Inaction drowns dreams. Being reluctant is the plot of retrogression. Problems are burdens and they don’t kill but inaction is man’ suicide ripe. If you must succeed, you will have to consciously fight inaction. Inaction is not what you will but it is a cloak of convenience and comfort when you don’t need them.

Many times, I wake up deep in the night thinking, what can I do, what will I do, how will I do it, then the brain wires start sparking and research begins, all searching for a solution. But I realized, my action quotient must become more swift. Some times you will need to be ruthless with your unnecessary entanglements because Time is not a friend but an aid!

Let’s Stop talking about the problem, stop postponing our intentions, let’s start executing the solutions we have been intending.

Until Jacob introduced strategic action,the exploitation and domination of Laban continued. For as long as he did nothing, his financial pressure multiplied.

In Genesis 26:12-14,And Isaac went to Abimelech king of philistines unto Gerad, Then Isaac sowed in that land and received in the same year an hundredth fold: and the Lord blessed him. And the man waxed great and sent forward and grew untilnge became very great. For he had possession of flocks and possession of herds and great store of servants: and philistines envied him.

See what Isaac would have lost to inaction!

The ground was hard and dry yet he dug wells. When everybody was whining he was working, he dug until he met water.That water quenched the poverty of his life and made him an envy of a nation.

James Bond 007 can be dramatic many times, I remember his actions in the old movie “Live and let’s die”. He stepped on the crocodiles to cross to the other side. He baited them with meat to form a queue. What a strategy! Think and act. Inaction means mental downtime!

Those who will make excuse and complain will always do nothing but languish in the misery of penury.Time will pass them by until they become invalid for success or wealth. Isaac acted and things changed. Will you act?

Until South Africans acted, sacrificed and confronted the apartheid lords. They didn’t brake free. Nelson Mandela didn’t do it alone but he stood in prison and that ignited consistent reactionary response in the heart of many. Can you imprison yourself over that idea, solution, product to change the waves of the market? Our problem is not as harsh as we have amplified it with fear, inaction and stand afar mentality. Solution comes from a resolution.

Lepers subjected their stanancy to reasoning and took a resolve, WHY SIT WE HERE TILL WE DIE? They took a step and God did the rest. Every true success has the God part and contains the human cooperation.

Dreams can become a nightmare with passivity or inaction.

Don’t die where you are, there is more ahead.

Do you want your situation to change? Do you want to still succeed? Take action, don’t be a spectator of your dream.The success you are looking for is in that little idea, introduce action promptly and comprehensively. You will smile again, leave the camp of the inactive who celebrate misery with excuses and complains.

Go and start that project, start work on that assignment, begin to ask questions about that business. Go speak to the lady,  suggest that idea! If you target nothing, you hit nothing!

Do not withhold good from those whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Don’t say goodbye and come back again tomorrow when you have it with you. Proverbs 3:27-28! (paraphrased) 

We don’t lack capacity, we have only not activated it. That way, possibility remains trapped by inaction. The world needs what you carry.

Isaac gave the world the first ever irrigation system. Inaction will make you loose what you ought to pioneer! Inaction can sink your dream.

Brake the yoke of inaction today!

culled from my book ” Action Management”.

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But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the kings rich food or with the wine which he drink, therefore he asked the chief of the enunchs to allow him not to defile himself. Daniel 1:8!

Today, compromise is the air many breathe to live, corruption is thriving because compromise is gaining acceptance in the heart ognmany day and night. We have decided to silence conscience, how sad we have forgotten in a hurry that every situation is a season that will expire, time is not a friend, it is an aid.

Our nation suffers from personal and professional compromise. Are we saying the Special Intelligence Bureau don’t have a map of statistics to arms possessions, the police knows the places and positions of heavy arms possessor and their sponsors but compromise wouldn’t let true national safety happen.

In political economics and incumbency operations, there is what is called Distraction Strategy. Its an incumbency machination that selects nations issues and fabricate a positive distraction to win accolades and shield known failures. it’s all a compromise operation!

No sector of the economy can experience any good with compromising people and policies.

Police and Political compromise are realities Nigerians live with. Traditions don’t bring change, our recycling leadership can’t make any difference. It is the same old thinking, it’s time to innovate with resourceful youthfulness.

The question is, how many youths are willing to let go the compromise factor and face the fortunes of the future?

Many times, our suppositions and assumptions conflict with our conviction. There are invisible reactions that happen in milliseconds. What defiles always comes from within but the external always make an invitation to treat. The mind is the conversation conversion point. Your superiority to your situation is fashioned by your reasoning capacity. I call it perspective intelligence!

Daniel analyzed the intention of the offer against his conviction about who determines the times and seasons and took a position.

Compromise is a decision from within!
You need another spirit with a transformed mind to become distinguished. What can you let go? Decision positions you and God rarely overwrites our will.

Compromise is trying to help yourself which you can’t. Proverbs 16:25, Jeremiah 10:23! Our help is in the name of the Lord. Psalsm! 121:1-2! Get it right, If you do what they do, you will end the way they have all ended. No thief has ever ended well except the ones that repent of their compromising status genuinely. Remember the one by Jesus’s cross? What you don’t have now you have not matured to handle.

In Babylon, those that didn’t compromise were happier and healthier. They became celebrities and those who compromised became nonentities and victims. There is a superior mentality that you need and it comes through a transformed mind and spirit. Read more in
Numbers 13:30, 14:24! Daniel 5:13-14, 1 Cor 2:9-11, Phil 2:5, Job 32:8.

Character is the foundation of sustainable success. Fruits of the Spirit are character moulding blocks. Gifts of the Spirit are the empowerment that comes from God after character has been built. God is only waiting for your character moulding to flow mightily inside you. Those who have gift but not character are scams that don’t last. We see them around!

Competence is capacity to solve problems, ability to dissolve doubts, complexities and turn things around. People with this superior mentality of no compromise change their world!

What do you intend to do with your life. To end like other failures you have heard of or triumph like you were designed to?

Build character, develop competence, look unto God and celebrate your destined success. It takes humanity and divinity to fulfill destiny?

Your value is highest when your name is written in the book of life. Luke 10:20!

with compromise we die daily, If you are not saved , you are not safe! Why die when you can live?

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Branding without quality is the new paradox.. Before you place value on packaging, think through quality. .. Julius Afolabi 

Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6!

The master profounded stated… Not all that call me Lord, Lord shall be saved. 

Dead conscience has bastardized branding!

Branding is the integrity of process and quality of management exposed.

Quality is the valued state of a thing, product, service, event, project and other endeavours. Branding is the promise of quality met consistently with economic efficiency.

Today, branding has become the rave of the moment, amazingly it has gone all through the fabric of humanity. Essentially a product with low or no packaging cum branding will have a low or no perceived value and will generate poor or no sales. How awful? Trading without branding is kindagarten.

Business, career and vocation has become vague without branding. Economically, socially and spiritually, true branding or packaging does not violate quality.

Quality is the purest value of a brand.

Package calls attention but quality embosses value, integrity and loyalty.

Branding has become a universal language that has overtaken the understanding of many people, businesses and organizations. However, Branding has been misinterpreted in most corners of business, career and ministry. For example, What do you call or how do you value of a business with a deceptive advertisement? Deception because service promise or product details failed to hit the promise hype or chant? Branding hype?  Better still how do you value the business that religiously observes morning devotion yet will cheat customers or deceive them? Spiritual branding? Further,  Public offices with huge value wall plaques and fellowships that yet embezzle public funds? Maybe, Our generation buys beauty without value. It’s why, Divorce statistics is high  because we have more of impulse marriages today that sacrifice process for impatient personal attraction. We seem to have forgotten that virginity is a brand and quality but without character it holds little or looses worth! It’s some what amazing to think we can produce quality without a true moral fibre! Philemon 1:6!

Deception has gained economic supremacy!  The devil is now manifesting as angel of light. It is time we get off the artistry black painting of the devil. The devil is airborne and connects faster than internet for those who create accommodation for him.

Financial integrity has equally been violated through mindless accounting packaging called creative accounting which seeks to build an empty value into the book of that enterprise. Knowledge growth without decorum will produce rogues. All I am saying is that Knowledge and research has provided financial branding of business books in deception of the true and fair state of the enterprise.

More so,  we see tragic world decadence because many societal vices have been renamed and branded to cover or to package hideous perpetrations. Professionals now use packaging to hide quality, it is more of perceive value than real value. Branding is about intrinsic and extrinsic value. Branding is a combination of packaging and quality. Packaging and quality is a distinction without a difference. Branding is not a deceptive coincidence but a coin of reputation. How sad, The externalities have taken over the sense of quality content. Painfully,  Professionals now gravitate towards being flashy to gather ignorant client to their risk. We present gaseous ephemerals to elope solid content of quality. We pride certificates that are dishonored instruments of professional bankruptcy because of personal errors and serial losses. Certification has become the branding without the real value of rescue that true learning is meant to serve humanity.

Many Schools now brand beyond relevant curriculum. The crowd mentality has taken over the quality paradigm that schooling is meant to occasion. By observation, This initiative melted into the organogram of education through affiliation with foreign schools just to proof sophisticated especially in Nigeria! In true terms, the idea is brilliant but the intention has become questionable. Conscience is absent!

The speed of change has improved cosmetics and today many look more artificial than normal. What a lie called branding but in truth bodily lies,living lies and packaged fake. A low quality suppressed with packaging. We have forsaken the beauty of the inner man, character of the heart and purity of privacy.

Government and social education are also branding fornication with the contraceptive idea rather than offering the best quality of abstinence and purity.

We have submitted the ultimate for an option and the barren option for an obligation. We claim to protect ST diseases which is not even absolute rather than destiny.

Leadership has been branded with impotent crossings rather than responsibility with integrity. Many leaders have forgotten that the quality of their leadership is the legacy of their brand. Leader, what will live after you? Daddy, mummy, what will be the testimony of your children? Hmm…True models are now scarce, what is available are packaged liars and blind guides.

Young people have gone yoked and contaminated with strength without honor and color. They are dressed up without addressing the necessary. They hustle wrongly and seek pleasure without pleasing their future. Strength wrongly channeled is stress. Stress is poor quality and ill branded health! All we have are branded and broken youths by idols of the mind. A waste walking and wandering without knowing. Am perturbed, Where is the quality of youthfulness today! To them, Education has become the frustration of the soul. Research has become tough demands despite fertility of the mind! The youths have become brands of no honor!

Quality youthfulness is knowing that we are accountable to God for our lifestyle. Ecclesiastes 9:11! Oh, how we have branded tomorrow without quality yet we claim sophistication and digitalization. 2 Timothy 3:7! Nothing is digital without a true conscience. A brand is a badge of honor.

Technology is designed to improve the quality and brand of life not to destroy, infest and contaminate purity. Purity is quality and a brand. We are to be brands plucked out of fire like the word that birthed us.

Bad enough the church has become terribly infested with the branding idea. Paul was stern with Timothy, preach the word in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:1-5! Today, the church has seasoned her message. Miracles have become the packaging that has ruptured the principle of work that balances faith. James 2:18! Prophecy has become the branding effect of ministry no longer holiness and godliness. Even the congregation prefers the entertainment rather than the encounters, what a brand the church has taken. The church has become more of a tourist center instead of an atmosphere of divine presence, concerned more about numbers than disciples. The church programme is filled with man made activities that add no spirituality to the congregation. The church wants lofty members who are hypocrites to package the church, the criminals and societal robbers fund the church projects and often want to determine the message. Church has become a business network than a spiritual gathering according to Hebrews 10:25! Men have become idols of the temple. Idols of the mind now control the message rather than Holy Spirit inspired teaching. The word in the  church is now packaged as interpretation of men even when the word of God is not of any man’s interpretation. We garnish the word of God even when we are admonished not to add or reduce the originality of the word. This is Certainly not the brand of gospel Jesus delivered to the Saints. We have forgotten Jesus went to the temple and sanitized it because Rather than build on the word, we are building on wonders. Branding without quality is claiming to be a Christian but walking in darkness of ignorance and laziness to search for the truth. Spirituality is a walk not a claim.1 John 1:6! 2 John1:4, 3John1:4!
Revival is the true brand of walking with God! John 3:3,8!

Jesus is the brand of quality and superior quality amongst all brands of men. John 14:6!

In all our branding and quality assurance, if we forget that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end are the ways of destruction and death as stated in proverbs 16:25!

Branding without quality is nothing but the demonstration and manifestation of the love of money. 1 Timothy 6:10!

Many times branding are geared towards increasing price with a view of making money rather than making branding a support for quality to make a product or service a complete package of excellence. Money is a benefit of purity and quality not merely branding.

Branding is inferior without quality and branding is worthless without conscience.

It is after we die or life ends on this side of eternity that we will know the brand and quality of our life. Hebrews 9:27, Revelation 22:12!

Prepare to meet thy God! Amos 4:12!

Don’t be a brand without quality and don’t be a quality without a brand.

All things are possible to him that believes.







#Words, #Pride and #life.

God captured the life, destiny and eternity in words. John 1:1-3, 6:48,63,68!

Let your communication be as a sound doctrine and medicine. Titus hits right! 2:1,8!

Paul captures it thus: let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace to hearers. Ephesians 4:29

SENSE is mostly visible and spoken.

Communication skill is a universal asset. It kills and it saves. Curses and blessings are words simulated with actions. Behaviour is a visual communication. Words cover and discharge life! Mark 11:23!

Business, life and career are classed by strategic communication. Life itself is a communication! Advertisement is simply monetising attention through communication. All Jesus communicated was and is Love.

Communication is powerful and can make a fool of a person. Confident is advertised with terror. Honor is in the dignity of respect and responsibility.

Man is human but can become an animal with careless pride. The first person who calls another an animal is actually the first breed.

Some uniform men are such, they talk with threats and breathe horrible pride yet they are meant to secure life and property. A proud person secure nothing because pride destroyes. In the developed world uniform men are most respectful, yet very deadly. They understand the dignity of being human. When you become an animal then they become snipers. That is culture and training. Nigeria doesn’t have that in the force curriculum neither do individuals value it, just a handful and the difference is often Very clear.

Pride derides opportunity, pride is the poster of ignorance, the ground we walk will still accommodate us.

Don’t insult others with position. some bosses language is only threats, I will fire you, are you a moron, animal, obviously they have forgotten threats don’t improve their honor.

Man will always Match the ground anyhow forgetting that it will someday house him.

Thread softly, life is short, we are all performers whose scene will expire someday!



He is not there, the tomb is empty, He is risen, He is alive. Matthew 28:2,6!

Easter validates the truth and exposes the failure and temporality of physical death. Graves are humiliated.

Graves are the issues and concerns that make it seem that we are dead and mocked. Easter reveals that they are temporal and you will be glorified as the truth gas said. Jesus said and we saw it, experienced it and are living it! When you woke up this morning you just Ressurrected. You are no longer on the bed, you have risen above yesterday. Hallelujah!

It is not a coincidence, it is the truth being revealed. It is not a coincidence either that the world calls today April Fool, ressurection is not April Fool. Collosians 2:8-10,12!

Think about it, do you find a living being in the cemetery? No it is not April Fool but a fool often says in his heart there is no God. Some say ressurrection is a lie, how can we be surprised, in the past it was church that doubted the reality.

Ressurrection is not a possibility, it is the reality. Don’t let someone and the hate philosophy of the confused fool you. Ressurrection is the chief reason for our living.

Ressurrection is a mystery.

We plant a seed and can’t understand how it becomes a plant. Biology and Agricultural science try to explain it in natural understanding but we know there is a supernatural influence. Graves don’t just open, even today only thieves open grave for valuables. The death of the righteous is valuable but the death of the unrighteous perishes!

Ressurrection tells how temporal the grave and physical death is. The grave is only a temporal storehouse. It is like our problems, they will surely expire, all our problems will end and we will Ressurrect if we hold unto God.

In mockery, they labeled Him “king of the Jews” they thought it was mockery but they were confirming His status. Are you mocked for following Him, cheer up, it is only a temporal grave, Ressurrection will shut them in.

Judas assumed, Jesus would getaway but he was absent minded about the prophecy. Christianity is not assumption, what assumptions do is what happened to Judas. At the arrest Jesus healed, on the journey he counseled, during the black out on the cross he went on a rescue mission, light is darkness is a rescue, he went to hell, rescued and collected the keys that Adam foolishly handed over to death. That is what happens when we are the grave of challenges, we are being reshaped, we getting learnings on how not to be a victim again, every of our challenges offers us experience and encounters, suddenly we Ressurrection.
Waking up this morning and daily is not luck, it is God proofing Ressurrection to us but we are mostly living in April Fool so we take it for granted and think it is a right. My friend life is not luck, it is the mystery of mercy and grace. Don’t be foolish or unwise. Foolish is an office, don’t occupy it. Before Ressurrection, there must be death in a process to validate the life giving power of the Holy Ghost. That is the same spirit that is in you as a believer, what makes you ever think, you will fail in life. Ressurrection tells us again and again that we have been declared triumphant, the thief has lost it and we live beyond death. This is why we must pray, let my death be like the death of the righteous. Ressurrection is dropping the suit of the body and taking on the suit of the Spirit. It is a space suit into the heavenly.

Transformation is the death of tradition and life of truth. Collosians 1:10-24!

Suddenly, The betrayal has expired, the conspiracy is dead and the victory emerged. Ressurrection, the superiority over death has been unveiled publicly.The last enemy has been conquered. All the accusations lost substance yet they said crucify Him, they were myopic. The same people Jesus fed with loaves and fishes were shouting crucify him. Don’t let people hail you to hell. Let Christ be your focus like Joseph of Arimateas who stood for the truth in church. Women discovered Ressurrection first, they are passionate but not all are spiritual. No wonder, women are always more in the church. They love God but are easily distracted by the wind. They often mix up the love but when a woman loves God, they make a difference, they evangelise it right from anywhere they are in character and decency. Everytime we sin, we mock His pains, every time we sin, we choose trouble above peace. Can’t you see Jesus trial even fashioned peace between two opposing leaders Pilate and Herod, see how church leaders today conspire against the truth. Are you surprised in church today we prefer the appointment of a thief than the Messiah, we hate the truth but love religion. The people shouted give us Barnabas, kill Jesus! Are you the same? Those guards who witnessed all in the end were convinced and they declared TRULY THIS WAS THE SON OF GOD! matthew 27:54!
Believe Jesus and let him conquer your doubt!

They found the stone rolled away from the tomb… Luke 24:2

Ressurrection is supernatural!!!?

You can’t find the living amongst the dead. The mystery happened with evidence, angels were there to let the people know HE HAS RISEN. so that assumptions can die! Born again is not an assumption or non evidential way of life! What happened to others cannot happen to you a child of God, an ambodiment of the life giving Spirit! We are more than conquerors! We are the irresistible ambassadors who have been renewed to give light to the world and emit the fragrance of those spices of Ressurrection. Hallelujah! Wao! Am glad I belong to Jesus and I believe in the resurrection! There is only one way to understand Ressurrection, it is an encounter with the divinity of Jesus. luke 24!

No dead being has these features! Corpses can’t do any of this. The cemetery has none of this features. Jesus is not dead, He is Alive!


Easter is not just to jump and chant HE IS RISEN when you are not risen with Him in truth. It is a time to think of the sacrifice, Jesus took our place just as the lamb took over the burial ground of Isaac. The lamb occupied the grave that was built for Isaac. It was a supernatural provision. Truth is the only virtue that can bring true and lasting change. With truth, love needs no explanation.
A woman who has gone through labor travail need not trivialise salvation, those moments of travail is enough proof that God exist. Pain is not pleasurable yet pleasure in sin will birth pains and death. The sting of sin is death, double death, physical and spiritual. Ressurrection is not the inheritance of sinners. Are you saved? John 3:16!

He died so that you and I can live. It’s not a fable, it’s not a tale, it is not April Fool, it is the truth. John 10:10, 14:6, 3:18!

Make Easter your day of encounter with the Salvation of Christ. It is the ultimate offer of life! What shall it profit any if he gains the whole world and lose his soul. Why ignore the only truth that can fashion your freedom here and guarantee your eternity.





Concentration controls productivity!

Let us make MAN in our own image..after our likeness and let THEM(You are a multiple and multiplier), let them have dominion in and over the earth. Genesis 1:26-28!

In the above, God fashioned a principle of life engagement for innovative posterity. God define a concept of creativity for dominion solution. This is why without unity nothing works.

Today, the inability to concentrate has destroyed people, businesses, organization, marriages, ideas, ministries, community etc. Lack of true unity in the church has made domination more obvious than the dominion mandate. With domination, God will scatter to spread. The church will be persecuted to scatter it so that the gospel will spread. Watch it.

Colonialism was successful by divide and rule. Marriages without agreement are physically, mentally and spiritually barren. This is why divorce is painful, it is a rough and terrible amputation. Organizations without teamwork under-performs. Businesses without cohesive understanding of their trade dies. Nations without shared values never thrive. why? No point of concentration to produce value!

The concentration in that meeting in Genesis 1:26 created the wonder called man. The creation is an inference from the resident architecture being supplied to reality. The shape of man is the image construct of function. This means if you are tall, it is tied to your function. It doesn’t make you disabled or unaccepted.

Isaac concentrated the birthcycle of the old breed of the flock on an image in his mind and a new breed of flocks according to his mental image. Innovation is a function of concentration on an image of solution.

if you can think well and concentrate on your build, you will know you were born in the right time, season and country. you are not disadvantaged, you only haven’t discovered your uniqueness that makes you relevant.

Imagination is the concentration of the mind on possibilities, the highest level of human creativity. Image is a construction of concentration. Concentration is a definition by focused thinking. If you imagine, matter how big, God does beyond your image construct. Ephesians 3:20!

It takes knowledge of God to simplify complex things but ignorance makes many things mystic and complicated. Right thinking makes you access the available. There is nothing we will look for in the future that God has not built in the beginning, the assignment is to commit to concentrate on Him to access it.

There is a synch when language is uniform and barriers are broken, security is established and commitment is evoked. Today, we are still dazed about what happened in the upper room. Why? There was a concentration that birthed the unusual by the unity of an uncommon language. This language was the result of a concerted expectation, a concentration of imagination of a promise from one who cannot lie!

Meditation and solitude are forces engaged to concentrate on possibilities. If you meditate on what is good, you can’t go bad. The steps of a good man are orders by the Lord. A good man out of the abundance of his heart bringeth forth good things. Good and perfect gifts comes from God, this means you can’t concentrate on godly value, divine principles and become useless.

Hmm. When you concentrate on the word of God, you imagine uncommon things, a revelation is happening and an invention being construction that will give a solution to a situation is being fashioned. Speaking in tongues is not an exercise but rather a download. A vertical impartation and unlock of codes that Satan can’t abort.

Concentration gets you attached to your idea!
We are birthed to build not destroy. Unity builds. Another name for concentration is unity.
without unity nothing holds together, this means canvassing for a division is a spot of ignorance. They have a challenge of focusing on the new advantage of extracting greatness from the incompatibility through ignorance. Ignorance makes distraction attractive and devalues creativity and potency of productive viability.

In all, what am I saying? Every concentration has a source! what are you concentrating on in your life. what is your concentration going to heal, produce, inspire, invent, renew, inculcate and transform.. my concentration is to add value in a manner that turns men to righteousness. It is the principle of vergreen stars! Daniel 12:3

Unity is the focus of value. Concentration is the unity of mind to create solutions to a situation! Concentration powers performance in the direction of mental image.

You don’t have a problem, change your concentration!




The Soar of the Eagle is admirable feat loved by all; amazingly that emergence takes a conscious backend preparation. Mysteriously, the Eagle would pick up stuffs beyond its personal weight. If your marriage must soar on Eagle’s wings, you must understand that reality.

Two are better than one and they have a synergy greater than their individual energy! Ecc 4:9-12!God is awesome; no wonder we are only complete in Him.

Exactly Nine years ago, we said “ I do and I will”, Thank God they have not been empty words but words of commitment. That smile when I spotted you hasn’t changed because it was natural. The design of the face doesn’t confirm an honest smile! You are not cosmetic! Thank you for remaining supernaturally natural! I appreciate the way we discuss business analytically! The Cement of the Love of God has embellished our going, to Him alone be all the glory. We are not perfect but God made us perfect. Without Reservation, I must thank you Linda, for being who you are, forgiving my faults and forbearance in the storm and sweet sails. Those words that it will be alright and don’t seat on your laurels are treasures of your commitment to those double turbo words “I will and I do”. In no mean weight we are living what we share in transparency of hearts not minding how bad we often feel when we must make good right. Thank you for the wonderful children we bear and nurture! What more can I say, God is good to us and we are mostly grateful!

Now, Marriage can only soar when couples actually couple. Wedding is not marriage, marriage is sustaining wedding! Your wedding may be intimidating; it takes emotional and spiritual bravery to sustain marriage. Intelligent people have lost their marriage because they ignored insight! Many weddings are alive in the heart of the public but are dead under the roofs and in the heart of the couples. Wedding is very cheap but marriage cost a fortune especially sustaining it. When God said Seek me first, he added that all provisions would be supplied. (Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:19).God understands the role of finance in marriage; you know we are espoused to God in redemption. Romance needs finance! Money is very important in marriage but it is not the ultimate. Money has rooted out love in many marriages. Couples must have a pool; else they will accommodate struggles and famine. A joint account doesn’t make you lesser a man or foolish a women when your love and reasoning is honest! it shows Trust, Partnership, Purpose, Oneness and Love! Some women pay bills but won’t keep quiet and some men can’t take their eyes off their wife’s salary! Look beyond the money bag! Money has made many marriages sole proprietors rather than Unlimited liability companies.

  • Marriage takes a man of purpose and a woman of wisdom. Purpose decides what wisdom manages; a home is born with both! A home needs a vision and vision needs people, vision without people suffers! Couples need each other always in marriage. We live in an immoral world where lust has become a daily trademark, advert and offer. The potency of lust convertibility is made potent with a little emotional carelessness and a carnal trial! A good marriage seconds love with mutually loving sex, be naked and not ashamed with each other. Stay in-charge sexually, talk and teach each other within biblical context, be willing to learn and innovate as inspired within godly context. God made sex but unauthorized dealers polluted it and initiated infidelity. Infidelity is a life liability! That’s a tough pill for unguarded youths of today. Unauthorized sexual is the reason for many marital failures today, statistics are heart wrecking. Satan spearheads lust to get people lost and loss marital and eternal bliss. You can’t be an eagle with unauthorized sex; you stay a vulture or worst still a vulnerable chicken.

Life is a journey of storms and glides, smiles and frowns, tough and tasteful times, there are battles and there will be victories; offences will come, it’s a harsh reality any two intending couple must be ready to walk through together. A good guy may not be the right man and a beautiful nice lady may not be God’s will for you. Good is a far cry from RIGHT but good can be made right! Paul quietly told the people of Ephesus “therefore do not be foolish but understand what the Lord’s will is”.  (Ephesians 5:17). If you don’t marry God, you can’t marry right and if you don’t submit to God you can’t make a good marriage right and sustain it. The world is not positioned to keep marriage standing, the world and its worldliness is structure to collapse the joy of marriage. Love is life and life is a school, ignorance makes a mockery of love because you will later discover you made a wrong choice due to insufficient knowledge!

Solomon carefully said, For the soul to be without knowledge, IT IS BAD! tough wisdom I must say!

The love of God is the platform for marriage to soar; no woman can completely submit and maintain respect without the love of God. I can confidently position that no man can absolutely love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her without the love of God. (Ephesians 5:22;25)Technically a divorce has taken place when forgiveness and forbearance is undervalued in marriage; it takes the love of God to practice both rightly. Marriage is a personal asset that holds value before God, if you undervalue it, you will lose value before God because it is a covenant commitment. (Mal 2:15)

  • Love is a riddle and puzzle to many and when that is the case marriage becomes a punishment or war! Marriage is a united force that couples must consciously lose their individual position into, it takes agreement for couples to soar in marriage. Two factors crucial forgiveness and forbearance, this is the omission in many divorce cases! No two couples got a divorce that denies love between them but they either could not forgive the hurts or couldn’t forbear proofing change. On the wedding day divorce was completely absent but as marriage began new realities suggested divorce and couples ignorantly jumped at it. Divorce is divided love but love can’t be divided, it means they didn’t understand love. Unlearning couples are marriage laggards that undervalued the key performance insights! Love is not ignorant. Read, learn and study to approve your soar in marriage. Marriage is not trouble, you are meant to soar!

For every turbulent marriage, I say peace to your storms in Jesus name. For every quiet marriage, your children shall surround your table. For the marrying marriage, I say watch and pray. Excitement magnifies weakness. When you get wedded, marriage becomes an obligation and divorce is not an option. Get love right before wedding and then you can enjoy marriage. Genuine salvation is core to loving right! Read I John 4:7-10!

To my wife of all times, I say it again I Love You Loads, thank God for keeping us thus far and thank you for letting Him!

I love you all!

Dedicated to my wife, children and home by the graceful love of God!


#Julius Afolabi