As the lighted candle waned in the wind, i in my unusual fashion separated to review the end of greatness with a view to learn. Here are my deductions,  keep an open and true mind.

  1. When you decide to be right and true, be resolute about it.
  2. Stay in your place, fishes rarely survive outside water. God was wise about Habitat!
  3. Don’t let applause facilitate your relocation without careful divine guidance especially if proposed destination is outside your prime gifting and specialization. Adaptive skills sometimes fail!
  4. No one who harrasses darkness deems his or her light. Politics is not game of only competence but spiritual warfare. sickness is more of a spirit than odd feeling. Saints are lively stones!
  5. Awards are ephemeral relics, they don’t accompany you to eternity, your lifestyle (private or public) is the VISA to eternity.
  6. Nothing will befall a man that there are no prior examples , its a good thing to get education from the negatives. some made marks in their field but when they moved into politics, they went into oblivion! If you are appointed, don’t disappoint yourself!
  7. Our desires and appetite if not properly vaccinated will always be a trap.
  8. Every candle in the wind of life must be guarded by assurance of Salvation.
  9. R.I.P are only wishes, Our rest is who we are in Christ.
  10. We are on errand on earth, our job description is the BIBLE with which all men would be judged where we delivered or fail.

There is a life that now is and there is the life to come. We need the treasure of wisdom to live now and after.Col. 2:3!

May God help us all. 

Tribute to all men!

Afolabi Julius Olatunde. 




  1. The message here is lesson to all of us still enjoying the privilege of life, salvation and a future. Leaders and aspiring leaders will definitely glean valuable lessons from here,like I have. I’m just wondering whether you did justice to her memory? The rules for which you’ve drawn these lessons didn’t apply to her. She definitely was ignorant of them. Maybe, later on the future we can pinpoint lessons…but for now let’s mourn a woman who courageously fought against evil even when better and definitely more enlightened people kept quiet.


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