Dr Ben Carson was averaging 450 brain surgeries successful when private hospitals as a whole were averaging 150 surgeries per year. Yet he was having average of two speaking engagement per week to impact lives!

Imagine the outstanding feats and result? Covenant professional!

You can have outstanding RESULTS without CHRIST. You cant manifest feats with CHRIST in you. You will be a frustrated professional without CHRIST. “we are in this world but we are not of this world” John 17:16, Rom 12:2, “Whatever is BORN of GOD OVERCOMETH the world and this is the VICTORY that OVERCOMETH the world even OUR FAITH” I John 5:4

No wonder, Moses also de-roded the Egyptians magicians! His rod swallowed their rods. Inspiration ridicules intellectualism!

The world has nothing to offer you but you have so much to offer the world, Those who CONFORM NEVER TRANSFORM. Information and Location are two things that require wisdom. you can be in a location and source your information (Authority) from outside the location. Our country is HEAVEN, we AMBASSADORS. 2 Cor 5:20. its a pity many have nationalized in the world losing consciousness of their true location so they hold poor results copying the world.

HOW CAN YOU BE A COVENANT CHILD AND HAVE A CARNAL MENTOR? RETHINK? The fig tree only have lessons of unfruitfulness, poor performance, zero productivity and a curse!

When Ben Carson decided to become a neurosurgeon, there were only 8 black neurosurgeons in the world, his teachers said he couldn’t do it, circumstances back home was not encouraging but because he had unusual passion for the complexity of the brain and was willing to serve humanity. He took the risk and today he has become a reference in the world in neurosurgery.

RISK YOUR TRUE PASSION TO LEGENDARY! There is a difference between PASSION and TRUE PASSION. The former is worldly and the latter is HEAVENLY!(Inborn Value|Roman 11:29| Manifestation of Spiritual gift that profits ALL|1 Cor 12:7)

What is going to be your standard this year? CHRIST or the world?

Senior Business Executive. Blameless Sight Solutions Limited.



  1. Julius the live of Dr Carson has been a challenge to me since I first read his books close to a decade ago. I am currently reading his book “Take the Risk.” I tried to impact lives outside my normal job routine but have found it difficult to do. How Mr Carson did that successful still remains marvelling g to me.


    • He risked good and flexible combination letting his Godly motive take the lead. If God is the agenda then He will make a leeway without stress. In that book he mentioned a dice between getting the professorial degree and ignoring the public speaking opportunities. Then he knew he mentioned that he knew that one of his life motive was inspire young people to distinguish themselves. so he opted to take the speaking engagements and God made a way for him as he travels to write his papers that eventually qualified him as a professor. When God is ahead then you cant be stranded or stopped.


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