Knowledge can be defines as resident and usable information, facts, principles, experiences and truth contained in a person, group, profession or school while a preservative is a substance that shelters the usefulness of a thing, event or life of a perishable item. Preservatives are additives that sustain value and relevance for a reasonable time.  

it became quite germane to come up with this knowledge dimension given the blast and volume of information that has inundated and permeated the regions of life and professions. Norms and values are fast losing relevance to unsubstantiated redefinitions that choke  up limited or unexposed minds. Preservative prevent undesirable chemical reactions that bring spoilage. 

Preservative knowledge is knowing (learning and acquiring information, principles, facts and truths) and understanding everything you need to shelter you and salvage your life from decadence. Preservative Knowledge traps crisis and frustrates emergencies. It is the alternative investment mentality positioned for the profiting of the future. Computer literacy and intelligence was a preservative knowledge for the advanced technological age. Biometric knowledge is equally surging power as a preservative knowledge against the sophistication of crimes and fizzling elopes of evil perpetuations. 

The question is this, what do you need to know now that will save you embarrassment, reproach, ignominy, shame in the now and in the future, that is the preservative knowledge. financial intelligence is a preservative knowledge against financial misery, the ante natal care and lessons is preservative knowledge for expectant mothers towards careful and save delivery. Parental lifestyle can be a preservative knowledge for their children. Leadership disposition can be a preservative knowledge for followers.(Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther , Mathama Gandi and Jesus Christ the great of all are preservative knowledge distributors). 

Timeless education is the greatest preservative knowledge known is the knowledge of the truth, the content of the unchanging words of the Almighty God the one who knows the end from the beginning is most valid preservative knowledge. The true learning which are called divine secrets or revelations are the surest preservatives of life. see how valid this knowledge is, it preserves you beyond your lifespan on earth. Salvation is the only preservative knowledge that transcends life and saves you the damnation of eternity.(I Cor 6:9). 

Without apology whatever is not preserved would decay! You can embalm your job, career, marriage, finance and every other thing in life by the necessary preservative knowledge. so many information are available about the future but i tell you that the only preservative knowledge about the future is salvation! Embalm your future with the knowledge of the truth!

Remain preserved.

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Without backup expect a devastation! Shock cripples initiative! Security is volatile without backup!

Backup was one fundamental factor I learnt in banking, backup is an auto-change to liquidate frustration. Banking maximized the wisdom of backup, everything had a back up, the IT had back up located elsewhere, all locks had backups in another location, codes & combinations had backup, credits had a backup in collateral to secure and insure the liability granted the borrower, employees had backups, every key position had a backup. Backup is taking personal responsibility to genuinely protect the future, in crisis management it is the pact of expecting the crisis.(1 Peter 5:8). The greatest way to be disappointed is to expect things to remain the same. See why the rich want to be richer, see why men cling to power, see why people search for success, see why people enslave themselves for survival? Without crisis inventions cannot emerge but back up will put you ahead. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

i remain amazed with risk management department in organizations and disaster management in public institutions, muster station etc savings is a backup against financial misery but then many people work and make these ideas work without their own backup. Jim Ron Says “work harder on yourself than you do on your job’. Many civil servants worked 30 yrs and lived in government quarters, never thought of a home in 30 yrs, many are locked up in a job without personal development or extra knowledge only to expect and depend on pensions and gratuity (Romans 8:28), many keep others treasures but have none kept for their self, many feathers others nest and never remember a fin for themselves, you think it is ignorance? Let me shock you, it is the blind folding of the devil to enlist you in his project steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10). Crisis and disaster makes no announcement the man Job wisely lectured us in Job 14:1. Stop looking for miserable comforters (Job 16:2) get a back up. (2 Cor 5:17). Sin is the route to a crash. Fear will cheat you in crisis, you need faith! 2 Cor 5:7.

Backup is a spiritual idea, Noah’s ark was a backup the flood for the righteous, Unrighteous men keep empty back, how can you loot money against the future maybe to pay medical bills. Jesus taught backup, I will not leave you comfortless! John 14:16-18. The crowd of average that dominates our world today emanated from little or no consideration for a genuine backup. The greatest backup ever is genuine salvation; I don’t mean educated Christian or church goers or ecclesiastic politicians or the ordinary miracle seekers. Unrighteous men keep empty backups. I mean a regenerated mind, renewed mind (educated and saved) that opens up the truth with unshakable integrity, one that has a personal relationship with God. An unsaved expert is a sophisticated rogue! Until we move into this paradigm we are not backed up. A good backup comes automatically when the available fails. Faith as a backup neutralizes the tragedy in fear. Truth humiliates facts. facts may give you liberty but truth gives secured freedom! The Supernatural is the backup for the natural; I tell you the super makes the difference in everything. With the trend of things if you are not saved, you are not safe. Roman 8:1-6. Friends, crisis is sure but salvation is real!

The year 2014 is still young, initiate your back up!