Life never operates a vacuum, its either a honorable life or a horrible life. I maintain at all times that there is a differential factor that you must maintain to discern what life will offer you and you go through it. finding your differential factor is a function of quality preparation to prune decision and vaccinate actions against the prudence of time.

 It doesn’t matter what you do or you are there is either honor or horror around what you do or who you are! many times a solemn reflection of who am i becoming or where will this end can help pick the differential factor! it is pleasure to live a honorable life and it is pressure to live a horrible life. Always remember there is a posterity!

Each time we project religion and tribalism, we rephrase the trauma of apartheid. the same way the color of the skin was magnified the horrible life lived is what we expressed when we subjectively segregate ourselves even in same skin color. man’s inhumanity to man is the path to the life of horror but when we reason together as one and truthfully we move unto the path of honor. its a pity when we arrived the place of temporal comfort we forget too quickly where we are coming from and where & how we hope our children will live. All positions are tenured!

I saw an expatriate driven in government official vehicle go pass the traffic lights on RED and i imagined how we horrify our national dignity. No wonder we go back to the sophisticated slavery of grants and aids. Immunity is not an overrule of law but a caution for subjective reasoning!

Life is designed to be honorable not horrible, life in crisis is a horrible life but life in Christ is a honorable. you cant be a sign for the age without the mind of Christ!

Solomon the wisest man before Christ did a great counsel in Ecclesiastics 4:1-end!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde



“Without evaluation, you cant negotiate advancement” Julius Afolabi

Following the seizure of the first quarter of the year by time, it is pertinent to discern between folly and wisdom via the lens of strategic evaluation.
Evaluation is the process of glancing backward and planning forward, a reconciliation of treated process to create a protected process. Evaluation is a systemic way of designing one’s life before other things do!

Folly is the disease of judgmental lack or dearth of prudence, better still an unprofitable undertaking. Wisdom is profound and sound judgement, a high capacity of prudence.

A fool gets angry with God that his targets or goals were not met despite his efforts when many did not live to mourn their failure. A living dog is better than a dead lion. your breathe is the guaranty you need to meet it.
the disaster of performance is inconsistency, no last effort hits the deal but the invisible force in the next action and effort. Quittance is the elimination from championship. Nothing can be compared to supernatural victory. 1 John 5:4

Your approval in the new quarter would emanate from the illustrations you have adapted and adopted from the pages of books you gleaned over the last quarter.

Industry and enterprise are no longer subjects of persuasion but rather an obligatory mandate that proof you healthy and sane. Arise and shine with the worth of your breathe. Heart beats are necessary beeps of impact and influence for positive change.

We must keep praying that the nation moves from gerontocracy to true democracy that recognizes divine autocracy!

A fool will do things for fun, we are not created for fun! Do everything for a blessing because your breathe is spared for blessings not fun. I write to multiply visions and open the frontiers of a profitable future not for fun! Season your verb with purpose!

The disciples returned one quarter with the grandeur of conquest over demons but the wise one counseled them to celebrate aright saying ” Rejoice that your names are written in heaven” Luke 10:17-20. Morality and piousness with out Christ is deception!

I celebrate the grace that found me and saved me. What about you? Let your light shine brighter this quarter. Evaluate truly!

May this quarter’s impact silence the former ones for us all. Prov 4:18.

Happy New Month and Quarter! BE APRIL WISE!

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Afolabi Julius Olatunde.