflict is cheap here. Appearance is deceptive, Reality is created in perception.

The triangle which we all know has three acute edges where divergent lines that make the angles meet hence the name TRI (meaning three) and ANGLE ( PERCEPTION).

Marriage is strong FORCE and TEAM when built on the TRIANGULAR PERCEPTION. (Husband, Wife and GOD (the Judge of the Union). Little wonder two shall become one with agreement & consent of the father and no man is permitted to put asunder. When the triangular marriage is formulated then There would be nothing that they have imagined to do that would be refrained from them.

An invincible life can only stand on enduring and everlasting platforms.

“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in
one.” {1 John 5:7-8}

This is the invincibility theory here on earth and beyond the earth. its a mystery! life itself is a mystery to overcome in life, you must confront mysteries with mystery.

The number three is divine. Trinity holds on three! After three days the TEMPLE was REBUILT by the TRANSFORMATION of RESURRECTION! Resurrection is the genuine repentance that brings INVINCIBILITY! This is why it says, WHATEVER is born of GOD OVERCOME the world and WHOSOEVER BELIEVES in the one that OVERCAME DEATH will be INVINCIBLE! (1 John 5:4, John3:16)

Products and businesses generated from the word cannot be unmolested, likewise a life built on the TRINITY cannot be be defeated. David SERVED in FAITH with His SKILL. He never lost a battle (INVINCIBILITY). Service is incomplete without a SKILL and FAITH!

This is the TRIPOD STAND with the invincibility theory: Trusting God, Believing in the SON and regular fellowship with HIS SPIRIT. If you and your business want to be invincible, then TAKE THE TRIPOD STAND!


Culled from “ECLIPSE of the WEALTHY MIND” authored by Afolabi Julius Olatunde!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde​